Carrie Underwood Has Addressed Rumors That She Had Plastic Surgery After Her Recent Accident, Calling Them “A Little Sad”!

carrie underwood plastic surgery

Carrie Underwood, born in Oklahoma and a country music superstar, will turn 37 later this month with a long list of accomplishments already under her belt.

When she released her debut single, “Inside Your Heaven,” in 2005, after winning the fourth season of American Idol, she became the first country artist and the only solo country artist of the 2000s to have a song reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She’s released six studio albums at this point. She’s got a grand slam voice, but she’s also a songwriter, a fashion designer, and an actress. Oh, and did I mention that she’s also a mother of two and an advocate for the rights of animals?

Unfortunately, Underwood has also been the target of unwarranted public criticism and scrutiny, which comes with the territory for anyone who achieves great success. Why she’s so badass because she won’t give in to impossible standards.

Did Carrie Underwood Get Plastic Surgery?

Following an accident in 2017 in which she tripped and fell outside her Nashville home, requiring 40 stitches in her face, the “Ghost Story” singer denied making any changes to her appearance.

Did Carrie Underwood Get Plastic Surgery

In an interview with Redbook the following year, she referred to the speculation about her appearance as “sad.”

Every week I have a crazy story about myself in a magazine. It’s a shame because the reality is equally captivating. The “Jesus, Take the Wheel” singer,

who is married to NFL legend Mike Fisher, has opened up about her regret at not having plastic surgery to improve the appearance of her scar.

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Exactly What Happened To Carrie Underwood’s Face To Cause Such A Serious Injury?

It was the last time I was taking the dogs outside to relieve themselves, and I was taking them out for one last trip when I tripped and fell.

My hands stayed on the leashes the entire time, even though there was only one step. Priorities! Hence, this explains why I have no problems with my left hand.

Exactly What Happened To Carrie Underwood's Face To Cause Such A Serious Injury

She said on The Bobby Bones Show, “I went to catch myself, but I just missed a step.” I wouldn’t have had any injuries if the fall had occurred in a different spot. But that one misstep ruined the whole thing.

In retrospect, Carrie saw that her “healing process” had been “fortunate.”

At that juncture, I was unsure of the future. What I didn’t know was how it would heal. My biggest concern was that [my son] would be afraid of me. When I put on makeup now, however, he says, “Mommy, your boo-all boo’s gone.”

According to a post on her website at the time, the Oklahoma native was also “physically” feeling “pretty darn good.” I’d say my wrist is 90% back to normal, so I’m pretty happy about that.

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The doctors assure me that the remaining 10% will fall into place eventually,” she penned. I’ve also noticed that my face has been healing nicely. In a lot of ways, I feel more like myself now than I have in a long time.

Is Carrie Underwood Open About Her Experiences With Plastic Surgery?

The “Before He Cheats” singer has stated that she does her best to “not worry too much” about the plastic surgery rumors that have been floating around.

My mother will be all, ‘Did you know they are saying this about you?’ She shared this with Redbook. “And I’d be like, ‘Mama, I don’t care. I’m just a mom trying to do the best she can for her kid.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Does Carrie Underwood have filler?

After examining Underwood’s current appearance, some plastic surgeons have speculated that she regularly receives injections of Botox or Xeomin to smooth her skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, as well as injections of Juvederm or Restylane to plump her lips.

How did Carrie Underwood get rid of her scars?

Carrie Underwood had forty stitches in her beautiful face, and you would never know it. The scarring was removed with the help of state-of-the-art laser treatments, as described by a renowned plastic surgeon.

Why did Carrie Underwood have stitches on her face?

On her front steps, Carrie Underwood fell back in November. She broke her wrist and required 40 stitches to her face after the accident. Underwood revealed to her fans weeks later that she had undergone physical changes as a result of the accident.

What accident happened to Carrie Underwoods’ face?

Suddenly, I found myself on the ground. When taking my dogs outside, I tripped and fell. Anyone could be a victim. Then, she continues, If I had fallen in any other part of the building, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, I say.

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