Nana Hats On Shark Tank: Details On The Origin, Price, And Availability Of Crocheted Banana Hats!

Nana Hats on Shark Tank

Bananas can be kept fresher for longer with the help of Nana Hats, a BPA-free silicone covering. The addition of the crocheted hat in a variety of styles really elevates the aesthetic value of this silicone cap. In this way, ‘Banana Bunch’ keeps its good looks and aroma for a long time.

In 2019, Founder Sean Adler was making progress toward a goal, and this was especially true when she bought a bunch of bananas from the supermarket, only to have them quickly turn brown.

Adler introduced the Nana Hats silicone hat after extensive testing. This lid is effective in extending the shelf life of bananas.

People of all ages and backgrounds share a fondness for bananas, which also happen to be a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Because of their high nutritional value, banana shakes are a popular choice for many athletes to enjoy after a strenuous workout.

Bananas only stay fresh for about three days if the temperature isn’t monitored and maintained. Indeed, ripe bananas kept in nana hats last longer.

In episode six of Shark Tank Season 14, investor Sean Adler presents the Nana Hats Company.

What Is Nana Hats?

Nana Hats is a manufacturer of BPA-free silicone caps in a variety of crochet patterns. In addition, the silicone caps feature a tiny magnet on the very top.

What Is Nana Hats

The ethylene gas produced by a ripening banana acts as a natural softening agent. Unisex Silicone Beanie Hats, Also Known as “Nana Hats” Since ethylene gas production is slowed, so is the ripening of bananas.

You can reuse these caps and they will stay looking great for a long time. You can choose from more than a dozen different hat designs, including the Viking, Unicorn, Cheeseburger, Watermelon, Pineapple, and Panda, when you buy this product right now.

Costing $12.99, Nana Hats are not cheap. Both the main site and Amazon sell this product.

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The BPA-Free Silicone Nana Hats Cap Featured On Shark Tank

When placed on a banana, the Nana Hat, made of BPA-free silicone, delays the fruit’s ripening. Attractiveness is increased by a crocheted hat that is magnetized to the cap.

Bananas with hats not only look more endearing but also stay fresher for a longer period of time than those without. The hats “works by inhibiting the ethylene gas naturally emitted by fruits causing them to ripen,” as stated on the product’s website.

The BPA-free Silicone Nana Hats Cap Featured On Shark Tank

While grocery shopping in 2016, Sean had the initial inspiration for Nana Hats when he bought a bunch of bananas. Unfortunately, the bananas ripened much too fast and had to be thrown away. He jotted down the details of his plan in an “idea book” he planned to use later.

As the pandemic spread, Sean got the idea to create a cap that would prevent the bananas from turning brown as quickly. Sean introduced the Nana Hats, a silicone cap that keeps bananas fresher for longer, after extensive research.

In 2019, he began to work on his project. In 2020, the creator set out to raise $3,000 through a Kickstarter campaign; he ended up with $4,761 after only 60 days. By the following November of the year 2020, he had successfully produced 15,000 Nana Hats.

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The typical Banana has a maximum two- or three-day shelf life. After that point, bananas often rot due to the development of brown spots. The Nana Hats help keep ripe bananas fresh longer.

The Price Of A Shark Tank Appearance For Nana Hats

These caps can be used multiple times and come in two sizes; the smaller one is suitable for covering one to three bananas. Large is 60% wider than regular, so it can fit more than 4 bananas.

There are more than 12 different hat designs available for this product right now. Some examples are watermelon, pirate, pineapple, Viking, unicorn, cheeseburger, and panda hats.

Each Nana Hat can be yours for just $12.99 from their website or Amazon.

Where Is Nana Hats Now?

Nana Hats were Sean’s brainchild, and he went through several iterations before settling on the current version.

The fact that Sean made the Nana Hats in his living room as a kind of viral experiment rather than with the intention of starting a business will pique the interest of the reading audience.

But as demand increased, the business owner knew he needed to source a reliable supplier and operate Nana Hats as a legitimate enterprise.

According to insiders, Sean used Zoom video conferencing software to hold virtual meetings with suppliers, designers, and manufacturers before manufacturing his first run of Nana Hats in the comfort of his own home.

Sean started a Kickstarter campaign in September 2020, and he was able to raise more than $3000 in a matter of months, which he used to launch his company and expand his clientele.

He is currently quite successful thanks to the popularity of his products, which have been featured in Glamour, Men’s Health, and other prominent media outlets.

Those who want to purchase Nana Hats can do so from the company’s website for $12.99. Despite the fact that the site only offers sales on occasion,

customers can purchase one of these adorable banana hats from major online retailers like Amazon and Uncommon Goods. There are a number of different designs for the hats, with the monkey, unicorn, and octopus being particularly popular choices.

Final words

For quite some time, Adler had been investigating the issue of how to maintain the freshness of bananas. Mainly because she bought too many bananas and they all went bad too fast.

Adler spent 12 months developing a solution to this issue, and the result was the silicone cap.

Challenges arose as a result of her research, but they also provided rich opportunities for growth.

On September 24, 2020, after the product was complete, the creator launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for it. She initially asked for $3,000, but within 60 days, she had raised $4,761 from 148 backers, surpassing her goal by over $1,000.

Numerous customers purchased the item after seeing it advertised on the widely watched morning show “Today with Hoda and Jenna.”

The founder submitted an application to Shark Tank in the hopes of receiving funding, and she was given the opportunity to pitch her business on Season 14.

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