Pokemon Team Alfornada City Gym Analysis!

Alfornada City Pokemon Gym Breakdown

Situated atop a mountain range, Alfornada is a bustling metropolis. The Alfornada City Pokemon Gym can be found in this area, making it one of the locations that must be conquered in order to advance the Gym Leader storyline in Pokemon

Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. In this article, you will learn about the Alfornada City Pokemon Gym, its Leader, the Pokemon it trains, and the solution to its Gym Puzzle.

Scarlet and Violet are spreading their ominous stakes all over Paldea with their Pokemon. Color-coded shrines can only be accessed with the corresponding colored stakes. Purple, blue, green, and yellow is the four available stake colors.

The spots where you can drive stakes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are detailed below.

Gym Puzzle

The Emotional Spectrum Practice was developed by Gym Leader Tulip herself and is the first requirement for all new trainers. You can start the challenge by talking to Dendra outside.


Actually doing the work is not hard at all. Medicham and Dendra’s feelings will both be displayed, and trainers will have to press the appropriate button.


Time is of the essence here, so get to it! In the end, there will be a Pokemon battle. In the ring, trainers will clash:

  • Gothita, level 43 (psychic)
  • Kirlia, level 43 (psychic/fairy)

The Emotional Spectrum Exercise will be repeated after the battle. After this battle is over, these Pokemon will engage in yet another battle:

  • Grumpig, level 43 (psychic)
  • Medicham, level 43 (fighting/psychic)

As soon as you’ve finished both parts of the Emotional Spectrum Practice, gym leader Tulip will be available for a match.

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Gym Leader and Pokemon

Alfornada Gym

Gym Leader: Tulip

Gym Type: Psychic

Gym Pokemon:

  • Farigiraf
    • Level 44
    • Normal and Psychic
  • Espanha
    • Level 44
    • Psychic
  • Gardevoir
    • Level 44
    • Psychic and Fairy
  • Florges
    • Level 45
    • Fairy (Psychic Tera Type)

As Tulip’s a specialist on psychic types she could be countered with either Ghost, Dark, or Bug-type Pokemon.

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Last Words

That moment is now upon us. Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have been released, players everywhere are curious about the games’ upcoming rosters.

Not every Pokemon has had more than just a sprite revealed, and there may be a third Legendary available as downloadable content. However,

both of those have been kept under wraps so far. You can check out every single Pokemon in the Scarlet and Violet Pokedex, from Generations 1 through 9, right here on Pokemon Home!


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