PRE Vs. CMG Big Jook’s Instagram Diss Of Young Dolph: The War Continues!

big jook cmg arrested

The simple tour of the Memphis International Airport did not put the past in the past. Big Jook, Yo Gotti’s older brother and the main antagonist in Gotti and Young Dolph’s feud.

On Instagram, Jook complains about an image of Young Dolph in between Moneybagg Yo and NLE Choppa, writing:

“Good lord, whoever painted this… The only two women who should be painted by Mane are real n*ggaz. Mane, that’s a p*ssy sandwiched between two real n*ggas. Don’t be such a man… Don’t mess with our history! This is a p*ssy, right this minute!”

The antagonism between Yo Gotti and Dolph can be traced back to their time spent working together. As far as Young Dolph is concerned,

Gotti ran a shady business and badmouthed his own artists, both of which are violations of CMG’s own code of conduct.

Moreover, Dolph claimed that Gotti began sending subs to the rapper after he declined to sign with CMG. Gotti has always said publicly that he has no beef with the South Memphis rapper, but in 2017, the disses in the rapper’s lyrics began to become more overt.

Play With Your B*tch, To Quote Young Dolph

The diss track “Play Wit Yo B*tch,” which Young Dolph included on his studio album Gelato, caused a major stir in the Memphis hip-hop community upon its release.

In it, Dolph describes how he came to Big Jook’s aid when he was at odds with Yo Gotti, how he slept with Gotti’s woman, and how an “old man” from Dolph’s hood, who remains unnamed, called him a “b*tch.”

Play With Your B tch, To Quote Young Dolph

Fans sprinted to catch up with Young Dolph’s lyrical cliff notes as his scathing rebuke of the Collective Music Group (CMG) executives reverberated through the streets.

Originally appearing in 2013, Yo Gotti’s “Song “Pride to the Side” features Gotti rapping about his relationship with his Baby’s mother, including the line, “I crossed the line so many times but I couldn’t take it shawty…

I peeked at the text on the inside of ya phone and pretended to read it, shawty.” Gotti explains how he broke up with his BM after discovering another man’s contact information and text messages in her phone.

At the 2017 CIAA Tournament Weekend in Charlotte, NC, an attempt on Dolph’s life was made after he made a brazen call out to the CMG camp.

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The Charlotte Observer reports that the incident happened at 6:30 p.m. near an apartment complex on the corner of 8th and North Caldwell Street. More than a hundred shots were fired at Young Dolph’s SUV. Dolph performed at the city’s Cameo Night Club as planned, bringing along Migos and 21 Savage, despite the shooting that had taken place earlier.

Song Lyrics: “100 Shots” By Young Dolph

Particularly noteworthy is Young Dolph’s 100 Shots, which became a hit thanks to its WSHH video slamming the shooters with the rap, “A hundred shots, a hundred shots…

How the fuck did you miss a whole hundred shots?” Rather than directly mentioning Gotti, Young Dolph alludes to him and his money, BM, and CMG crew by asking, “How many dicks you sucked to get that couple million?”

Song Lyrics 100 Shots By Young Dolph

In May of the same year, one of Yo Gotti’s artists, Blac Youngsta, turned himself in to police after warrants were issued for him and two other men in connection with the shooting investigation.

Since asserting himself in Gotti and Dolph’s Beef, Blac Youngsta and Young Dolph have had a tense relationship. A total of seven felony charges were brought against Youngsta,

whose real name is Sammie Marquez Benson, including six counts of discharging a firearm into occupied property and one count of felony conspiracy. Soon after, Youngsta was given his freedom.

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Blac Youngsta, despite his freedom, would be traced back to the rental car company as the shooter’s intended passenger. After hearing the news, Young Dolph decided to make fun of Blac Youngsta for using his name to rent a car and commit a crime.

– Young Dolph, Via Instagram

Dolph went on, “Aye, I know one of y’all n*ggas snitched” if they got caught. Despite the fact that “motherf*cker” is part of my name, “I’m a motherf*cker and a dunce.”

Angering at Dolph, Youngsta posted a meme on Instagram showing his head superimposed on the body of a police officer, with the caption “P*ssy Rat Entertainment.” He elaborated, saying, “It’s obviously someone ratting,” which Youngsta echoed. “Someone’s been telling.”

Charges against Blac Youngsta were ultimately dismissed in May of this year. The Memphis rapper moved away from Gotti and Dolph’s feud in early 2020, but he stoked the fires again in August of that year with an Instagram post. ‘@youngdolph FUCKIN WITH MY GANG GONE GETCO SHOOTER SHOT,’ Youngsta captioned the photo. “#HEAVYCAMP” “#SUPAHOT” “#SUPERCMGPUSSY”

Dolph replied online by bragging about his earnings from Bulletproof and Gelato and asking, “Have u ever smashed an f*k n*gga b*tch, then got paid for it?” I’m sure that stupid little boy will get yet another gold medal. SEPARATELY THOUGH #YellowTapeOutNOW. Dolph announced his retirement from the music industry and then deleted his entire Instagram account.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Blac Youngsta would later back down from their beef. When Blac Youngsta talked about his beef with Young Dolph, Vlad asked if he was just riding with Yo Gotti. According to Blac Youngsta, Yo Gotti has always liked Dolph and has never said anything negative about him or his music.


Howard “Keon” Wright, a member of Yo Gotti’s entourage, has reportedly been sentenced to 10 to 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges related to a shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2016.

Wright has been a known associate of the Memphis rapper for years, and he is said to have served as both a road manager and vice president of Gotti’s Collective Music Group.

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