Nintendo Announces A Brand New Stage For Splatoon 3!

Nintendo Reveals New Splatoon 3 Stage

Inklings, get ready for a lot of new stuff in the upcoming Splatoon 3 update next month! Nintendo has hinted that several new stages will be available during the Chill Season 2022, and the company has now released a trailer for one of these stages.

The name “Brinewater Springs” suggests a landscape of rolling hills and steaming springs.

Nintendo has been dropping hints on Twitter that players will have to decide whether to attack from below or defend the high ground, prompting many to make comparisons to Revenge of the Sith.

It won’t be long until fans get to experience Brinewater Springs, as Chill Season 2022 starts on December 1. Players can look forward to new weapons, Big Run, X Battles, and more in addition to the new levels.

It would appear that there is already a lot of anticipation for the new season and that fans are very pleased with the new additions.

Even though Splatoon 3 only came out in September, it has already amassed a massive fan base. Japan’s fastest-selling video game of all time, Splatoon 3, sold nearly 8 million copies worldwide in just a few weeks after its release.

The success of online games depends on players having people to compete with, so this is excellent news for the future of Splatoon 3! As if its sales success weren’t enough,

the game is also up for “Best Family Game” at The Game Awards 2022. Splatoon 3’s chances of winning The Game Awards are still up in the air, but fans can have their say by casting ballots on the awards site.

Splatoon 3: New Combat And Weapons

In Splatoon 3, players will have access to a variety of new abilities, such as the enhanced wall-climbing of Squid Surge and the rapid swimming of Squid Roll. The following fancy new weapons and abilities will be available to them:

  • Splatanas – These new ink-based swords resemble wiper blades, and can flick wads of ink across the battlefield in a forward motion. In close combat, these look extremely deadly.
  • Tacticooler – This special ability summons a giant fridge that supplies beverages to your teammates, and these will buff your stats.
  • Wave Breaker – This weapon creates massive waves that mark your opponents on the battlefield. You can jump to get out of the way, but this is difficult to pull off.
  • Reef Slider – This ability allows you to ride a blow-up shark and ram opponents until the shark explodes in a wave of color.

Splatoon 3’s Nintendo Direct also confirmed the return of fan-favorite weapons like Tenta Missiles, Booyah Bombs, and Ink Jets.

You’ll be able to spend Sheldon Licenses, which you’ll gain through normal play, on a variety of weapons in the game. Clothing and accessories can be bought from in-game shops, just like in previous games in the series.

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Stages From Previous Games Will Be Available Again, And Some New Ones Will Be Added To Splatoon 3

The most recent Nintendo Direct confirmed a large number of stages for the game. All of these locations, known as “The Splatlands” and “Greater Inkopolis,” will be interconnected by a “Hammerhead Bridge” in the game.

The following are both new and returning venues:

  • Scorch Gorge
  • Eeltail Alley
  • Mincemeat Metalworks
  • Undertow Spillway
  • Hagglefish Market
  • Museum D’Alfonsino
  • Hammerhead Bridge
  • Mahi-Mahi Resort
  • Inkblot Art Academy
  • Sturgeon Shipyard
  • Makomart
  • Wahoo World

Alongside Several New Friends

Even more new NPCs were introduced today. Gnarly Eddy, formerly of Naut Couture, now sells hats at Man wardrobe, and Jel La Fleur, formerly of Naut Couture, sells clothes there.

Conversely, Harmony at Hotlantis sells a slew of new accessories and personalization options, and the burly Mr. Coco at Crush Station provides the footwear.

Alongside Several New Friends

The newest hosts of the Splatlands news, Frye, Shiver, and Big Man the stingray, stand out the most.

Though we can expect to see the aforementioned duos reappear in other parts of the game, these two are taking the place of Callie and Marie/Pearl and Marina from the previous games.

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Play On New And Returning Stages

Scorch Gorge, Eeltail Alley, Mincemeat Metalworks, Undertow Spillway, and Hagglefish Market are just a few of the new stages we got brief looks at that will be part of the Splatoon 3 rotation.

Play On New And Returning Stages

The Museum D’Alfonsino, the Hammerhead Bridge, the Mahi Mahi Resort, the Inkblot Art Academy,

the Sturgeon Shipyard, MakoMart, and Wahoo World are just some of the returning stages from previous games. Extra levels will be added for free in future updates after the initial release.

Meet Me In The Lobby

Match lobbies in previous Splatoon games were essentially glorified waiting screens with minigames, but the lobby in Splatoon 3 is something completely different. It’s a real,

the concrete area where you can stretch out and run around; there’s even a weapons range there so you can practice your aim while you wait for your team to form.

Meet Me In The Lobby

The lobby in both the Anarchy Open Battle and Private Battle modes will show “ghost” versions of your friends who are online and in matches, letting you see what they’re up to, inviting them to battle alongside you, or joining a match they’re already in.

You can also view replays of completed battles with fast-forward and skip options, switch between multiple player perspectives, and even upload your own replays to share with others.

You can also check out the lockers of other players with whom you’ve recently interacted through a brand new and fantastic feature called the Locker Room.

You can show off your unique sense of style by furnishing a locker and then sharing it with your friends, who can do the same by adding their own gear, stickers, and photos taken in the game’s photo mode.

Last Words

There will be a Pokémon-themed Splatfest in the upcoming version of SplatoonTM 3. There are special events called Splatfests in Splatoon 3 that only last a short time.

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