Who killed Iván In Elite Season 6? Concluding Details Provided!

who killed ivan in elite

The events of season 5 will be continued in season 6 of Elite. With Samuel’s passing, Ari, Patrick, and Menca must face the reality that their father is to blame for his death.

Isadora, meanwhile, is still processing the news that students at her school sexually assaulted her. In Season 6, she attempts to get some kind of justice for what happened to her.

Furthermore, in the pilot episode, we see that Iván is run over in a hit-and-run accident. The question remains, though: Is he dead, and if so, who struck him? Check out our detailed rundown of what happens in the finale of Season 6 of Elite and who survives.

Does Iván Die In ‘Elite’ Season 6?

When leaving Isadora’s club at the beginning of Season 6, Iván is struck by a car and left for dead on the side of the road.

In Season 1, Episode 7, Iván’s on-and-off boyfriend Patrick is seen at a hospital, covered in his blood, informing his sister Ari that Ivan is in the intensive care unit.

Does Iván die in 'Elite' Season 6

It’s bad, Patrick admits. “It’s in the pit of my stomach.” Although it is unknown whether or not Iván will survive the ordeal in the ICU, a slight twitch of his lips at the end of the season finale suggests he will make a full recovery and return to Las Encinas in the upcoming seventh season.

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Iván Hit By A Car

The season 6 premiere of Elite follows Iván as he crosses the street to flag down an approaching car.

The car, however, swerves multiple times before crashing into him, sending him tumbling to the ground and leaving a bloody wound on his head.

Tragically, it turns out that the scene was just a flash-forward to something that will happen later in the season, and the details will be revealed gradually over the course of the rest of the season.

Who Was Driving The Car?

Sara, a new addition to the cast in season 6, was behind the wheel. Elite, however, drops hints throughout the season that multiple other characters could have been the ones behind the wheel.

In Season 2, Ari walks away from the car that hit Iván, and in Season 6, she burns the car to destroy any evidence, but both are red herrings, much like the funeral.


Mencia wakes up behind the wheel of the car in Episode 7 after being spiked at a club, seemingly confirming her role as the car’s driver.

To hide her tracks, she calls Ari, who helps her burn the car and agrees to free their father, Benjamin Blanco, from prison so that they can leave and start a new life. However, the episode’s final moments show that it was actually Sara who hit Iván with the car.

Sara, a newcomer to Las Encinas this season, quickly became an influential figure alongside her abusive boyfriend Ral. All season long, Mencia was there for Sara, offering support as she dealt with Ral’s abuse.

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Sara tries to help Mencia get home after she is spiked (by Ral, no less) by giving her a ride in the car that was destined for Ral’s Iván. However, she is a novice behind the wheel and hits Iván as he leaves the club where they were partying because she stopped for a moment to check on Mencia, who had passed out.

Still unwilling to take responsibility, a shaken Sara calls her boyfriend Ra, who aids in staging the accident to make it appear that Mencia was at the wheel.

When Iván Was Hit By A Car, Who Was Behind The Wheel?

The other sister of Patrick, Menca, is suspected of being the person behind the wheel when she hits Iván in Episode 7. She left Isadora’s club in search of Ari, but they drugged her memory of the crash.

Once she woke up and noticed the cracked windshield, she knew she had been in an accident.

When Iván was hit by a car, who was behind the wheel

When Menca’s friend Sara realized she was driving while under the influence, she took the keys away from her. This is Elite, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the audience learns later that Menca wasn’t actually driving the car.

Sara calls her abusive ex-boyfriend Raul after she accidentally hits Iván, and he assists her in switching places with Menca behind the wheel.

Raul tells Sara that Menca’s father is extremely influential. “She will be safe from harm. The Menca family is wealthy and powerful. She and Ivan will make up because he is dating her brother. And young Cruz will be represented by the brightest legal minds in the world. They’ll check up on him to make sure he’s okay.”

Due to Menca’s guilt over Iván’s injuries, she agrees to testify on behalf of her father, who is currently serving time for Samuel’s murder; upon her father’s release, the family finally packs up and leaves Madrid for good.

As Season 6 Of “Elite” Continues, Who Else Will Perish?

When it comes to misfortune, Iván has it the worst in Season 6. Cruz, Iván’s father and a professional soccer star who had recently come out as gay, was killed in a road rage incident while on his way to help his son after Iván was involved in a near-fatal car accident.

As Season 6 of Elite continues, who else will perish

As Cruz was leaving his driveway, he got into an argument with a group of guys in another car, who later recognized him and beat him up because of his sexual orientation. Soon after, Iván and Patrick find Cruz’s body on the side of the road.

However, Cruz’s demise may not be the only one in Season 6. In the series’ final episode, a shooting occurs at Las Encinas High School. Isadora and Dac are having a conversation when suddenly a car drives by and an unidentified gunman opens fire on the crowd, which includes Dac’s brother Pau.

Elite viewers will have to wait until Season 7 to find out if Las Encinas has added another death to its tally.

Final Words

In the fifth and sixth seasons of the Netflix series Elite, Iván Carvalho plays a pivotal role. Cruz Carvalho, a legendary footballer from Portugal, is his father, and he was born in Brazil. Andre Lamoglia plays him in the show.


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