Aftab killed Shraddha, Then Used Her Instagram To Deceive Her Friends!

aftab killed shraddha

The police in New Delhi allege that Aftab Ameen Poonawala, the man who allegedly murdered his live-in girlfriend Shraddha Walker, used her Instagram account to stay in touch with her friends after the murder.

Over a month after he allegedly strangled her to death on May 18 and then chopped her body into 35 pieces, this allegedly continued.

When Shraddha’s phone was silent for over two months, her friends became concerned and contacted her brother. This prompted her father, Vikas Walker, to file a missing person’s report in Mumbai and then travel to Delhi to look for his daughter.

He accused Aftab of being involved in the abduction of his daughter. When he finally broke down and admitted guilt, police in the nation’s capital picked him up.

Aftab killed 26-year-old Shraddha on May 18; the following day, he purchased a 300-liter refrigerator to store her body; on the same day, he also obtained a weapon; and 18 days later, he chopped her body into 35 pieces, burying one section of it in the forest every day at 2 a.m.

The CBI’s forensics team arrived at the Mehrauli police station in Delhi today to examine the refrigerator and other potential evidence in the gruesome murder.

This morning, Aftab was taken by the Delhi police to the wooded area where he allegedly dumped Shraddha’s remains. After three hours of searching, at least ten bodies or body parts were located.

Shraddha’s father is demanding that 28-year-old Aftab Ameen Poonawala be executed, and he believes that “love jihad” may be at the heart of the case.

Shraddha Claimed She Had A Severe Fear Of Aftab. Friend

Meanwhile, Sharddha has been beaten by Aftab during arguments, as reported by several of their friends.

Aftab initially came across as a sober person,’ according to Rajat Shukla, a friend of Shraddha’s who had also met Aftab multiple times, and spoke with Times Now.

“Later, however, Shraddha told everyone that Aftab would beat her up. Aftab made a death threat against Shraddha. Shraddha admitted that she had a significant fear of Aftab. They made the decision to relocate to Delhi, told their friends, and then, only a few days later, Shraddha disappeared “According to what he had to say.

Shraddha Claimed She Had A Severe Fear Of Aftab. Friend

In one instance, when she was afraid that Aftab would kill her, she texted a friend asking him to come to her aid. “Every since last August, I’ve been concerned.

To my dismay, she stopped answering my texts. The phone wasn’t working. That’s when my worries started. After asking some shared acquaintances, I told my brother.

Encouraged them to contact the police so we could get the situation under control. At one point, she called and begged me to come to get her out of the house.

She went so far as to say that she believes she will be murdered if she stays there. Even though we had rescued her previously, we had never reported it to the authorities because she had specifically requested that we did not do so “the field reported to Times Now.


Meanwhile, Aftab will visit the scene of the crime today in an effort to identify further pieces of Sharadha’s body. Her skull has not been found, and the search for the rest of the 26-year-old victim’s body continues across Delhi, so say official sources.

Some sources claim that Aftab (also spelled Aftaab/ Aaftab) ran the Instagram account Hungry Chokro from December until February,

during which time he shifted his focus to other endeavors. For months after he murdered Shraddha Walker, he also posed as her on Instagram in order to fool her followers.

Investigators Find 13 Remains In The Chhatarpur Forest After A Murder In South Delhi

The father of Shraddha Walker, 27, whose body was found in May in the Chhatarpur neighborhood of South Delhi, said, “He must be hanged if he has killed my daughter so brutally.

” The victim’s live-in partner, Aftab Poonawalla, has been charged with her murder. The crime wasn’t discovered until November when the victim’s father reported it to the police in Mumbai, who subsequently contacted their counterparts in Delhi.

Investigators Find 13 Remains In The Chhatarpur Forest After A Murder In South Delhi

On November 11, police went to Mr. Poonawalla’s home and arrested him. He allegedly strangled Ms. Walkar with his hands on May 18 after getting into an argument with her, and the police believe he did it out of anger.

He then took her body, dismembered it into 35 pieces, and hid it in his refrigerator for three months before taking it to the Chhatarpur forest, which was less than a kilometer from his home. On Monday, police located 13 body parts and sent them for forensic examination.


Officials from the Delhi Police Department spent nearly three hours with Mr. Poonawala in the Chhatarpur forest on Tuesday, trying to pinpoint the locations where he allegedly dumped her body parts and reconstruct the crime scene.

According to preliminary investigations, police have located 13 body parts that may have belonged to the victim, and they will be sent to forensics for DNA testing.

The police have announced that they will also be collecting blood samples from the victim’s parents in order to conduct DNA analysis.


Aftab bought the refrigerator recently to store the woman’s decomposing body parts, the police found out. “He had strangled her and planned to get rid of the body so he could get away.

The decomposition process has begun, so he decided to buy a refrigerator. When a foul odor began coming from the body parts, he went so far as to order bleach online to clean them.

We’ll look through his electronic devices to see what he bought during that time frame to piece together what happened.

He also admitted to buying the saw he used to dismember Walker into more than 30 pieces from a store in the Chhattarpur area, a police officer who did not wish to be named and was quoted by News 18 as saying.

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