“Who Is Shanquella Robinson?” A Breakdown Of The Fatal Fight And Its Root Cause!

who is shanquella robinson

There are many unanswered questions surrounding the recent death of a young Black woman in Mexico, including who she was with at the time, and why her “friends” stood by as she was beaten and at least one person filmed it.

Robinson is shown being severely beaten by another woman in what appears to be a hotel room with a balcony overlooking a tropical setting.

In the video, Robinson does not try to defend herself during the assault. The woman identified as Robinson is repeatedly punched in the head and face, knocked to the ground, and then subjected to additional assaults throughout the duration of the short clip.

Someone recorded the video that went viral, and another person’s phone could be seen filming the violence.

A man’s voice was heard pleading with the woman identified as Robinson, calling herself “Quella,” during the altercation, urging her to “at least fight back.”

Robinson had a “cracked” spine and a broken neck, according to the autopsy. Officials in Mexico confirmed that Robinson did not have any traces of alcohol in her system.

In the meantime, an autopsy report indicating Robinson was the victim of brutal violence has not deterred U.S. State Department officials in Mexico from insisting, seemingly irrationally, that the investigation by Mexican police found no evidence of foul play.

Social media detectives have posted the names and photos of people they believe were in Mexico with Robinson at the time of her death, even though authorities have yet to confirm their identities.

A social media video purports to show a man who claims he arrived in Cabo a day after Robinson and the others. According to the unnamed man on camera, Robinson was suffering from alcohol poisoning and he had no idea there was a fight.

Who Is Shanquella Robinson?

North Carolina native Shanquella Robinson, age 25, ran her own business. Her body was found on October 30, 2022. As of now, she is Charlotte’s most recently discovered dead female. Not only that, but she successfully managed a variety of businesses.

Who Is Shanquella Robinson 1

Following her high school graduation from nearby West Charlotte, Shanquella continued her education in the Tar Heel State at Winston Salem University. She ran a thriving business braiding children’s hair. Robinson was also the proprietor of a women’s clothing store. The victim’s friends were suspected of involvement by many.

To commemorate one of her friends’ milestone birthdays, she and her pals took a trip to Cabo. They said she died of alcohol poisoning after being severely beaten in Mexico.

The autopsy determined that Robinson’s death was caused by the beating. A video of Shanquella Robinson (a Charlotte, North Carolina, resident) being physically assaulted by a friend quickly went viral on social media. As of the 28th of October, Shanquella was a part of a group that had set out for Mexico.

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There has been an outpouring of condolences over her sudden and mysterious death. To date, there has been no official word on what exactly happened to cause Shanquella’s death.

What Happened To Shanquella Robinson?

According to Shanquella’s sister, the victim’s family in Mexico was notified of the alleged assault after the fight broke out.

We are aware of these reports,” the U.S. Department of State said in a statement. It is one of our highest priorities to ensure the safety of American citizens living outside the country. For the time being, we will say nothing more out of respect for the privacy of those involved.

Thursday saw the arrival of Shanquella’s body in Charlotte from New York. On Saturday, November 3, we will hold her funeral.

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What Ultimately Took The Life Of Shanquella Robinson

Reportedly, Shanquella Robinson and her pals jetted off to Mexico to ring in a birthday in style. It is unknown what caused the death of Shanquella Robinson,

who was on a trip to Mexico on October 28 with a group of people, 24 hours later. The news that Shanquella Robinson had died from alcohol poisoning was devastating for her parents, Salamondra and Bernard.

What Ultimately Took The Life Of Shanquella Robinson

So far, there has been no official word on what happened to cause Shanquella’s injury. But it’s been said that she was assaulted by her friends, which could have spelled the end for her. After informing the FBI of the mysterious death of the family’s daughter, authorities discovered a new possible cause of death.

According to the autopsy, Salamondra’s daughter died from a spinal cord injury, which she herself described as her daughter having “a shattered neck and her spine in the back was cracked” in an interview.

Final Words

Reuniting Shanquella with her family took nearly two weeks and $6,000 in expenses. On November 10, despite the findings of the autopsy, the Mexican government denied that Shanquella’s death was suspicious.

The family of Shanquella has hired a private investigator to check their suspicions of murder.

When last checked, no one had been apprehended for their role in either the brutal assault on Shanquella Robinson or her unsolved death. There have been no statements from any of her “friends” about their possible participation.

The only thing we can do is pray that Shanquella is given the justice she so richly deserves for the cruel betrayal she suffered at the hands of those she trusted. All of us here will be praying for her and everyone she has touched.

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