Sexton, Roger Former Contestant On “Survivor: The Amazon” Passes Away At The Age Of 76!

Survivor Alum Roger Sexton dead

Roger Sexton, 76, died on October 26 after a “valiant and courageous battle with Lewy Body Dementia,” according to his obituary page.

He appeared on the sixth season of the reality TV show. The avid outdoorsman Sexton appeared on Survivor in 2002 during the show’s taping in the Amazon, where he was the seventh contestant to be eliminated.

“Roger’s self-assurance, self-discipline, and dogged pursuit of success were hallmarks of his personality,” reads the obituary. “However, the other more challenging aspects of his character eventually prevailed, leading to his eventual demise [on Survivor], but providing lasting memories of the exacerbating force that was Roger.”

After hearing the news of Sexton’s death, Season 6 winner Jenna Morasca posted a reflection on Instagram on November 9. She wrote, “Despite the differences, we had in the game we are & always have been a family.”

According to his obituary, Sexton served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1966 to 1967 before rising to the position of Senior Estimator and Vice President at Tutor Perini Construction, a major U.S. contractor. Sexton was born in Oakland, California. Sexton had a passion for the outdoors outside of his work.

The rest of his obituary reads as follows: “His constant drive and amazing physicality allowed him to pursue his love for backpacking in the high country of the Sierra Nevada’s, skiing the powdered bowls of California, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado mastering the powdered terrain, while helicopter skiing in the Ruby Mountains, and riding the dusty trails of Southern California on his mountain bike, throughout his life.”

Survivor Star Roger Sexton Dies At 76

Sexton, according to the obituary, had been dealing with Lewy Body Dementia for quite some time. Roger “was an amazing provider to his family, cherishing his role as a father to his daughters, Heather and Amy,” his family said.

Survivor Star Roger Sexton Dies At 76

“Roger’s self-assurance, self-discipline, and doggedness to win were all key components of his character that helped him get cast on Season 6 of Survivor in 2002.

Roger’s death was inevitable due to the dominance of his more difficult traits, but he left behind vivid recollections of his disruptive presence.

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The loss of Roger’s lovely daughter Heather, who passed away at the age of 16 from viral pneumonia on October 22, 1992, is still felt by all who knew her. They continued, “However, Roger’s love for Heather extended to his grandchildren.

In 2003, Roger Sexton Appeared On Survivor: Pearl Islands

In 2003, Sexton competed on Survivor: The Amazon and was eliminated after 21 days. After deciding to become a member of the Tambaqui tribe, he was quickly selected as the team’s leader. One of the things people will remember most about him is the tension he caused among the group.

In 2003, Roger Sexton Appeared On Survivor Pearl Islands

By the end of the game, the other team had managed to surprise him by turning several of his own players against him, which ultimately led to his elimination from the competition. The obituary states that Roger participated in the Vietnam War in 1966 and 1967.

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He also excelled professionally; after earning a degree in Construction Management, he was promoted to the position of vice president at Tutor Perini Construction, a major player in the building industry.

Besides his wife Diane and daughter Amy, Roger leaves behind two sisters and four grandchildren.

Last Words

Many celebrities who had met Sexton after seeing him on Survivor expressed their disapproval after the news broke. As a Survivor: Amazon family, we are deeply shocked and saddened by the news of Roger Sexton’s passing. A viewer wished, “May he rest in eternal peace.”

Ben Waterworth, a journalist, expressed his sadness at Roger Sexton’s passing in a tweet: “Sad to hear that Roger Sexton has passed away. I’ll never forget the great interview we did back in the SurvivorOz days or the “fun” we had with the cast as a result. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of this beloved Survivor player.

Mike Bloom, a musician, shared the news that Roger Sexton had passed away after a long struggle with dementia.

Despite the fact that I disagreed with him on nearly every issue, he was an interesting player in one of my favorite Survivor seasons. So long, and thanks for all the long-distance calls tonight.

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