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Where to Find Crawdads Sing is the kind of tale with all the makings of a classic murder mystery.

Quite the eerie atmosphere, huh? Check. Intricate femme fatale? Check. Have you ever been so shocked that you had to utter profanity after reading the final page? Wow, that’s a hefty check.

Thirdly, and most importantly, that particular point is why we’re meeting right now.

We’re here to help if you’re the type who has to read the back of a book before deciding whether or not to read it. This is a guide to the tense climax of the book and the movie.

Was Kya Found Guilty of Chase’s Death?

Even though Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones) was widely despised in her hometown, she had a competent legal advocate on her side. Tom Milton (David Strathairn),

Was Kya Found Guilty of Chase’s Death

Kya’s defense attorney argued that she had been the target of prejudice her whole life. Also, Kya was absent the single night prior to the murder of Chase Andrews (Harris Dickinson).

She would have had to take the bus back to his house in the dead of night if she wanted to kill him. The possibility was remote, however, given that neither of the bus drivers could recall ever seeing anyone who looked like Kya.

After much deliberation, the jury agreed with Tom. A jury decided that Kya was not responsible for Chase’s death, and she was released from prison.

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Did Kya Kill Chase?

So, I lied a little bit there. Death comes for Kya near the end of Where the Crawdads Sing, but it’s not the final scene.

Kya died in her seventies, and a much older Tate (Sam Anderson) went through her journals after she passed away. There he discovered the shell necklace that had belonged to Chase Andrews.

The prosecution’s case against Kya relied heavily on that shell necklace. Chase’s friends knew he wore it frequently and that the marsh girl had given it to him. Just take a look at it.

A shell is attached to some leather. It’s the kind of present you’d expect Kya to give someone. However, Chase’s necklace was nowhere to be found when her body was discovered. Critics of Kya claimed she took it while she was tidying up the crime scene.

Did Kya Kill Chase

Indeed, that ended up being the case. Kya went into full-on survival mode after she fought Chase and he tried to rape her. She had no choice but to eliminate the threat posed by Chase Andrews, and she knew she would need a solid alibi to do so.

Kya did go to Greenville the day before Chase was murdered, as her book publisher testified. However, the prosecution did prove that she did, in fact, disguise herself and return to town via late-night bus.

A little over an hour passed between the time Kya enticed Chase out of his house and the time she caused him to fall to his death from the fire tower and then cleaned up the evidence.

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According to the book, Kya planned for Chase to die at low tide so that the subsequent high tide would cover their tracks. She changed her appearance once more, went back to Greenville, and pretended nothing had happened.

Who Is In The Cast Of Where The Crawdads Sing Movie?

The stellar performances by the lead actors suggest that this film will be among the year’s best adaptations of a book. Kya, aka Catherine Danielle Clark and the “Marsh Girl,” is played by Daisy Edgar Jones of Normal People and Fresh.

Taylor John Smith plays Tate Walker in the movie. Famous for his parts in the films Sharp Objects and You Get Me, Taylor has established a solid acting career.

Who Is In The Cast Of Where The Crawdads Sing Movie

Harris Dickinson also appears in the cast as Chase Andrews. Harris is well-known for his roles in the films Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and The King’s Man.

Other cast members include David Strathairn as Kya’s attorney Tom Milton, Garret Dillahunt as Kya’s father, and Ahna O’Reilly as Kya’s mother.

Although Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Productions was involved in the film as a producer, the actress does not have a starring role in this picture.

A number of other movies, including “Gone Girl” and “Hot Pursuit,” have been linked to “Hello Sunshine.” The Morning Show and Little Fires Everywhere are just two of the shows that this production company has helped bring to television.

What’s Next For The Characters?

Futures for the many characters in “Where the Crawdads Sing” vary greatly. Though the film leaves room for interpretation, it does wrap up Kya’s story by having her die of old age.

Tate, another elderly man, is last seen tossing his shell necklace into the Atlantic. In contrast to Kya, he makes it through the movie unscathed and may have more to share, especially if he was the murderer or if the case is revisited.

A second book following Kya and Tate’s children wouldn’t be too far off the theme, given the story and characters’ emphasis on perseverance and nature’s unrelenting progression.

Similarly, given the novel’s preoccupation with the complexities of courtship and mating, the idea of a sequel focusing on the offspring of the mating pair is a natural progression. The children of the Marsh Girl may continue even after Kya and Tate have passed away.

Final words

Even though “Where the Crawdads Sing” is Delia Owens’ first book, it has achieved nearly unprecedented literary success. Given her nearly lifelong interest in ecology and animal behavior,

her future novels are likely to continue Kya’s journey and similarly use symbolism to connect its protagonists with natural processes.

More uncertain is whether Owens will create wholly original fictional worlds or content himself with playing in the (metaphorical) sandbox that is the marsh.

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