Ticketmaster Claims “Historically Unprecedented” Demand For Taylor Swift Tickets!

taylor swift tickets so expensive

Hundreds of thousands of Taylor Swift fans around the world will be checking their phones on Monday night to see if they have been selected by Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan system to purchase tickets for Swift’s upcoming stadium tour. There’s no doubt that when those tickets go on sale later in the week, they’ll be gone in a matter of minutes.

Live Nation Entertainment, Ticketmaster’s parent company, recently signaled that both the extreme demand for concert tickets and the increasing amount of money fans are willing to spend on concert tickets are not going away anytime soon.

According to the company, concert ticket sales through the third quarter of 2022 were up 37% compared to 2019, and sales for concerts scheduled to take place in 2023 are currently trending upward by double digits compared to the previous year. On average, attendees spent 20% more than they would have in 2019 at the venue.

In a conference call with investors and analysts on November 4 to discuss the company’s third-quarter results, Live Nation president and chief financial officer Joe Berchtold said, “this is structurally a level of the spend that we’re seeing from the consumer now.”

All of these, he continued, “we think are continuations of trends that we’ve seen over the past several years and have no reason to expect that would be any different going forward.”

Stadium performances by Coldplay and the Red Hot Chili Peppers this past summer were among the most in-demand, with multiple tours selling over 500,000 tickets, leading to Live Nation’s highest quarterly attendance record of over 44 million fans across 11,000 events.

According to Berchtold, 2019 is shaping up to be “far and away the largest stadium we’ve ever had” for Live Nation’s stadium tours.

Tickets’ High Price Has Drawn Some Criticism

Ticket prices and the fees associated with them have come under increased scrutiny as more fans try to catch their favorite performer on tour.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said last month that he would be cracking down on “hidden junk fees,” including those associated with concert tickets, as part of a larger plan to reduce costs for American citizens.

Tickets' High Price Has Drawn Some Criticism

I understand how annoying it is to pay extra money for seemingly innocuous things like ticket processing. Biden tweeted, “They’re unfair, deceptive, and add up.”

After Vice President Biden’s remarks, Live Nation issued a press release praising his “advocacy for fee transparency in every industry,

including live event ticketing” and stating that the company would back an FTC mandate requiring the upfront display of face value prices and fees, as is the case in other countries.

However, Ticketmaster has received criticism for its increasing ticket prices and for offering premium “Official Platinum” concert seating at prices that fluctuate with demand.

It has been reported that on the first day of sales, some seats for Springsteen’s upcoming tour were listed as high as $5,000 each, an example of how prices for tickets in those categories have skyrocketed in situations of high demand.

Tickets “disappear from the primary marketplace website as if purchased, only to reappear at higher prices” due to “the verified pre-sale of tickets each morning,” Pascrell wrote.

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The ‘Verified Fan’ Experience May Aggravate Existing Fan Frustrations

Verified Fans, a Ticketmaster program that allows North American customers to enter a lottery for tickets to sold-out shows, has been available for use in recent years.

According to Ticketmaster, the feature is designed to prevent scalping by allowing a select group of registered “Verified Fans” to purchase tickets the night before the general sale.

The 'Verified Fan' Experience May Aggravate Existing Fan Frustrations

Selected fans receive a code and a link to the purchase site from Ticketmaster. The Smart Queue “keeps ticket bots out” and is where fans can wait in line to buy tickets once they go on sale. Customers wait in line and then use the secret code to look at available tickets online.

Ahead of Swift tickets going on sale, Ticketmaster sent out an alert saying, “no Verified Fan tickets have been sold.”

The company warned its customers in an email that “many unofficial sellers will list tickets on secondary marketplaces even before they go on sale,” and that “codes cannot be purchased.” Anyone offering to sell you a code is not to be trusted.

Despite Ticketmaster’s best efforts to provide clear instructions and warnings, many customers have reported feeling lost in the process.

How Much Are The Tickets To Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour?

According to reviews posted online by fans, Ticketmaster’s website crashed repeatedly yesterday as millions of people tried to buy tickets in advance of the show.

To get their hands on tickets, some diehards reportedly spent up to eight hours waiting in line. Fans say they waited for hours and then had to deal with Ticketmaster’s fluctuating prices.

How Much Are The Tickets To Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour

There is a wide range in price for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour general admission tickets, starting at $49 and going up to $449. VIP packages, meanwhile, cost between $199 and $899.

However, according to reports, Taylor has decided to use dynamic ticket pricing, meaning that ticket prices will rise dramatically in response to demand.

Fan’s Tweet in Response to Dynamic Pricing: “You can write to Ticketmaster just like you can Apple.

fees, fluctuating prices, and flat-out fibbing about what we can and can’t buy are all things that fans have reason to be angry about. The price of seeing a performer of our choice shouldn’t be so high, nor should the hassle of doing so.”

Fans have also reportedly captured a message in the online waiting room for tickets which appears to confirm that a dynamic pricing system is being used to sell concert tickets for the tour. It states, “Ticket prices may change at any time based on demand.”

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What Is Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan Program?

In order to guarantee that true Swifties (fans who have proven their dedication to the singer) can purchase tickets to her big show using a special presale code, the presale was limited to those who had already been verified as true fans.

Ticketmaster launched its “Verified Fan” program that same year. Before tickets go on sale to the general public, registered users will be notified if they have been given a presale code or have been placed on a waitlist.

What Is Ticketmaster's Verified Fan Program

According to a press release from Ticketmaster dated November 11, Taylor Swift announced last week that she was adding eight more shows to The Eras Tour,

on top of the additional seventeen shows the star has already tacked onto the tour. The 32-year-old singer’s biggest-ever U.S. stadium tour begins in March 2023.

The singer’s platinum-selling album “Midnights,” which was released in October, will be featured in concert sets. Swift’s new record made her the first artist ever to have 10 songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

On Tuesday, November 15 at 10 a.m. local venue time, the TaylorSwiftTix Presale will officially begin. The maximum number of tickets any one customer can buy at once is 6.

Final words

Hundreds of thousands of Taylor Swift fans around the world are holding their breath and crossing their fingers every time they check their phones in the hopes that they will be among the lucky few to win concert tickets.

Many will be checking the Ticketmaster website on Monday night to see if they were randomly selected to purchase concert tickets to see the American pop star.

Swift concert tickets will likely sell out in minutes when they go on sale this week.

Increasing demand for concerts may indicate that people are willing to spend more money on entertainment.

A 37% increase in attendance has been observed less than three years after the concert ticket sales slump. Concert attendance in 2023 could increase if the above conditions are met by venues.

Attendees at concerts in the United States will increase their spending by 20% on average in 2022 compared to 2019.

On the first day of sales, Ticketmaster took a lot of heat for the high prices of the premium and front-row seats ($5,000 each).

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