Nick Cannon’s Swim Team Is Top-Notch. With Model Brittany Bell, He’s Expecting Again!

why does nick cannon keep having kids

Nick Cannon is practically a household name now that he’s become known for his prowess in the maternity department.

If you’ve been too busy keeping track of Nick’s mission to spread his genes amongst beautiful women to notice that the 41-year-old entertainment guru is famous for a list of talents ranging from hosting to television production, we’ve got you covered.

Nick is the father of ten children: Moroccan, 11, and Monroe, 11. He also has a 5-year-old son named Golden and 1-year-old twins named Powerful Queen and Zillion Heir.

Nick is expecting children with DJ Abby De La Rosa and model Brittany Bell. Nick and Alyssa Scott lost baby Zen in December 2021.

For what reason, then, does Nick Cannon keep multiplying his family? Luckily, the mogul has given folks an explanation.

The celebrity is best known in the public’s eye for his exploits in the bedroom.

A Desire To Experience “The Beauty Of Fatherhood,” As Nick Cannon Put It, Inspired Him To Start A Family

Having enough money to raise a child isn’t everything, as many people would agree. Social media has not taken kindly to Nick Cannon, a celebrity, spreading his seed so widely because children need love, support, and parents who are mentally, physically, and emotionally available to raise them.

In fact, people on social media have been itching for explanations as to why Nick is so intent on raising a cult of child followers. He wants as many as 12 children, according to the business magnate. Why? “The beauty of fatherhood, man,” he told The Breakfast Club on August 9, 2021.

A Desire To Experience The Beauty Of Fatherhood, As Nick Cannon Put It, Inspired Him To Start A Family

Speaking as a father, “when you really talk about the essence of living. So much of what I know about life, I’ve picked up from my kids, and it’s pretty incredible “Nick shared the news with radio show hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy. “To be honest, there’s nothing I enjoy more than being in the company of my children and soaking up their infectious enthusiasm. Basically, it’s like a do-over each time.”

Nick went on, “The time I spend with my kids, and the energy they give me is the best peace I find.” To invest everything I’ve learned and experienced in something new. I do it because I care about you, man.”

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Nick And Abby De La Rosa And Nick And Brittany Bell Are Expecting Their First Children

Considering Nick Cannon’s prodigious brood, he could break records for fatherhood in the Guinness Book of World Records. Nick now knows the exact number of children he has,

as it has been established that he and Abby De La Rosa are expecting their third child together and that he and Brittany Bell are also expecting their third child. Now, Nick has more children than Future and NBA YoungBoy, who are both rappers.

Nick told Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, and Stephanie Santiago on the 7 June 2022 episode of Lip Service that “the stork is on the way, yes.”

Gigi made light of Nick’s impending delivery by speculating on a possible date. To paraphrase: “So in October 2022, around the holidays, we can expect some packages to be dropped by the stork, huh?” “Nick,” Gigi said.

Nick, laughing, complimented the hosts on their mathematical prowess.

Even though no due date has been announced for his child with Brittany Bell, he announced the pregnancy in an Instagram post.

Nick captioned a video of himself and Brittany at a beautiful maternity photoshoot with the hashtags “@missbbell #Sunshine #SonRISE” on Instagram. That is not a baby bump she is showing off; it is a baby mountain. That little one (maybe a boy named Rise) will be here before you know it.

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Nick Cannon Is Having Multiple Kids On Purpose

Nick Cannon Is Having Multiple Kids On Purpose

When Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, his son and daughter, were born in 2011, Nick Cannon became a father. He and his ex-wife Mariah Carey have a set of twins. Despite the fact that his divorce from Mariah was finalized in 2016, Nick has made the decision to never find someone with whom to settle down.

After a brief breakup in 2016, Nick began dating Brittany Bell again and the couple eventually had a son, Golden Sagon, in 2017 and a daughter, Powerful Queen, in 2020. A final breakup occurred between Nick and Brittany, and Nick is now dating Abby De La Rosa.

There was never any official word from Nick or Abby on whether or not they were dating. The couple did make the pregnancy announcement, and in June of 2021, they welcomed twin boys named Zillion Heir and Zion Mixolydian. Last but not least, Nick and model Alyssa Scott welcomed a son, Zen. Sadly, Zen lost his battle with a brain tumor in December of 2021 and passed away.

But Tiesi said she would want her son to be just like Nick because she has so much “respect and love” for him and his character. Some of the reasons she speaks so highly of Nick? Because of who he is as a father and a person, even as his health declines.

Nick Has A Life-Threatening Health Condition

In January 2012, Nick Cannon suffered from a severe and potentially fatal health condition. Having doctors in his hospital room telling him he might die is the last thing he wants to do, he says.

Two pulmonary blood clots and edema were found by the medical staff (swelling caused by fluid trapped in the body issue). Nick was misdiagnosed with a different condition until he was referred to a specialist who correctly identified his underlying condition as lupus kidney disease.

Nick makes a concerted effort to live a healthy lifestyle, staying physically active and eating well so that he can continue to be a present father to his many children and avoid hospitalization.


Nick Cannon said he would remain celibate after announcing he was expecting his seventh child. He added that he planned to improve as a father and co-parent with each of his children’s mothers.

Nick later elaborated that he made the choice after finding out he was expecting his eighth child.

Nick revealed to People that his therapist was among those who advised him to remain single. The reason being that I had already told people that Bre was expecting. As a result, I decided to begin my life of celibacy at that time. Those of you who are thinking, “Oh, he wasn’t celibate,” you’d be wrong; I was.

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