Was Caitlyn Jenner Cleared By A Prosecutor After A Murder Conviction?

bruce jenner car accident

So that you understand why, let me explain. Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist and former reality TV star, had a Twitter fight with California Democrat Ted Lieu on the night of the 2018 Academy Awards.

The dispute began on Twitter when Jenner criticized Governor Gavin Newsom for allowing district attorneys to release “dangerous criminals back onto our streets” in an effort to gain support for her candidacy in the likely recall election against Newsom.

As a result of the Twitter fight, the Oscars were no longer the center of attention. A political commentator named Alex Mohajer retweeted Jenner’s criticism and wrote, “This is your reminder that Caitlyn Jenner literally killed someone in the streets 6 years ago and was released by a District Attorney.”

Mohajer also shared the claim on Facebook, where it has since been shared over a thousand times.

Because Facebook is trying to reduce the prevalence of fake news and disinformation in its News Feed, the post was flagged. A few days earlier, Facebook had detected a parallel post.

Caitlyn Jenner Blames Paparazzi For Fatal Car Crash

In 2015, Jenner was on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu while towing an ATV behind his SUV. She rammed into the back of a Lexus, forcing it across lanes of traffic.

The Lexus’s driver, Kim Howe, was then struck by an oncoming Hummer. While driving forward, Jenner collided with another car, a Prius, causing minor injuries to the driver. The impact was fatal for Howe, however.

Caitlyn Jenner Blames Paparazzi For Fatal Car Crash

Jenner expressed regret and described the incident as an awful accident. She reached confidential settlements with the Howe family and Prius driver Jessica Steindorff for an undisclosed sum and with the Hummer family for $800,000.

In Los Angeles County, the District Attorney’s office looked into the crash to see if vehicular manslaughter was a possible charge. Due to the misdemeanor charges, Jenner’s investigation caused controversy at the time because she had just announced her gender transition and could have spent up to a year in prison if found guilty.

The district attorney’s office ultimately decided not to press charges due to insufficient evidence. For vehicular manslaughter to be proven, at least one of the defendants must have been negligent in a way that goes beyond the norm.

Unfortunately, Jenner’s case yielded no results. The LA County Sheriff’s Department suggested filing charges against her but ultimately decided against it.

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The report from the district attorney’s office stated that Jenner let off the gas and applied the brakes a few seconds too late, leading to the collision with Howe. Based on the report, it appears she did not violate any regulations while driving other than maintaining a safe speed. This is why she was not charged with vehicular manslaughter.

The experts agree that bringing charges, in this case, is difficult. All the onus of proof rests squarely on the shoulders of the prosecution. According to California statutes, the prosecution must show that the defendant was negligent and broke traffic laws at the time of the fatal crash.

Did Caitlyn Jenner Accidentally Kill Someone?

Bruce/Caitlyn was driving a Cadillac 4×4 while pulling a dune buggy when she rear-ended Kim Howe’s Lexus in Malibu, California.

Kim had just put on her brakes seconds earlier, and her car was pushed into the path of the Humvee 4×4.

Kim, a vegan activist in her 70s from Calabasas, California, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Did Caitlyn Jenner Accidentally Kill Someone

The opportunity to say goodbye to Kim was taken away,” Dana Howe, Kim’s stepdaughter, told The Sun in 2019.

“A friend of mine called and said Kim was in a car crash. I was in disbelief and desperately hoped to see her again.

Although we didn’t always get along, she was with my father for 30 years. After his passing, however, we grew very close. According to her, my reaching out to her was the turning point in her life.

Having a friend like her when I needed one so desperately was invaluable. The time we spent together was enjoyable. The way I saw her shift was from inspiration to role model.

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Caitlyn has my complete forgiveness; what occurred was purely by chance. There was always the chance that I’d meet her in person someday, and if I did, she’d say something like, “It was a terrible accident, I’m really sorry for your loss.”

How Does Caitlyn Jenner Feel About A Possible Run For Governor Of California?

Caitlyn Jenner has officially launched her campaign for governor of California.

Reactionary Republicans in California are so enraged by Governor Gavin Newsom’s immigration and tax policies that they may call for a recall election.

Axios has some reporting on GOP fundraiser Caroline Wren, who formerly worked at Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee for former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, is assisting in rallying Republican support for Jenner.

According to reports, Jenner and Wren met through Wren’s involvement with the Republican nonprofit American Unity Fund, which prioritizes LGBT+ issues.

It was reported in 2017 by USA Today that the 71-year-old was debating whether she would be more effective “working the perimeter of the political scene” or “from the inside.” She had previously considered running for the Senate in California.

In February, however, Jenner’s manager dispelled rumors that she was considering a run for governor by saying that she has “never considered” such a move.

Last Words

Photos obtained by the website show that Jenner’s car was severely damaged and the Toyota’s rear bumper was lodged in the grille. On the plus side, nobody was seriously hurt.

As per reports, Jenner exited her vehicle to apologize, check on the safety of those involved, and exchange contact details with the motorists.

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