On Thanksgiving 2022, Will The Stock Market Be Open?

is stock market open on black friday

The stock market will be closed on Thursday in observance of Thanksgiving, giving investors a chance to relax and enjoy a day filled with feasting and football.

Trading in brokerage accounts can take a break on Thursday, November 24, as the stock market will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving.

Still, traders won’t get a true four-day weekend. Black Friday is a day when the stock market is open, if only for a little while.

When Thanksgiving rolls around in 2022, the stock market will be closed for the entire day. Meanwhile, trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will close at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time on Friday,

November 25 (also known as Black Friday) due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Just keep in mind that the stock market is open for business on weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What Is Black Friday?

The term “Black Friday” was coined to describe the financial crisis that ensued after American investors Jay Gould and James Fisk failed in their attempt to corner the gold market in 1869.

What Is Black Friday

However, in the 1940s, the modern concept of Black Friday was created to entice people to shop on the day after Thanksgiving. Once known for its association with traffic accidents, the term “Black Friday” eventually acquired a new meaning: the day when retailers hope to make enough money to end the year “in the black,” or in the black.

However, retailers did not start using the day as a marketing tool until the 1980s, and by the 2000s, Black Friday had established itself as the busiest shopping day of the year. Black Friday is now celebrated in more than twenty countries outside of the United States, including Mexico, Russia, and Pakistan.

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Some analysts and market commentators view the holiday shopping season and Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving that promotes online sales, as a barometer of economic health. By using this metric, the future value of investments like stocks can be anticipated.

 2022 Market Holidays

DateHolidayNYSENasdaqBond Markets*
Monday, Feb. 21Presidents’ Day/Washington’s BirthdayClosedClosedClosed
Thursday, April 14Maundy ThursdayOpenOpenEarly close (2 p.m.)
Friday, April 15Good FridayClosedClosedClosed
Friday, May 27Friday Before Memorial DayOpenOpenEarly close (2 p.m.)
Monday, May 30Memorial DayClosedClosedClosed
Monday, June 20Juneteenth National Independence Day (Observed)ClosedClosedClosed
Friday, July 1Friday Before Independence DayOpenOpenEarly close (2 p.m.)
Monday, July 4Independence DayClosedClosedClosed
Monday, Sept. 5Labor DayClosedClosedClosed
Monday, Oct. 10Columbus DayOpenOpenClosed
Friday, Nov. 11Veterans DayOpenOpenClosed
Thursday, Nov. 24Thanksgiving DayClosedClosedClosed
Friday, Nov. 25Day After ThanksgivingEarly close (1 p.m.)Early close (1 p.m.)Early close (2 p.m.)
Friday, Dec. 23Christmas Eve (Observed)OpenOpenEarly close (2 p.m.)
Monday, Dec. 26Christmas Day (Observed)ClosedClosedClosed
Friday, Dec. 30New Year’s Eve (Observed)OpenOpenEarly close (2 p.m.)

Millions Shop On Thanksgiving Weekend

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), an estimated 186.4 million people shopped in stores or online from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday in 2020,

Millions Shop On Thanksgiving Weekend

spending an average of $311.75, a 13.9% decrease from the average spending of $361.90 in 2019. There was an increase of 44%, to 95.7 million, in the number of people who only shop online, and more than 100 million people made their first online purchase.

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Black Friday Weekend And Stocks

Many companies, especially those involved in the food service industry, rely heavily on the Thanksgiving holiday. US stock markets are closed on Thanksgiving and only open for half a day on Black Friday.

Since the day after Thanksgiving is so pivotal to business, trading in the stock market is not likely to be affected by the holiday itself.

Black Friday Weekend And Stocks

Due to the high volume of customers expected on this day, many stores have historically made enough money on Black Friday to end the year in the black. Since Black Friday is so important to many retailers, investors use it as a barometer for the retail sector as a whole.

Lower Black Friday numbers are seen as evidence of slowing growth by economists, who apply the Keynesian assumption that consumer spending drives economic activity.

Taking time off around the holidays can have an effect on the stock market, especially if those days fall on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The day before a holiday or a long weekend, trading activity and returns in the markets tend to be higher due to a phenomenon known as the holiday effect or the weekend effect. A lot of investors try to profit from these yearly patterns.

Bond Market Early Closures

However, there are a number of holidays and other days when bond markets are closed. The following days are considered early closings for the bond markets (at 2 p.m. ET):

  • April 14, 2022  Holy Thursday
  • May 27, 2022  Friday before Memorial Day
  • July 1, 2022  Friday before 4th of July
  • Nov. 25, 2022  The day after Thanksgiving
  • Dec. 23, 2022  The day before Christmas Eve

Last words

However, holiday sales have nothing to do with the meaning of the term “Black Friday.” In 1869, following a devastating stock market crash, the term “Black Friday” was coined. Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, two wealthy investors, plotted to crash the market in order to make millions.


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