“What Is Hive Social?” A Tutorial On How To Use The Algorithm-Free Twitter-Like Platform!

Twitter alternative Hive

There are several advantages to switching from Twitter to Hive Social or another social network.

There has been a lot of chaos in the social media world since Elon Musk bought Twitter. Musk unbanned former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account after he posted a poll about it, but Trump has yet to use it. Musk has also successfully re-entered Kanye West, Jordan Peterson, and Andrew Tate to Twitter after they had previously been suspended or banned.

Many people have wondered if Twitter could truly go down and never come back up because Musk has fired about half of the company’s employees.

Thanks to a combination of these factors, a growing number of people are switching to Twitter substitutes. There have been many popular social networking sites, Mastadon among them. However, one service that is receiving a lot of attention at the moment is Hive Social.

What Is Hive Social?

Hive Social doesn’t seem to do much differently from other social media platforms. You can share text or visual content with your followers and connect with others. It’s very similar to Twitter in many ways.

To put it simply, Hive Social claims not to use any sorting algorithms to determine which posts you see. To put it another way, your feed only displays items in the chronological order in which they were posted. Twitter, in contrast, takes into account your preferences and routine in order to show you the posts it thinks you’ll enjoy first.

What Is Hive Social

There are no approval ratings and users can’t buy visibility for their content. It’s a question of timing, really. In addition to sharing content created by others, you can also “Like” or “Repost” it to your own feed.

Additionally, there are some neat ways in which you can personalize your Hive profile. Identical to Twitter, a profile picture and cover photo are available for customization. It’s a throwback to the days of MySpace in that you can customize the color scheme of your profile and the music that plays when people view it.

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This is in addition to the upcoming astrological signs, pronoun badges, and other features. As long as the material is properly labeled, NSFW content can also be shared.

Who Owns Hive Social?

Hive Social is currently owned, built, and operated by just two people as of this writing. In any case, we don’t know who they are.

The website for Hive Social states that the platform was developed by someone going by the name “Raluca,” and is currently managed by herself and an unnamed developer.

In a 2021 interview, a woman named Kassandra Pop claimed to have founded the app; if this is true, then she could be Raluca. However, at the moment, details are scarce.

How To Join Hive Social

Hive is restricted to mobile use only, unlike the vast majority of social media sites. It’s currently only available as an iOS or Android app, but the developers promise the website will be up and running soon.

How To Join Hive Social

Initiate app use by selecting the Create an Account option upon launch. You can sign in with your Google or Apple ID, email address, or phone number, or you can use the number of your iPhone to sign in. You’ll need to verify your identity by clicking a link or entering a code sent to your phone or email if you select those options.

In either case, you’ll be asked to select a username and username to represent yourself online. While your username is an individual @ handle, your display name is what will be shown most prominently on all your posts.

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After that, the app will prompt you to select some hobbies. Though your feed is ordered chronologically, these preferences do influence the recommendations you see on the Discover page of the app.

  • The far-left icon that looks like a beehive is your Feed. This is where posts from the people you follow will show up.
  • The magnifying glass icon is the Discover page, which lets you search for posts and other users.
  • The middle icon that looks like a plus sign is for making new posts.
  • The bell icon is your Notifications page.
  • The far-right icon shows your profile picture and will take you to your profile page.

Is It Worth Leaving Twitter For?

Hive is still in beta, but so far it seems like a nice, relaxing alternative to seeing content based on what an ever-changing algorithm decides rather than what people you actually follow choose to share. There will be growing pains as the latest craze’s developers scale up to accommodate the influx of users.

It hasn’t changed the way we use social media yet. Instead, Hive integrates features that are successful in other systems into a single, unified framework. Unlike Mastodon, it doesn’t force you to join a specific server, and its design is more polished than that of Cohost. One drawback is that you can only use the mobile app to access the platform, rather than a web browser.

Apparently, the creators prioritize making social media enjoyable for users. Anyone who has used Twitter for any length of time knows that the platform often fosters toxic discourse. Which, naturally, is a problem for a lot of the most popular social media sites out there.

Hive could be what you’re looking for if you’re looking for an alternative to Twitter without the ads and algorithms. There’s still a ways to go before we see the full effects of the recent influx of users, but the indicators are encouraging. Whether or not the Hive’s excitement lasts, we saw a similar shift to BeReal after Instagram switched to its Reels video strategy.

Have Any Concerns Been Warranted?

I guess it’s fair to warn you that Hive is a much more modest service than Twitter or Instagram, operated by a significantly smaller team. For instance, I have seen typos in verification emails and messages. Odd, that is what I thought.

Have Any Concerns Been Warranted

It has not yet been established who exactly was responsible for creating Hive. According to Hive’s “About Us,” the company was started by a woman named “Raluca” who was “tired of the restrictions she faced on social platforms in which her posts were not seen by many friends and felt the pressures of complicated algorithms.” And that’s the extent of our information right now.

To sum up, only a small group of people are responsible for developing Hive. Since Hive just hit 1 million users on Monday, you can expect a lot of growing pains as you use the service.

Final Words

Perhaps it’s prudent to forewarn you that Hive is a much more modest service than, say, Twitter or Instagram, and is therefore managed by a significantly smaller team. Mistakes in verification emails and texts were one area where I found typos. Experiencing that was a little off.

In addition, the Hive developers’ identities remain unknown. As stated in Hive’s About Us, the company was started by a woman named Ralpha who was

“tired of the restrictions she faced on social platforms in which her posts were not seen by many friends and felt the pressures of complicated algorithms.” Sadly, that’s all we have available right now.


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