Taylor Heinicke’s Jordans Explained: A Sneaker Trophy And The Fashion Statement Of The Commanders’ Quarterback!

Taylor Heinicke's Jordans explained

Athletes’ footwear is always a talking point. There will always be envious onlookers and sneakerheads who keep tabs on the latest and greatest in exclusive sneaker deals, custom kicks, and pregame cleats. Conversely, Taylor Heinicke views his footwear less as a fashion statement and more as a statement to the rest of the NFL.

As Carson Wentz, the starter quarterback for the Eagles has been injured, the Commanders’ quarterback has been thrust back into the starting role. A nice chunk of change is added to Heinicke’s salary for each game he starts and wins, thanks to the bonus clause in his contract.

Heinicke earns $125,000 for each winning start, and he uses that money to buy brand-new Jordans in the colors of the opposing team.

What’s With Taylor Heinicke And The Jordans?

While at the trainer’s table, the quarterback revealed that this ritual is relatively recent, having begun in the 2021 season:

Heinicke defeated the Packers 23-21 in Week 7, his first victory of the season. In the days following the victory, he proudly displayed his fresh kicks:

What's with Taylor Heinicke and the Jordans

After Heinicke won his second 2022 start, this time against the Colts, he decided to involve his fans in his decision-making process by letting them vote on which pair of Jordans he should wear in a post on his Instagram account.

Even though Heinicke and the Commanders were unable to secure a victory against the Vikings in Week 9, that’s for the best because purple and gold would have made for some ugly kicks.

After Monday night’s game between Washington and Philadelphia on “Monday Night Football,” we’ll find out if he bought any more shoes. Perhaps he should buy two pairs in case he and the Commanders manage to upset the unbeaten Eagles.

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Taylor Heinicke’s Bonus: What Does He Do With It?

Heinicke’s contract is structured so that he gets paid a bonus whenever he plays in at least 60% of the team’s offensive snaps. That was the case on Sunday, and it should remain so for the remainder of that season.

Heinicke has a serious passion for sneakers. Consequently, he spends a portion of his earnings on fresh recreation. That is, if Washington wins.

Taylor Heinicke's bonus what does he do with it

Heinicke said on Sunday, “Every time we get the win, the next day I’m in the training room I always buy myself a pair of [Jordans].”

The fact that he only buys Jordan Brand shoes in a particular colorway makes them that much more awesome. Each one is associated with the opposing team he defeated.

After his team defeated the Green Bay Packers, he said, “Tomorrow I’ll probably buy myself green and yellow Js.”

And sure enough, that’s what he did. Heinicke posted a photo of his fresh kicks, and they are, unsurprisingly, bright green and sunny yellow.

Depending on how well he performs, Heinicke could receive a $1.5 million bonus this year. As was previously mentioned, however, the Commanders are horrible. Heinicke might not be able to afford new footwear unless he performs exceptionally well in the next ten games.

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Heinicke’s Shoe Rack Is Filling Up

On Sunday, the former Old Dominion star led the Washington Commanders on an 89-yard drive that proved to be the game-winning score in their 17-16 comeback victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The $125,000 bonus outlined in his incentive-laden contract and a new pair of Air Jordans in the opposing team’s colors await Heinicke with a victory.

After last week’s win over the Green Bay Packers, Heinicke wore a pair of green Jordans to a press conference in the middle of the week.

Heinicke was quoted by ESPN’s Jon Keim as saying, “Every time we get the win, the next day in the training room I always buy myself a pair of [Jordans].”

After Sunday’s victory over the Colts, Heinicke said he would “let the fans pick out his next pair” of sneakers when he should have been ordering a pair of blue and white Jordans.

Heinicke completed 23 of 31 passes for 279 yards, one touchdown, and one interception, and he also made a key fourth-and-1 conversion from his own 20-yard line on the game’s final drive.

Last Words

For future opponents of Old Dominion, Georgia State laid out a game plan: run the ball frequently and effectively.

In their 31-17 victory over the Monarchs in Atlanta, the Panthers rushed for 218 yards and finished with a total of 420 yards. Compared to ODU’s 22 minutes and 50 seconds of possession, Georgia State had over 37 minutes of ball control.

As a result of the setback, Old Dominion is now 3-5 on the season and needs to win three of their final four games to qualify for a bowl. Marshall (4-4), James Madison (5-2), Appalachian State (5-3), and South Alabama (6-1) are all on the schedule, which doesn’t bode well.

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