Sadly, Wynonna Judd’s Husband Has Recently Been Involved In A Bike Accident And Lost A Leg!

wynonna judd husband accident

A statement released on Monday by her publicist revealed that country music star Wynonna Judd’s new husband had lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident on Saturday in South Dakota.

She and Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser were out for a ride on their respective bikes before her concert in Deadwood, South Dakota when the accident occurred, according to her publicist.

“Moser’s left leg was severed at the scene of the accident and doctors in Rapid City, South Dakota, amputated the leg above the knee,” the statement read. “His hand has also been operated on.”

On June 10, Judd wed Moser, the drummer in her band, at her family’s Tennessee farm. Moser is well-known as a member of the band Highway 101, which achieved success on the 1980s country music charts with several of their songs.

Moser “collided with an oncoming vehicle and was taken to a local hospital,” the release reads. He sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries and is currently receiving medical care. This incident did not involve Wynonna.

Since Judd’s husband is ill, she has decided to cancel her concerts in Canada scheduled for the coming week.

An Accident Transformed Our Marriage From A Honeymoon To Real Love, Wynonna, And Cactus Moser

It was one of the worst days of Wynonna’s life, she says, and it occurred on August 18, 2012. On that day, her musician husband Cactus Moser was involved in a motorcycle accident that required the amputation of his leg.

The flood of cards, phone calls, and prayers from fellow country music fans helped the newlyweds get through those first difficult days.

Cactus tells The Boot that fan messages began arriving the moment he was admitted to the hospital. “They weren’t polite or nice in the traditional sense, but they were genuine and touched my heart.

While reading them to Wy, I often found myself in tears. It was overwhelming, the amount of love that people were pouring out to me, and I couldn’t believe the sincerity of the stories of healing and other amputees that they were sharing with me.”

Thousands of messages, Wynonna chimes in. “Like always, we were unprepared for something so massive. We ran into people we hadn’t seen since the 1970s when we went on tour together,

all the way up to the guy we met at Walgreens a few months ago and gave the number of a good veterinarian to. What you’re going through is unfathomable, so it’s important to have people who care about you by your side. The messages keep coming in, and we’re keeping them all in one place until we can get to as many of them as possible.”

An Accident Transformed Our Marriage From A Honeymoon To Real Love, Wynonna, And Cactus Moser

Due to Cactus’s accident in South Dakota’s Black Hills, the couple had to postpone their concert for that evening.

Wynonna claims she spent five consecutive days staring out the window of her bus.

“While everyone else was quiet, I thought, “OK, God, I don’t know why, but I know who.” Even now, you can change things if you want to.

So, let me get this straight: “What does this imply?”

The couple got married in June, and since then they’ve been taking things slowly but surely. It was estimated that Cactus would spend three to four weeks in rehabilitation, but he only needed eight. Wynonna claims that they quickly moved beyond the honeymoon phase into true love.

“Wynonna, the singer, became Wynonna, the housewife, nurse, cook, and driver, all in one fell swoop. What we’re discussing here is the kind of gritty, serious stuff you never expect to have to deal with [in a marriage].”

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My hair is now permanently pulled back and I am a wife. The audience did not give me a standing ovation, and I did not win any prizes. My focus was on being a good wife.

I’ll admit it was baffling at first. It was necessary to wear comfortable, stretchy, machine-washable clothing and to hang the rhinestones. However strange it was, I learned an important lesson from the experience.”

Who Is Cactus Moser?

Cactus Scott Moser was born in Colorado on May 3, 1957.

Cactus is a talented drummer in addition to his other musical abilities.

Cactus has won four CMA awards and has been nominated for three Grammys.

Who Is Cactus Moser

He performs with his wife’s band, Wynonna & the Big Noise.

“He’s the drummer, he’s part of the backbone of the band,” Wynonna Judd said of her husband via Us Weekly.

He doesn’t just sit there and play the drums, so I call him Animal.

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In addition to his current roles as producer and writer, Cactus spent over two decades performing with the band Highway 101.

Exactly When Did Wynonna Judd And Cactus Moser Begin Dating?

Cactus Moser was a fan of Wynonna Judd’s mother, the late Naomi Judd, and her music when he saw her and her band, The Judds, perform in the 1980s.

Cactus proposed to her in December 2011, but the couple didn’t start dating until 2009.

Cactus and Wynonna were married on June 10, 2012, at her family’s farm in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.

Neither her mom Naomi nor her sister Ashley could make it to the wedding.

Last Words

They have always been able to support one another, as evidenced by the fact that Moser had his left leg amputated above the knee after he was injured in a motorcycle accident in August 2012, only a few months after their wedding.

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