Resident Evil Re: Verse With This Major Update Is The Battle Stage VILLAGE And The Playable Character Tundra!

Resident Evil Re Verse Update

During the October 20th broadcast of the Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom detailed its near-term plans for the Resident Evil series, with the long-awaited multiplayer title Resident Evil Re: Verse playing a significant role.

After being delayed from its original release date alongside Resident Evil Village in 2021, it has been confirmed that Resident Evil Re: Verse will release on October 27 alongside the Winters’ Expansion DLC, and it appears that Capcom has prepared at least three major post-launch content updates.

There was a lot of criticism leveled at Resident Evil Re: Verse when it was first announced over a year ago. It was widely assumed that Resident Evil Re: Verse would fail to live up to the standards set by Resident Evil Resistance and Umbrella Corps,

two other games in the series that focused on multiplayer and were widely considered to be unnecessary. There has been a shift in opinion, however, and Capcom’s promise of numerous updates after launch makes it seem like this could be the best PvP entry in the franchise to date.

At launch, Resident Evil Re: Verse will feature six playable characters, five enemies, two environments, one challenge mission, and thirty levels of progression in the game’s battle pass.

Three separate post-launch patches will add another playable character, seventeen costumes, three challenge missions, one additional environment, and sixty levels of progression. The publisher has also promised post-launch content, though this is likely contingent on the size of the game’s player base in the weeks and months following its release.

Imminent Release Of “Resident Evil: Re: Verse”

Imminent Release Of Resident Evil Re Verse

The official release date for Resident Evil Re: Verse has been set for Friday, October 28, 2022. In case you were wondering when Resident Evil Re: Verse would come out, here it is:

  • Xbox And PlayStation:
    • We can confirm that Xbox has GONE ON RECORD that new releases should unlock digitally at 12 AM local time, with the PlayStation Resident Evil Village Gold COUNTDOWN showing a 5 AM PT release date.
  • Steam:
    • The common release time for new games on Steam is 10 AM PST when the store updates on release day, although a specific time hasn’t been officially confirmed.

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Resident Evil Re: Verse Update 1.03 Patch Notes

The patch notes were made available through the game’s official website and the PlayStation 4 update history. Find out what has been updated here:

  • New playable character: Tundra
  • New map: Village
  • BattlePass extended to level 60
  • New challenge objectives
  • New cosmetic items for some characters
  • New RE Coins
  • Some RE Coins can now be raised to level 2
  • New victory poses
  • New weapon charms
  • New skins for Chris are available
  • New skins for Jill are available

The Village stage and Tundra, a playable member of the Hound Wolf Squad, have been available to players since the release of Resident Evil Re: Verse update 1.03.


The cost of Resident Evil Re: Verse, which necessitated the purchase of Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil Village Gold, is listed below.


Access should already be registered to the appropriate Capcom account for those who own a standard copy of Village or the expansion pass:

  • PC:
    • Steam Store: Standard £24.74 / $29.99 | Resident Evil Halloween Pack Bundle £41.42 / $49.88
  • Xbox:
    • Microsoft Store: Standard £32.99 / $39.99 | Gold Edition £39.99 / $49.99
  • PlayStation
    • PS Store: Standard £34.99 / $39.99 | Gold Edition £44.99 / $49.99

Resident Evil Re: Verse is most reasonably priced on PC, then the Microsoft Store, and finally the PlayStation Store, which charges a premium.

Before making a purchase, be sure to verify whether or not the necessary permissions have been granted to the gaming account in question.

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In addition, there is a Premium Pass that, for a higher price, grants access to exclusive Leon and Ada skins, in addition to other benefits, such as bonus rewards for completing Battle Pass challenges. Film: Resident Evil

FAQs – People Also Ask

Is Re: Verse still coming out?

The October 28 release date for Resident Evil Re: Verse has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam).

What happened to Re: Verse?

The reason why it was never released is because of production delays. There was talk of releasing Resident Evil Re: Verse in the summer of 2021, just a few months after Resident Evil Village. Capcom, however, revealed in July that the game’s release date had been pushed back to 2022. Afterward, there was total and absolute silence on the airwaves.

Is Re: Verse playable?

One must create a Capcom ID and link it to a supported platform in order to play Re: Verse. In response to survival horror titles like Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil developed Re: Verse. Players assume the roles of either heroes or villains from Resident Evil and engage in battles across the series’ various settings.

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