Who Took Home Jeopardy? Tonight? This Past Thursday, November 10, 2022,!

who won jeopardy tonight

Jeopardy! On Thursday, November 10, 2022, the second semifinal game of the Tournament of Champions 2022 was broadcast on television.

Former season winner and current competitor Matt Amodio appeared on this show. While the other two competitors had to win their quarterfinal matches from last week in order to advance to this episode, Matt had already secured his spot thanks to his earlier elimination.

Being Season 38’s runner-up in points behind only Amy Schneider, Matt received automatic advancement to the semi-finals. You can see who will be appearing on the episode airing on November 10 by looking at the cast list.

Today’s Jeopardy! The Winner Is Sam Buttrey

The match on November 10 was quite tense. The players did an outstanding job, but the 38-day winner, Matt, appeared nervous and had a hard time clinching the victory.

The first set of topics including “All Over The Map,” “Organizations,” “Nutrition,” “21st Century Bestsellers,” “Celebrities,” and “Drop The Mic.”

Today’s Jeopardy! The Winner Is Sam Buttrey

Each player’s score was relatively close to the other two. Sam Buttrey won the most money, $4,600, while John Focht came in second with $4,200, and Matt finished in third with $4,000. Aside from Matt, who gave the only wrong answer, nobody else got it right.

Round two’s subheadings were “The Lore Of The Land,” “Scientific Trios,” “The Rock Bassist’S Group,” “We Spy,” “With Our Little ‘I,'” and “Something That Is…”

To the tune of $16,800, Matt’s score jumped when he landed the game’s first Daily Double. Sam found another Daily Double while looking for one and ended up with a $6,000 prize. In the final moments of Double Jeopardy, Sam’s score was $23,000. The third-place prize for John was $12,600.

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Everyone who answered correctly in Final Jeopardy won the game. While Matt took it easy with a zero-dollar bet, John and Sam both bet well over $10,000. On the show’s most recent episode, broadcast on November 10th, Sam had the highest total score.

The Jeopardy! Of The Day Award Goes To Amy Schneider

Since Amy Schneider has more points than anyone else in Season 38, just the thought of competing against her makes most people anxious. The champion’s charisma was intact even in the most recent installment.

The Jeopardy! Of The Day Award Goes To Amy Schneider

Supreme Court Cases, Shakespeare Just Kills Me, Chess For Champs, Travel, I’m ‘En’ It!, Stanford Athletics, and I’m ‘En’ It!

Amy and Tyler Rhode got right into a heated exchange to kick off the game. Amy was behind at the beginning of the game, but now she’s ahead with all 15 clues we’ve given her. Her 16 correct responses, including a daily double, earned her a whopping $12,600.

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Who Won Jeopardy? Tonight?

Christine Whelchel, a graduate assistant from Spring Hill, Tennessee, Andrew He, a software developer from San Francisco, California, and Jonathan Fisher, an actor from Coral Gables, Florida, competed on tonight’s Jeopardy! game.

He and Fisher both got off to fast starts in the “Jeopardy!” segment. At $8.200, Fisher was in the lead, but at $7.600, He was right on his heels. In contrast, Whelchel’s negative $1,000 balance meant she had a lot of making up to do.

It was in “Double Jeopardy!” that Fisher finally distanced himself from He. In the end, the actor made $19,800. As of now, he is still in second place with $13,800, well ahead of Whelchel in third with $2,200.

In “Final Jeopardy!,” no contestant came up with the winning answer. However, Andrew He’s safe bet was the deciding factor.

Describe Tonight’s Episode Of Final Jeopardy! Clue?

Amy Schneider was a natural tonight on “Final Jeopardy!” due to the topic being right up her alley. Without a doubt, the author of “Contemporary Authors” answered the prompt correctly.

This author’s novel was inspired by a trip he took to El Paso with his young son, during which he began to imagine what the city would look like in the distant future.

Last Words

Over $600 in winnings from a U.S. game show would be subject to taxation. Under current law, the Internal Revenue Service does not tax any prize from a game show (whether it be cash, luggage, or a parting gift) that is valued at less than $600.00.

When a person wins a prize, the IRS takes 30% of the total value as a withholding tax, just like when they win the lottery.

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