Carl Wilson’s Death: Why Did Carl Wilson, A Member Of The Beach Boys, Pass Away? Probable Reason For Death!

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Carl Wilson passed away in Los Angeles; he was the middle sibling of the three that made up the Beach Boys, the band that popularized the “surfin’ sound” of Southern California. Wilson, who played guitar and sang lead vocal on the group’s timeless hit “Good Vibrations,” died on Friday night due to complications from lung cancer, his publicist Ms. Alyson Dutch said. He was 51.

Ms. Dutch said that when he passed away, he was surrounded by his wife Gina and sons Jonah (age 28) and Justin (age 26).

Ms. Dutch stated that last year Carl Wilson was diagnosed with lung cancer, but despite this, he insisted on continuing to tour with the band while undergoing chemotherapy. According to her, the funeral will be held privately next week.

During the early 1960s, the band enjoyed a string of success with songs like “California Girls,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “Help Me, Rhonda,” and “God Only Knows,” all of which were representative of the band’s signature “Surfin” sound.

Carl Wilson's Death Why Did Carl Wilson, A Member Of The Beach Boys, Pass Away Probable Reason For Death!

In 1961, Carl, the youngest of the brothers, joined his older brothers Brian and Dennis to form what would become known as the Beach Boys.

They formed their own brand of surfin’ music in the years before the Beatles revolutionized rock by enlisting their cousin Love (vocals) and their neighbor in Hawthorne, California, Jardine (guitar).

Carl Wilson’s vocals added “a hushed intimacy” to Good Vibrations, and he became the band’s de facto leader in the 1970s, as documented in The Rolling Stone History of Rock ‘n’ Roll. A composer “with an intuitive grasp of the Beach Boys’ style,” Carl was praised for his contributions.

Pet Sounds, released in 1966, has been praised alongside the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Though Pet Sounds were critically acclaimed, it wasn’t until the release of the “psychedelic” classic Good Vibrations that the Beach Boys became rock superstars. Good Vibrations was a symphonic Top 40 single.

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Songs like “I Get Around,” “In My Room,” and “Don’t Worry Baby” helped the band carve out a unique sound.

In the 1970s, the band’s popularity began to decline due to Brian Wilson’s increasingly paranoid and eccentric behavior. This decline accelerated after Dennis’s untimely death. In December of 1983, he was swimming off the side of his yacht when he tragically passed away.

How Did Carl Wilson Die?

Carl started feeling ill in 1997 and was eventually diagnosed with lung cancer.

Even though he was undergoing chemotherapy and generally not feeling well, he participated in the Beach Boys’ 1997 tour.

In Los Angeles, Carl passed away on February 6, 1998, roughly a year after his diagnosis.

Dennis, the Wilsons’ middle brother, passed away in 1983, and their mother, Audree, passed away just two weeks before Carl.

A drowning accident in California’s Marina Del Rey claimed Dennis’s life on December 28th, 1983.

The rock magazine article by Michael Goldberg states that Dennis was looking for items belonging to his ex-wife Shawn Love that he had thrown off the yacht.

How Did Carl Wilson Die

On January 4, Ronald Reagan intervened to allow Dennis to be buried at sea, an honor previously reserved for members of the United States Navy and Coast Guard, rather than civilians.

The Beach Boys said at the time of his death, “We know Dennis would have wanted to continue in the tradition of the Beach Boys.” We will carry his memory forward through our music.

Many people have said that Dennis’s “excessive” behavior leading up to his death included heavy drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, and five failed marriages.

Brian, who had been battling his own mental health for years, was devastated by his brother’s death.

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Carl sang lead on their final US number one, Kokomo, which was released the same year they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1988).

Even the band’s biggest hits like “God Only Knows” and “Good Vibrations” featured Carl on lead vocals.

When he passed away, the Beach Boys continued to use his voice in several songs that were released after his passing.

Final Words

For a short time in 1981, Carl Wilson was no longer a part of the band. He went on to release the album “Carl Wilson” and go on tour with his own group.

They welcomed him back in 1982, and he stayed with the group all the way through the ’80s and ’90s. A swimming accident claimed the life of Dennis Wilson in 1983.

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