In A Sneak Peek Of Their Thanksgiving Movie, The Waltons Ask, “What Are You Thankful For?”

waltons thanksgiving 2022

When Thanksgiving comes around “this year,” what are the Waltons most thankful for? And what’s even better news? (Besides the fact that Daddy hasn’t morphed into a villainous speedster who terrorizes Jefferson County, Virginia.)

In our exclusive clip from The CW’s upcoming A Waltons Thanksgiving movie, matriarch Olivia (played once again by Bellamy Young of Scandal) asks the husband and father of their many children this question. The film will premiere on Sunday, November 20 at 8/7c.

(For those who are lactose intolerant and about to press play up top… For this, I do sincerely apologize. You picked up the snake, after all, and you knew it was one.

The CW has revived Earl Hamner’s classic family drama The Waltons for a second time, and this time it’s Thanksgiving in 1934. The first revival, The Waltons’ Homecoming, was a hit with viewers last November. The synopsis informs us that “the Depression has affected everyone,

” but that John Walton (now portrayed by The Flash’s Teddy Sears) has found a way to provide for his family through the farm and by picking up odd jobs from the eccentric Baldwin Sisters. The Waltons’ attention shifts to the annual Harvest Festival Fair, with its carnival rides, talent shows, and pie contests.

As the plot progresses, “John-Boy” (This Is Us’ Logan Shroyer) realizes the importance of being accountable for his actions. Olivia opens her healing heart to every member of the Walton family at a time when they all need it most,

while Mary Ellen (Marcelle LeBlanc) learns patience and the value of teamwork, and Grandma (Rebecca Koon) discovers that winning can be complicated. And when a young boy is brought into the Waltons’ life, it alters the course of events in ways that no one could have foreseen.

The rest of the cast of A Waltons Thanksgiving consists of familiar faces like Christian Finlayson as Jason, Tatum Matthews as Erin, Samuel Goergen as Jim Bob, Calloway Corrick as Elizabeth, and Alpha Trivette as Grandpa, as well as special guests like Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., and narrated by Richard Thomas (aka the OG John-Boy).

When Will The 2022 Thanksgiving Episode Of The Waltons Be Broadcast?

When Will The 2022 Thanksgiving Episode Of The Waltons Be Broadcast

In celebration of The Waltons’ 50th anniversary, CW has announced that the premiere of their original holiday movie, A Waltons Thanksgiving, will air on Sunday, November 20 at 8/7c.

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I’m Confused About A Waltons Thanksgiving In 2022

The Walton family reunites in 1934 to get ready for Thanksgiving in this sequel to the critically acclaimed and commercially successful film Walton’s Homecoming.

The Great Depression had a devastating effect on the Walton family, but Teddy Sears’s John Walton manages to keep his family afloat. His hard work on the farm and in his other duties for the eccentric Baldwin Sisters helps him reach this goal.

At this time of year, the Walton family also spends a lot of time at the Annual Harvest Festival Fair, where they take part in pie contests, enjoy the carnival rides, and watch the various talent shows.

I'm confused About A Waltons Thanksgiving In 2022

Grandma (Rebecca Koon) picks up on the finer points of victory, and Olivia (Bellamy Young) offers the rest of the Walton family her healing heart at just the right time. It takes Mary Ellen (Marcelle LeBlanc) and John Boy (Logan Shroyer) to learn the value of patience and teamwork to succeed.

Grandma, portrayed by Rebecca Koon, learns the importance of accepting responsibility.

The arrival of a child into the Walton household brings about profound changes for everyone involved. This shift is inspired by warm feelings like love, faith, and compassion.

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Who Is In A Waltons Thanksgiving 2022 Cast?

Here’s who will be playing various roles on Thanksgiving 2022 for The Waltons:

Christian Finlayson acts as Jason
Tatum Matthews acts as Erin
Samuel Goergen acts as Jim Bob
Calloway Corrick acts as Elizabeth
Alpha Trivette acts as Grandpa Walton
Rebecca Koon acts as Grandma Walton
Special Guest Stars:
Marilyn McCoo
Billy Davis Jr. Thomas
Sam Haskell – Executive producer
Jim Strain – Writer and Co-executive Producer
Hudson Hickman – Co-executive Producer
Billy Levin –  Producer
Bobby Kelly –  Producer
Joe Lazarov – Director and Co-executive Producer
Tena Clark – Composer

Where Can I Watch The Waltons Thanksgiving?

You can catch the latest episode of the American family drama, A Walton Thanksgiving, airing on CW right now. Outside of the United States, viewers won’t be able to watch the entire show because of transmission restrictions.

A subscription to ExpressVPN is required to access The CW from outside the United States. This allows people to watch foreign TV shows and movies that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Last Words

Iconic on the Variety Charts. For the holiday season of 2022, The CW has announced the premiere of a new movie titled “The Waltons’ Thanksgiving.

” This special will be a sequel to 2021’s “The Waltons’ Homecoming,” and will star Teddy Sears in addition to returning cast members Bellamy Young, Logan Shroyer, and Richard Thomas.


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