F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.10 Fixes Many Issues; Read The Notes Here!

F1 Manager Patch Notes 1.10 Update

Here is everything that has been updated or fixed since version 1.10 was released for F1 Director 2022. Frontier Developments recently created and released the official racing management simulation game for the 2022 Formula 1, Formula 2, and Formula 3 championships.

The developer also provides ongoing support for the game by releasing new content and enhancing the overall gameplay experience for the players.

Many bugs have been squashed in the newest release, which went live today. Read on for the latest information about the 1.10 update for F1 Director 2022.

F1 22 Update 1.10 Patch Notes

From the official F1 22 website, here are the 1.10 Patch Notes.

  • The China/Shanghai International Circuit is now available in Time Trial, Grand Prix, and Multiplayer modes.
  • New Ferrari Special Edition skins have been added to the game.
  • The AI’s racecraft logic has been enhanced, and its aggression has been modified to facilitate more thrilling overtake attempts.
  • Correction made to qualifying: artificial intelligence no longer drives too slowly on cooldown laps, blocking the track.
  • Changed the curb impact behavior to be more consistent at all frame rates on PC.
  • The AI’s racecraft between Turns 2 and 3 in the Netherlands/Zandvoort circuit has been improved.
  • The AI has been trained to be more aware and race-savvy between Turn 9 and the pit entrance in Austria.
  • Corrected logic for pit-lane entry penalties at Paul Ricard, France.
  • Correction made to the Abu Dhabi/Yas Marina Turn 7 penalty system, where players were receiving incorrect penalties.
  • Removed a false elevation from the track at Azerbaijan/Turn Baku’s 3.
  • The issue where host migration upon entering a cross-play social lobby could cause two separate lobbies has been resolved.
  • Correction made to the incorrect rounding of positions in Practice and Qualifying out to three decimal places.
  • Theater mode highlight replays now properly feature My Team cars, complete with advertising.
  • Improvements made to Photo Mode’s pixelating images when adjusting the shutter speed
  • Repairs were made to the Mercedes and the Player Car to fix a hole that appeared at the base of the Halo Column when the latter was disabled.
  • Maximilian Verstaep’s car number has been updated for all online, local area networks, and special event modes.
  • Formula One – The 2022 World Championship weekend structure now properly displays all Sprint races when the Authentic option is selected.
  • It has been resolved that the My Team drivers’ focus statistic was too low and that the rev lights were not functioning properly on Logitech wheelbases.
  • Resolved an issue wherein race strategy and practice sessions lacked telemetry data
  • The problem was fixed when previously created F1 22 drivers could use the numbers of currently active drivers.
  • The problem with Custom Grid not working in Social Game Mode has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that would cause a crash for the player upon initial load into a newly created League event.
  • Fix for a graphical glitch in the menus that occurred with HDR turned on
  • UDP – The issue where the pitch value was incorrect on hills has been fixed.
  • In My Team, we’ve updated the language surrounding how the statistics for secondary drivers are growing.
  • UDP – The issue where medium Traction Control wasn’t outputting during online sessions has been resolved.
  • Amplification of Existing Levels of Stability
  • Corrections of varying degrees

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  • Improved the accuracy of the ‘Estimated Race Time’ calculation in the Strategy view and made the preset strategy recommendations more challenging to beat.
  • Vehicles no longer risk having no fuel for their second qualifying run.
  • Engineers no longer issue fuel warnings to drivers during qualifying rounds when there is a problem.
  • There is no longer a discrepancy in the car’s fuel level if the run plan’s duration is altered and then reverted.
  • DNFs caused by a red flag in Qualifying are no longer caused by the AI failing to refuel cars.
  • Issues with switching between race view and replays have been fixed.
  • Fixed an infrequent crash that could occur if the AI needed more wet tires after a pit stop but ran out of them.
  • Soft-lock is fixed in extremely rare cases where the game is closed before the start of the new season has ended.
  • Vehicles can no longer leave the pits in Practice with zero kilos of fuel and still show a positive fuel delta after retirement.
  • This issue has been fixed where the replay would sometimes stop before the commentary was done.
  • Eliminating Team Radio lines that are irrelevant to the topic at hand.

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Several car models and skins have been updated for a more realistic representation of the grid and a more accurate simulation of the vehicles’ appearance.


Fixed an issue where ultra-widescreen monitors would distort the 3D Map’s display.

Signage and track-side sponsors at the Monaco track have been updated.

Changes to the kerbing at Turn 8 of the Circuit Paul Ricard


If the player restores the game to its factory settings, the EULA will no longer display at startup.

Fixed an issue where the Drivers’ Standings page in Qualifying would show directional arrows for position changes when none were being made.

Final Words

One of the most significant strategic junctures in any race in F1 Manager 2022 is the use of safety cars. They may provide you with a free stop or completely ruin your undercut. And they are the last thing you want to see if you’ve fallen behind the pack by a lap.

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