The 49ers Have Drafted A Cornerback. Putting Jason Verrett On The Disabled List!

49ers place CB Jason Verrett on injured reserve

According to the NFL transaction wire, Jason Verrett’s season with the San Francisco 49ers has ended due to an injury. The injury occurred on Wednesday during practice, and the cornerback missed the rest of the season.

“The general manager, John Lynch, explained the circumstances surrounding the player’s Achilles injury on Friday morning. “He was covering a tight end on a simple in-break when he put his foot in the ground to come out of a break, and bam,” Lynch said. Apparently, he took a tumble, and his Achilles tendon snapped.”

After tearing his ACL in Week 1 of the 2017 season, Verrett was working hard to make a comeback this year. The 26th of October marked his return to the active roster after spending time on injured reserve due to an injury he sustained in 2021.

The 49ers were so shaken up by the turn of events on Wednesday that their coaches considered calling off the rest of the practice. It’s disheartening to think about how many times Verrett has had to fight back from career-ending injuries. However, they did not give up and continued on to complete the drill.

“Lynch said, “I’ve never heard a football field so silent, and I think it was just instantly [on] everyone’s mind, number one knowing that it wasn’t just a twisted ankle or something because he was down and he wasn’t getting up. I’ve never heard anything like the silence and eeriness of a football field.”

Once the current season concludes, Verrett will be a free agent. Still, his friends and teammates want him to know they support him no matter what he decides to do.

And we’re going to be there for him as he works through it,” Lynch said. Throughout the rest of the season, “he will be an integral part of this team.”


Before the 2019 season, Verrett had already signed on with the 49ers, though he saw action in just one game for the team that year.

Two of the passes thrown his way were picked off during the 2020 season when he started 13 games, but a torn ACL kept him out of action for all but one game in 2019.


Deebo Samuel, a receiver for the 49ers, said that after Verrett got hurt during practice on Wednesday, the rest of the team had a hard time getting through it. There was a significant impact on the team’s psyche, according to Samuel.

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Is The 49ers’ Loss Of Verrett Significant?

Verrett’s presence in the lineup was never a linchpin for the 49ers. Given his extensive history of injuries, they obviously did not.

Verrett may not have played outside cornerback this year, but he was expected to be paired with San Francisco’s big free agent signing this offseason, Charvarius Ward.

Is The 49ers' Loss Of Verrett Significant

They both receive a lot of positive attention from the media. In fact, while in college, Ward focused on learning to move like Verrett, including studying his technique.

Having both Ward and Verrett on the field at the same time was supposed to make it difficult for receivers to separate from the line of scrimmage, making it more likely that opposing quarterbacks would be taken down by Nick Bosa and the 49ers’ formidable pass rush.

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Predictions For Jason Verrett’s Eventual Comeback

The cornerback’s age of 31 suggests a slower-than-average recovery time for an NFL injury. It may take a year or more for someone to fully recover from an Achilles tendon tear. Cornerbacks, next to wide receivers, are the players most dependent on their Achilles for keeping up with the speed of the offense.

As a result, we don’t expect a speedy recovery from the injury. This is his second season-ending injury in as many years. He missed all of last year’s games after tearing his ACL in the first week of the season. Injuries have plagued him since 2017 and have affected nearly every season of his career.

The cornerback’s contract is for the current season only and will expire at the end of the year. Spotrac estimated its worth at over $1 million. Many would not be surprised if the cornerback did not attract much interest in free agency next year, given that he has had two significantly abbreviated seasons.

It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for him to be signed sometime in the middle of the next season when teams are scrambling to stock up on all the extra weapons they can find in preparation for a playoff push.

Verrett has been a part of the league since 2014 when he appeared in his first game. In that span of time, he has logged 125 solo tackles and 20 assisted tackles. He’s also picked off the ball seven times.

Final words

His list of injuries is long and gruesome: a torn labrum in his left shoulder in 2014, a torn ACL in 2016, lingering knee problems in 2017, a torn Achilles in 2018, and an ankle issue in 2019. Only six games were played by Verrett between the years 2016 and 2019.

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