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World Lewis Day 2022

Observed annually on November 19th, National Lewis Day serves to promote awareness and appreciation of the surname Lewis. This name comes from the Germanic given name Lewis and means

“known” or “famous battle” by combining the words “hold” (meaning “fame”) and “wig” (meaning “war”). It’s possible that it’s an anglicized form of the Welsh name Llywelyn.

This name is a form of the Irish surname Mac Lughaidh, which literally translates to “son of Lughaidh” from the Gaelic. Some other Jewish last names, l

ike Levy and Lewin, have similar sounds to Lewis and have been anglicized to Lewis in the United States. The surname Lewis ranks at #26 in the United States and #21 in the United Kingdom in terms of frequency of use.

What Is World Lewis Day?

On November 26, people around the world commemorate World Lewis Day in memory of the hundreds of koalas that perished or were displaced in the recent Australian bushfires.

This day also serves as a call to action for people to contribute to charitable organizations that are helping these animals.

History Of National Lewis Day

Given the name, Lewis is an Anglophone form of the Welsh Llewellyn, from which the surname Lewis is derived. This name’s connotation of “lion-like” is one possible meaning.

Although the origin is uncertain, it is likely connected to the Welsh word llyw, which means “leader.” Another possibility is that Lewis is a French-English form of the Old Frankish name Ludwig, which also meant “loud war.”

One of the earliest examples is the Lewis family, who lived in Glamorgan in the 1540s. The Gaelic surname Mac Lughaidh, anglicized to Lewis, means “son of Lughaidh.”

History Of National Lewis Day

In addition to the Arabic form of the name Elias, Lewis is an anglicization of a number of Jewish surnames that sound similar to Lewis, including Levy and Levi.

The English form of the name Lewis is ‘Lewis,’ and it has the same meaning as ‘famous warrior.

‘ To indicate the pronunciation with an S, Lewis is the preferred spelling. Since 2000, the name has consistently ranked among the top five in Scotland, and it is now starting to catch the attention of American parents.

The name Lowes or Lowess is a Norman form of the Latin name Lodovicus, and it is the source of the English and Welsh surname.

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The name Ludovicus originates from the post-Classical Latin name Ludovicus, which itself means “victory in athletic sports.” Names like “Clovis,” “Clouds,” and “Louis” in Old French and “Ludwig” in German are all descended from this original form. It was the Normans who introduced the surname Lowis to England.

Among the most popular American names from 1880 to 1930, Lewis peaked in the top 30 that year. One of its most well-known namesakes is Charles, the person who would later become known as Lewis Carroll.

Currently, the honor is carried by comedian Lewis Black. A number of famous people have shared the surname Lewis, including Lewis & Clark, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sinclair Lewis, Leona Lewis, and many others.

World Lewis Day: 2022

Let’s band together to rally support for koalas and their cause for donations. Many happy returns on this, the International Day of Lewis.

Remembering the koalas we’ve lost on World Lewis Day motivates us to take steps toward ensuring the animals a safe and secure habitat.

In honor of Lewis Day, I’d like to send my best wishes to everyone. Let’s lend a hand to save koalas and improve their living conditions by doing service work for them.

Every year on World Lewis Day, we are reminded of the importance of spreading the word about the plight of koalas in the hopes that more people will take action to save these cute little animals.

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Let me be the first to wish everyone a joyous World Lewis Day. All of us should work together to alleviate the koalas’ pain.

On this, annual celebration of Lewis, I offer my best wishes to everyone. Today is all about making a difference in the lives of koalas who have suffered the loss of their homes and possibly their lives.

Final Words

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is a charity with the mission of protecting and managing koala populations and their natural environments. For information on how you can make a difference, check out their website.


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