Alex Smith Seems To Have Disappeared. His’Miracle NFL Comeback Two Years After Breaking His Leg!

what happened to alex smith leg

In a game against the Texans in 2018, Smith, then age 36, suffered a horrific leg injury. Soon after, he had surgery on his right leg, where he had broken both the tibia and the fibula.

He had no idea that this would be the first of seventeen operations he would need. The initial procedure on his leg resulted in an infection, and he ended up needing 16 more to get things under control.

A football injury turned into a desperate fight for survival. According to Smith’s wife Elizabeth, the couple considered amputation of the leg. Smith said, “I’m lucky to be alive,” in an interview.

Who Is Alex Smith?

Former National Football League player Alexander Douglas Smith resides in the United States.

Who Is Alex Smith

He has been productive for the Utah Utes football team for the past 16 years. This football player, who was born on May 7th, 1984, is based in the United States.

In the year 2022, he will have turned 38. He had been happily married to Elizabeth Barry for nearly ten years. Unfortunately, he has decided to leave his position.

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What Was Alex Smith’s Injury?

On November 18th, 2018, Smith was brought down by the Texans while running the ball. Smith suffered a compound fracture of his right leg, which included breaks to his tibia and fibula, due to his leg being caught at an awkward angle.

What Was Alex Smith's Injury

Flesh-eating bacteria infected Smith after his initial surgery, which complicated his recovery from the injury. The initial surgery to fix Smith’s compound fracture was followed by 16 more procedures before his leg was on the road to recovery.

Smith lost so much tissue during his surgeries that he needs to wear a special titanium brace to protect his leg even after he has returned to the field.

Why Alex Smith “Really, Really, Really Got Lucky To Be Alive”

As Smith put it in an interview with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” in 2020, he considers himself “very much lucky to be alive.”

A flesh-eating bacteria took hold a few days after Smith’s initial surgery, causing significant complications. Dr. Robin West, the Washington team doctor, was there with Smith.

Why Alex Smith Really, Really, Really Got Lucky To Be Alive

What West reportedly told ESPN is: “The best we can do is what we have been doing. We must act quickly to save his life. Once we get there, we’ll do everything we can to save his leg. Everything else requires a miracle to explain.”

The infection was what ultimately proved fatal for Smith. Smith was septic due to the infection, which meant he was releasing a lot of chemicals into his blood in an attempt to fight it.

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A number of bodily systems might have been harmed by the chemicals. Medical staff had planned to amputate Smith’s right leg above the knee if they were unable to successfully treat the infection.

According to ESPN, Smith underwent over ten surgeries to get the infection under control. These included a muscle transfer and microvascular surgery. Even after 20 months had passed since Smith’s initial injury, in July of 2020, he was finally given the green light to return to the field.

Alex Smith’s Injury Update

Alex Smith reportedly strained his calf slightly, per Ian Rapoport of While X-rays came back negative, the 36-year-old still has to go in for additional testing on Monday.

Social media users expressed concern that Smith’s recent injury was related to the same issue that led to his horrific injury two years ago.

After nearly dying from complications related to a right leg break in 2018, undergoing 17 surgeries, and returning to the NFL this season, Smith overcame incredible odds to play for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Before Sunday’s game, he was 3-1 as the team’s starting quarterback this season, with a completion percentage of 68.7, passing for 1,363 yards, four touchdowns, and five interceptions.

Last Words

The Washington team led 13-7 at halftime and held on for the victory despite missing quarterback Alex Smith. Starting the second half with a field goal drive that Haskins directed that covered 11 plays and 73 yards,

Washington took the lead. He was only two for four passes for 25 yards, but that was enough to help the visitors to a 23-15 victory on Sunday.

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