An In-Depth Look At Pokemon GO’s Potential For Unique Scientific Study!

pokemon go special research guide

Pokemon GO is not only a fun way to get people outside and moving when the weather is nice, but it also provides a wealth of other entertainment options for its users.

While players are free to explore the world at large in search of Pokemon and related activities (such as catching creatures or hatching eggs), they can also consult Special Research for guidance if they are feeling stuck.

Moreover, Special Research can yield exceptional benefits that can’t be gained any other way.

Special Research is more appealing to those who want to play the game for no cost because it gives players access to premium content that they would have to pay for otherwise.

What Is Special Research In Pokemon GO?

In Pokemon GO, Special Research is a series of missions that requires players to complete a predetermined set of steps while exploring the world.

Players will have to do basic things like catch Pokemon, go to PokéStops, throw “Great” or “Nice” balls, and give Pokemon to Professor Willow.

What Is Special Research In Pokemon GO

Combat with other players, logging kilometers walked, and completing raids are examples of more complex, difficult, and time-consuming tasks. Players will progress through several stages of Special Research, each with its own unique set of objectives.

Special Research is more than just a list of tasks for the player to complete; there is also a story to be discovered. In the early goings of Pokemon GO,

the player is tasked with helping Professor Willow in his search for mythical Pokemon like Mew and Celebi through the storyline of Special Research.

Market awareness of Pokemon GO’s newest features is boosted by Special Research’s efforts as well. A Mysterious Incense is one such event, as it serves to advertise the recently released product Daily Adventure Incense.

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What kinds Of Benefits Does Special Research Offer?

As was previously mentioned, there is a wide variety of possible rewards for players who complete tasks in Special Research.

What kinds Of Benefits Does Special Research Offer

As players progress through levels, they have the chance to encounter rare Pokemon, earn experience points, and gain access to new areas. While this primarily refers to legendary creatures, some common Pokemon are also available for capture.

It includes numerous iterations of Pikachu dressed in wacky and seasonal garb.

For those who have put in the time and effort to complete a series of Special Research tasks, the good news is that Pokemon encountered solely as a reward for Special Research do not flee and have a 100% catch rate.

Does Exceptional Study Expire Over Time?

The good news is that Special Research does not expire once a player has claimed it by participating in the game during the promotional period.

Does Exceptional Study Expire Over Time

However, players will miss out on the Special Research event’s rewards if they ignore Pokemon GO for the duration of the time it is open for a claim.

This way, players can take their time working on their Special Research without feeling like they’re falling behind or risking missing out on rewards for completing the campaign.

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How Do I Collect Stamps And Get A Research Breakthrough?

Your research progress is displayed in a bar at the top of the Field Research screen. This is for Field Research and has nothing to do with Special Research; this section of the interface is therefore a bit clearer.

If you complete a single daily challenge and then select “Claim Reward,” you will be rewarded with a stamp.

If you collect all seven stamps, you will make a “Research Breakthrough,” which will grant you access to even more benefits, such as Stardust, items (berries and more), and the appearance of a Pokémon, one of which may be a Legendary. They say it’s Moltres.

In contrast to the daily and weekly bonus streaks, this one does not require a stamp to be collected every day. In contrast to the streaks for catching Pokémon and spinning PokéStops, your progress will not be reset if you miss a day.

In other words, if you get one stamp at 11:50 p.m., you can get another at 00:01 a.m. the following day because the clock resets at midnight.

Final words

Special Research occurrences typically do not require any financial investment from the player. The only time this is not the case is at ticketed events like the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2022 on August 27th,

which costs players US$10.99 and grants them access to exclusive Special Research tasks that do not expire once they have been claimed.

Special Research can be done at the player’s own pace, making it a casual-friendly activity regardless of whether it costs money.

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