When Did Baker Mayfield Disappear? He Should Be Playing, So Why Isn’t He?

what happened to baker mayfield

Today’s game between the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons is a huge one for both teams’ divisions, but the Panthers’ prized offseason acquisition, quarterback Baker Mayfield, won’t be suiting up tonight. His recent ankle injury isn’t the only thing holding him back from playing, though.

He avoided injured reserve by a hair, but backup PJ Walker took over as the starter while he was out for a short while with an illness.

Walker came in and revitalized the offense while Mayfield and Sam Darnold recovered from ankle injuries. Walker’s miraculous touchdown pass was the difference in wins over the Buccaneers and the Falcons.

Although Walker had a terrible game last week, the interim head coach still wants to keep him on the team. Mayfield came in at halftime and threw for two touchdowns after the starter had thrown two interceptions and completed three passes.

Whatever the case may be, Walker is the starter for the foreseeable future, in no small part due to injuries and ineptitude on the part of the former Cleveland Browns quarterback.

How Long Is Baker Mayfield Out For?

How Long Is Baker Mayfield Out For

The quarterback hasn’t sustained a serious injury and is therefore still in the game. All that has happened to him is that he has been taken off the active roster. How long that lasts is totally up in the air, dependent on Wilks’s health and Walker’s weekly performance.

Given Walker’s poor performance last week and the fact that he is still the starter, however, only a major change could reinstate Mayfield to the starting lineup.

What Happened To Baker Mayfield?

Mayfield started the season as the Panthers’ quarterback, but he struggled.

Mayfield had a shaky beginning to the season. He struggled to get on the same page as his receivers in Matt Rhule’s offense, which contributed to a 1-4 start for his team. Then, Mayfield went down with an ankle injury in the 49er’s loss (a 37-15 defeat) and missed the next two weeks of action.

In Week 8, Mayfield made his season debut, this time as Carolina’s backup quarterback. At the halfway point of the season, he still serves as the team’s backup.

What Was Baker Mayfield’s Injury?

Mayfield suffered a high ankle sprain, which initially prevented him from playing. He was seen leaving the Panthers’ Week 5 loss to the 49ers wearing a walking boot, indicating that the injury had occurred during that game.

What Was Baker Mayfield's Injury

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Mayfield will be out for “some time” due to the injury. However, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network quickly reported that Mayfield wouldn’t need surgery and that the Panthers weren’t planning to place him on IR — at least not right away.

Since IR players must sit out four games, Mayfield appeared to have a three-week window to make his return. As it turns out, he did, sitting out Weeks 6 and 7 before making his return in Week 8.

Although Mayfield had recovered from his injury, he was not returned to the starting lineup. His backup from the start of the season, PJ Walker, is now starting in his place.

Exactly Why Did Baker Mayfield Have To Take A Seat On The Bench?

Mayfield’s ankle injury initially sidelined him, but the opportunity presented itself for Walker to make an impact for the Panthers. And he did that in his first two starts.

The Panthers’ offense was more productive with Walker at quarterback than it was with Mayfield. Most notably, Walker played a key role in guiding the Panthers to a stunning upset victory over the Buccaneers. After the game, interim coach Steve Wilks announced that Walker would remain in the starting lineup, and the team went on to win 21-3.

After Wilks declared that Walker would continue to be the starter, Mayfield finally got healthy before Week 8. For the past two weeks, Mayfield has filled the role of his backup quarterback.

This means that Mayfield was initially sidelined due to injury and then benched due to his performance.


Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield sprained his ankle prior to the team’s Week 6 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. He could have gone on injured reserve due to it, but his condition was good enough for him to avoid that.

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