Mastodon’s Creator Claims That Twitter Will Fail Due To Musk’s “Erratic” Management Style!

Musk's ‘Erratic’ Leadership Will Cause Twitter's Downfall

Mr. Rochko said it best: “it shows incompetence and a lack of understanding of the industry that he’s entered and the platform that he’s now in charge of.”
According to Mastodon’s creator, Elon Musk’s management of the social media platform has resulted in the “real chance of disappearing” of Twitter, as Musk has laid off a large portion of the company’s engineering staff.

The 29-year-old German programmer Eugen Rochko, who in 2017 developed Mastodon as a decentralized alternative to Twitter, criticized the CEO’s “erratic” leadership style as evidence of his “incompetence.”

Mr. Rochko said on BBC Newsnight, “I would say it shows incompetence and a lack of understanding of the industry that he’s entered and the platform that he’s now in charge of.”

To put it bluntly, “I would call (Mr. Musk’s) leadership style erratic, and frankly, I’m not a fan of it.”

He continued that Twitter’s size alone did not make it immune to collapse.

“There are historical examples of social media platforms that were also immensely huge, like MySpace for example, and they lost their relevance,” he said. Maybe they still exist, but you no longer frequent them or consider them a must-visit location. The creator of Mastodon has stated that despite Twitter’s massive user base, it is far from being the most popular social media site.

“I definitely think that with the issues that it’s having right now and with new management under Elon Musk, that it has a real chance of actually disappearing,” he said. “Well, it takes a lot to run a social media platform like that, that deals with real-time data, and, you know, losing most of its engineers is not a good thing.”

After only one week at the helm, the billionaire owner of Tesla fired half of Twitter’s 7,500 global workforce, banned remote work, and gave the remaining employees an ultimatum to agree to longer, more intense work patterns or be let go.

How To Use YouTube As A Tool

After the acquisition closed in late October, Musk did himself no favors. Questions about content moderation arise not only because of his own controversial tweets and retweets but also because of his inconsistency in defining free speech and appropriate content on the platform.

If a company fears for its reputation, it will often halt promotional efforts. In 2017, for instance, advertisers were worried that their videos would be shown alongside extremist ones on YouTube, so some companies decided to boycott Alphabet’s subsidiary.

How To Use YouTube As A Tool

At the time, YouTube executives responded swiftly, allowing third-party verification of content and adding staff to remove the offensive videos. With the return of advertising, the business quickly improved.

Musk prefers to take an aggressive stance toward advertisers. If he doesn’t name the companies that are boycotting Twitter, Musk threatened, “a thermonuclear name & shame is exactly what will happen if this continues.”

In the meantime, Musk is using a convoluted method to ban customers. Kathy Griffin’s account was permanently deleted after she impersonated Musk on the social media platform, and Sarah Silverman’s was temporarily suspended for the same reason.

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Former Twitter head of consumer product and current co-founder of Digits, Jeff Seibert, said that it was “a mistake for Elon to be the face of content moderation.” When dealing with policy violations, Twitter has traditionally taken a group approach in the past.

Amount Due: $8

Musk now sees paid subscriptions as the way to bring Twitter’s finances back to life. He has been pitching a subscription service for $8 per month that grants “verified” users access to more advanced functions. Musk tweeted a picture of a T-shirt reading “Your feedback is appreciated.” on Monday in response to the critics’ vocal outcry. Just $8 now.

Musk has previously alluded to his intention to transform Twitter into a “super app,” along the lines of China’s WeChat, where users can not only chat with one another but also stream videos and make purchases.

Amount Due $8

Of course, he’ll need willing collaborators regardless. Jeanine Turner, a professor at Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture, and Technology program, has said that his aggressive stance towards companies that have paused ads on the site isn’t a good look as he pursues other partnerships.

According to Turner, “trust is the big issue for him.” Nobody is going to entrust him with all that info, in my opinion.

Twitter’s less advanced ad-tracking technology and targeting capabilities make it less appealing to advertisers, so many brands don’t see it as an essential channel for distribution. Tipograph noted the emergence of new opportunities, including online advertising for retailers and the rise of connected TVs and streaming services.

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Free Press co-CEO and fellow Latina Jessica González has been less than amused by Musk’s antics. Among the civil rights leaders who met with Musk last week to express their alarm at the increase in anti-Black and anti-Jewish rhetoric on Twitter was Emma González. The same group has been calling for an end to advertising campaigns.


Meanwhile, a UK-based trade union representing Twitter employees has written to the social media giant to express its concern over Mr. Musk’s restructuring of the company.

Many Twitter users have been posting links to other platforms they intend to use if Twitter is taken down by the ongoing uncertainty, and on Friday it was revealed that the company had closed its offices to employees until Monday.

Prospect, a trade union that claims to represent one-third of Twitter’s UK employees, has written to the company to express its concerns about the firm’s treatment of its employees and the structure of its redundancy consultation process. The union has also requested a meeting with Twitter to discuss these issues.

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