Emma Thompson Says She Was “Completely Oblivious” To Ex-Husband Kenneth Branagh’s On-Set Adultery!

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Love Actually features one of the most memorable scenes in the history of Christmas films: Emma Thompson’s character, played by the late Alan Rickman, enduring the news that her husband, Harry, is having an affair with his secretary, Mia.

The heartbreaking scene in which Harry gives his wife Karen a copy of Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now album, thereby revealing that he has given his mistress the gold necklace she had found in his pocket, is one that never fails to shock and horrify viewers.

While the cheating partner trope is (unfortunately) nothing new in either fiction or real life, the scene was immortalized in the minds (and hearts) of audiences everywhere thanks to Dame Emma’s character’s quiet stoicism in front of the couple.

In addition to Emma’s obvious acting chops, we now know that the authenticity of her performance came from drawing on her own personal experience with the subject matter.

Emma has said that the reason her sob scenes were so convincing was that her first husband, Kenneth Branagh, was having an affair with Helena Bonham Carter at the time. They were together for eight years, but Kenneth and Emma recently broke up.

In an interview with the New Yorker published in November 2022, Emma admitted that she had been “blind” to the truth of Kenneth’s infidelity.

“I was completely, totally oblivious to the fact that he had relationships with other women on set,” she confessed. What I realized was how simple it is to let one’s own need for self-deception cloud one’s judgment.

“I felt like I was only a fraction of myself. It was as if she no longer had any semblance of a self-image as someone who was worthy of love or affection.

On the set of Sense & Sensibility, Emma met her future husband, actor Greg Wise, and says he was the one “who picked up the pieces and put them back together.”

Are Emma Thompson And Kenneth Branagh Still Married?

During their time working on the 1987 miniseries Fortunes of War together, actors Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson crossed paths.

Are Emma Thompson And Kenneth Branagh Still Married

The following year, they tied the knot in a lavish London ceremony, and for the rest of the 1990s, they were a golden couple in British cinema. However, the couple’s marital bliss was short-lived due to a cheating scandal that occurred in 1994.

Despite being married for six years, Branagh and Thompson ended up divorcing in 1995 because they had no children together.


When Emma Thompson And Kenneth Branagh Split, Why Did They Decide To Do So?

In interviews following their breakup, both Branagh and Thompson blamed their decision on their busy schedules. The actor’s marital troubles were rumored to be getting worse as word spread that he was cheating.

Then it was reported that he had an affair with actress Helena Bonham Carter, and the marriage was officially over. It has been said that the two became romantically involved while filming the 1994 film Frankenstein, in which they both starred.

In a later interview with The Sunday Times, Thompson discussed the events leading up to the end of her marriage, saying that she has forgiven her ex-husband and Carter for the alleged events that occurred many years ago.

It’s “blood under the bridge,” Thompson said. “A thing like that is not something you can keep. It’s a useless effort. I just can’t muster the enthusiasm to do it. Countless years have passed since Helena and I settled our differences.”

Was Kenneth Branagh Married To Helena Bonham Carter?

Was Kenneth Branagh Married To Helena Bonham Carter

The actress released a statement in 1999 announcing the couple’s split after five years of dating.

I regret to inform you that Kenneth Branagh and I are no longer dating,” she said at the time. “There was complete and total consensus on the decision. Besides that, I have nothing more to say, and I ask that the media leave us alone.”

From 2001 until 2014, Carter was married to director Tim Burton, and the couple had two children together, Billy, now 17, and Nell, now 13.


Who Is Emma Thompson Married Too?

Emma Thompson remarried actor Greg Wise in 2003, eight years after her divorce from Branagh.

Thompson not only wrote the 1995 period film Sense and Sensibility but also won an Academy Award for “Best Screenplay” in 1996 for his work on the film. The couple met while working on the film and became fast friends.

Who Is Emma Thompson Married Too

The two began dating in late 1995, shortly after Thompson’s divorce was finalized. They adopted Tindyebwa in 2003, the same year they got married, and now they have a 21-year-old daughter named Gaia Wise.

However, their wedding almost didn’t happen because Wise was also dating his Sense and Sensibility co-star Kate Winslet.

While appearing on The Graham Norton Show in 2020, Thompson revealed that before taking on the role, the actor had visited a friend who “was a bit witchy” and was told that she would introduce the actor to his future spouse during filming.

“He probably thought it was Kate instead of me because I’m married and a good bit older than he is.”

She was so bored that he figured, “This isn’t going to work, who can it be?” Speculatively, Thompson related. This May marks the 25th anniversary of the occurrence of “then things happened that probably shouldn’t have happened.”

Last Words

What puzzles me is why Branagh didn’t come back for The Dark World. This question was recently posed by Collider, and the legendary actor and director revealed that, after working on Thor for three years, he needed some downtime to refuel.

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