What Is The Premiere Date For Season 5 Of “Yellowstone”?

The Music Of Yellowstone Season 5

Few need to be reminded of the significance of the soundtrack to the hit TV show Yellowstone, now in its fifth season, or of the significance of having one’s music featured on the show’s soundtrack to the artists and bands that are featured.

Yellowstone has been a major factor in the recent success of independent artists in country music. It has single-handedly launched the careers of some musicians and catapulted the careers of others into orbit.

Season 5 of Yellowstone looks set to continue that trend, and it could even prove more pivotal in launching careers than in previous seasons.

With rising country star Lainey Wilson joining the cast and a scene featuring Shane Smith and the Saints, there are already significant music tie-ins to anticipate, not to mention the dozens of artists whose music will make it into pivotal moments.

There is even more reason to keep tabs on which episodes of Yellowstone feature which characters and plots. The following is a live schedule of who will be appearing and when. Each week, as new episodes of Yellowstone premiere, we’ll add the most recent ones.

“These days, not much shakes the tree. The show, however, “moves the needle,” as Hayes Carll put it earlier this year during a panel discussion and performance with Yellowstone’s music Supervisor Andrea von Foerster. The statement “This is going to change my life,” was made by Lainey Wilson. Therefore, I am grateful.

Season 5 Of Yellowstone Marked Lainey Wilson’s Debut As Abby

The first episode of Yellowstone took a brief detour in time to show John Dutton (Kevin Costner) becoming the Governor of Montana, and the final moments of the episode caught us up with a party in honor of his election victory.

Season 5 Of Yellowstone Marked Lainey Wilson's Debut As Abby

Shane Smith and the Saints, longtime friends from Yellowstone, are performing at this party (with another smash hit, “Dance the Night Away”) while a number of entertaining events are shown on screen.

It’s clear that Abby (Wilson) is keeping a close eye on the boys in the bunkhouse as they play with their lassos, paying special attention to Ryan.

When Beth approaches, their philosophical differences become crystal clear during their conversation. Abby (who is an actress like the woman playing her) decides she will never date a cowboy because she knows she will never come first in his life.

Beth, in typical Beth fashion, turns up her nose at this suggestion. She may be prejudiced (as Rip dramatically sits in the field watching), but she prefers a partner who has a rich life and interesting experiences to share.

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Ryan, Played By Ian Bohen, Is Given A Love Interest In The Series Fifth-Season Premiere

So far, Yellowstone has been an exciting adventure. There’s no doubt that Season 5’s viewers are rooting for the Duttons to succeed. However, the introduction of a romantic interest for poor Ryan has been the main reason for the anticipation of diehard fans.

Ryan, Played By Ian Bohen, Is Given A Love Interest In The Series Fifth-Season Premiere

Oh, hello there, ladies and gentlemen, Finally, the time has come, and I couldn’t be happier. With the Season 5 premiere of Yellowstone, Ian Bohen’s cowboy stud finally gets the girl of his dreams, after four seasons of waiting. Hopefully.

An extravagant party celebrating John’s election as governor is featured in the pilot episode, which takes place at the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch.

When Beth Dutton throws a party, she doesn’t skimp on the entertainment. She hires not one, but two bands. The second of that gifted group quickly capture Ryan’s attention.

Lloyd suggests that he and his fellow Yellowstone ranch hands head over to the open bar, where they quickly disappear. There, they have their own throwback roping party, complete with a country music star in full regalia.

As Beth approaches to ask how she likes the singer’s flashy orange jumpsuit, the singer responds, “I’m too smart to date a cowboy.”

Step forward, Ryan. He walks up to the fence, lassos her, and then pulls himself over to her with the smoothest pickup Yellowstone has ever witnessed. It’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll be a perfect pair after Ryan asks her to dance. The lucky lady who will face Ryan is none other than country music’s brightest star, Lainey Wilson.

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For Season 5, What Can We Expect?

Cole Hauser (Rip), Kelly Reilly (Beth), and Luke Grimes (Kayce) teased what’s to come in the upcoming season in September’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. Things don’t sound like they’ll be easy sailing for Rip and Beth, the newlyweds.

For Season 5, What Can We Expect

As Hauser put it, “he slow burns this year with me and Beth,” which is something he appreciated in Taylor Sheridan’s writing.

For example: “In the beginning, there are some wonderful moments between the two of us, some stuff that she’s going through in her past, that she’s having to acknowledge for the first time, and me trying to help her through that.”

Reilly continued, “the war feels internal this year for her; [she’s] haunted by the past, afraid of the future, and fighting with all she has for the present.”

No signs of a breakup are apparent, though. According to Reilly, “Beth’s undying love for Rip has never wavered. Even after getting married, she hasn’t changed. I believe that the mutual love that the two of them feel for one another is what ultimately succeeds in keeping her demons at bay.”

Even after his dramatic vision at the end of Season 4, Kayce’s personal struggles don’t appear to be easing any time soon. In typical Kayce fashion, “he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place,” as Grimes put it.

The Debut Teaser Has Finally Arrived

We finally got our first look at the Duttons’ future after months of suspense. Paramount released the first official trailer, and it’s chock full of shocking revelations.

The largest? John Dutton has been running for governor of Montana since last year, and he appears to have secured the position. This places him in a position of great influence in the state, and it also puts his family in the line of fire.


Lainey Wilson, who will make her acting debut in the upcoming season 5 of Yellowstone, recently spoke with Express.co.uk about the show, her role, and what viewers can expect. There will be new characters introduced in Season 5, including the country singer’s character, Abby, a musician.

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