Who Is John Fetterman? An Overview Of The Democratic Candidate In Pennsylvania!

who is fetterman

It was announced early on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, that US Democrat John Fetterman had won the election for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat.

Six hours after the polls had closed, Fetterman defeated Republican celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz to win the seat.

Despite widespread predictions of a Republican victory and President Joe Biden’s dismal approval rating, Democrats have performed surprisingly well in the pivotal midterm elections.

Who Is John Fetterman?

Fetterman is running for the Senate for a second time. In 2016, Fetterman made a bid for the Senate but was ultimately defeated in the Democratic primaries.

According to his campaign website, the Pennsylvania native was raised in York and was born to teenage parents. At Albright, he was a starter at offensive tackle on the football team. Soon after, Fetterman attended the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and earned a master’s degree in public policy.

Who Is John Fetterman

This is Fetterman’s second year in office as Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, but he’s been in the role since 2018. His tenure as mayor of the Pennsylvania town of Braddock lasted a full decade.

According to his official website, while serving as mayor, Fetterman “worked to rebuild his community, creating jobs, getting youth engaged, and bringing creative urban policy solutions to Braddock.”

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The couple has been married since 2008, and he is currently running for the Senate. They’re parents to three kids together.

City & State Pennsylvania reports that Fetterman has received support from a wide variety of people and organizations, including President Joe Biden, The Philadelphia Tribune, Senator Bob Casey, United Rural Democrats, and U.S. Representative Madeleine Dean.

What Does Fetterman Advocate?

Fetterman, who is considered a progressive, supports universal health care, criminal justice reform, an increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 (£13) an hour, and the legalization of cannabis.

What Does Fetterman Advocate

Oz, who had previously run for the Senate, wrote an essay for NBC News in which he argued that Fetterman’s stances on drugs and crime were illogical.

Fetterman’s stated goal of reducing drug penalties is “just one facet of his extensive soft-on-crime agenda,” he said. Since he was first elected lieutenant governor in 2019, Fetterman has defended violent criminals at the expense of law-abiding citizens.a

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John Fetterman’s Stroke

Fetterman had a stroke back in May. Following the stroke, he was hospitalized for nine days and removed from public service for three months.

According to The New Yorker, Fetterman has trouble understanding speech after suffering a stroke. Closed captioning is now used at all of the candidate’s campaign events and interviews. His pronunciation has suffered and he is no longer as fluent as he once was.

Despite the fact that, as reported by CNN, Fetterman “may not get every word the right way,” he pledges to “always do the right thing” in the nation’s capital.

Last Words

Fetterman completed his AmeriCorps service in 2004, and the following year he was elected mayor of Braddock. Fetterman served in this role to promote cultural and youth development projects in the abandoned steel town.

In 2016, he made an unsuccessful run for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania and came in third place in the Democratic primary.

Two years later, in the state of Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary, he came out on top and was elected lieutenant governor.

Fetterman gained attention during his term for his efforts to legalize marijuana statewide and his pushback against then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s false claims of election fraud in Pennsylvania.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Did Fetterman go to Harvard?

After completing his undergraduate studies in finance at Albright College and his graduate studies in business administration at the University of Connecticut, Fetterman entered the insurance industry. Following his time with the Peace Corps, he attended Harvard University and received a Master of Public Policy.

What nationality is Fetterman?

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Fetterman has Brazilian roots. Fetterman, along with her mother and younger brother, came to the United States illegally when she was seven years old and settled into a one-room apartment in New York City.

Is Fetterman married?

Gisele Barreto Fetterman

What does the lieutenant governor do?

A province’s lieutenant governor is the province’s highest-ranking officer and an official representative of the King. The constitutional role of the lieutenant governor includes, among other things, administering the oath of office to the provincial government’s Executive Council (Premier and Cabinet)

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