Russia Has Seen At Least Nine Deaths Due To Two Gas Explosions!

gas explosion in russia

Moscow: The number of people confirmed dead in Tuesday night’s gas explosion at a Russian apartment building rose to 18 on Wednesday as rescuers searched the building’s rubble for survivors.
After the blast that leveled 35 units in the high-rise in the Ural mountain city of Magnitogorsk, nearly two dozen people were still missing.

Temperatures dropped to as low as -27 degrees Celsius, but rescue workers continued searching through the rubble.

On Tuesday, they received a major boost to their efforts when a baby boy, aged 10 months, was located alive and returned to his mother. The likelihood of finding many more survivors, however, was beginning to dim.

According to a statement released by the emergency situations ministry at 12:15 Moscow time (local time), the bodies of 18 people, including two children, had been recovered from the partially collapsed building.

A total of six people, including two children, had been saved, while 23 others were still missing.

It also noted that 800 square meters of debris had been cleared from the site in the previous 24 hours, with the debris being loaded into 50 dump trucks.

The early Monday explosion, which authorities believe was caused by a gas leak, leveled the nine-story building in Magnitogorsk, an industrial town about 1,700 kilometers east of Moscow.

The explosion sent out a “wave of fire,” according to eyewitnesses, and the force of the blast shattered windows in nearby buildings.

During Russia’s most important holiday, the New Year, dozens of residents of a Soviet-era apartment building were displaced by the explosion.

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The recovery of the baby boy on Tuesday provided a rare glimmer of optimism, with officials calling it a “New Year’s miracle.”

The rescuers heard the baby crying from the wreckage and located him in his cradle. His mother had made it through the explosion, so he was reunited with her and taken to Moscow for medical care.

Russia Has Seen At Least Nine Deaths Due To Two Gas Explosions!

Photographs of the boy in his hospital bed with his sobbing mother were broadcast on Russian television.

The boy was taken to a Moscow hospital with severe frostbite, a head injury, and multiple fractures; he is in serious but stable condition, according to doctors there.

A school was used to house locals who had been displaced by the blast, and a group of psychologists provided counseling.

In a country where New Year’s Eve celebrations are a tradition, Wednesday was a day of mourning with flags lowered and entertainment events canceled.

We are all grieving,” a middle-aged man told Rossiya 24. According to him, “almost everybody in the city knew somebody” who was hurt in the incident.

According to their findings, there is no evidence that suggests any criminal activity was involved in the explosion.

The death of three people in a minibus explosion on Tuesday has sparked speculation online about a possible terror connection.

The federal Investigative Committee issued a statement saying that “no traces of explosives or their components have been found” at the scene.

There was no connection between the two explosions, according to local authorities, who blamed leaking gas tanks for the minibus explosion.


The daytime high in the industrial city is only about -17C, and it will drop even further overnight, putting rescue workers in a race against the clock to find survivors.

Even though rescuers don’t anticipate finding many survivors, they plan to work through the night anyway.

More than 50 residents of the building, including the victims, have been accounted for, according to officials, as reported by Russia’s Vesti news channel.


Seven children are among the 16 people, including children, who have been rescued so far. Officials say five people were injured and rushed to the hospital; two of those people were children.

After witnessing the rescue operation firsthand, President Putin referred to the situation as a “tragedy” and promised all possible aid for the victims.

Before anything else, he said, “I would like to express my condolences to the families of the victims and to assure those affected that we will do everything to help and support them.”

It is believed that the blast occurred at 06:02 local time (01:02 GMT), and that the first floor, which contains some offices, was ripped apart by the force of the explosion, causing the remaining seven floors to collapse. There was also damage to apartments close by.

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Explosion hits gas pipeline in Russia

The governor of Russia’s southeastern island of Sakhalin reported that nine people had been killed in an explosion early Saturday morning at a five-story apartment building.

Reports from the TASS news agency indicate that the explosion took place in a brick building constructed in the 1980s in the small town of Tymovskoye.

The regional governor, Valery Limarenko, said on Rossia 24 that nine people had been killed, including four children.

Many stories have collapsed, and the emergency ministry has speculated that a gas leak may be to blame.

Images shown on TV depicted a partially destroyed white building with brown balconies.

Sixty rescue workers, according to the emergency services ministry.


According to the Russian news agency TASS, nine people were killed this morning (March 30) in London when a massive explosion shook a five-story residential building in Tymovskoye,

located on Russia’s Far Eastern Sakhalin Island.
On the island of Sakhalin in far eastern Russia, local authorities have confirmed that four children were among the casualties.

Authorities on the island of Sakhalin in eastern Russia say at least nine people, including four children, were killed when a gas explosion occurred in an apartment building.

Around 5:30 a.m. Moscow time on Saturday, a gas cylinder exploded in one of the apartments, causing the collapse of part of a five-story building in the town of Tymovskoye.

According to a report from the Russian news agency TASS, a 20-liter gas cylinder was being used in conjunction with a stovetop when it exploded.

Sakhalin Governor Valery Limarenko posted on Telegram that rescue workers were looking for more bodies in the rubble.

Some of the 33 residents of the building are still missing, he said.

Tymovskoye is located on an island in the Pacific Ocean north of Japan, about 480 kilometers north of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


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