Netflix’s 1899 Cast List: Get To Know The Stars Of The New Dark-Produced Crime Drama!

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The furrow in a person’s brow and the delirium in their eyes are telltale signs that they have seen the German Netflix series Dark. Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar’s 2017–2020 time-travel mystery,

which required a flip-chart of graphs and diagrams to explain, was a cult hit for Netflix and led to a contract between the pair and the streaming service. The year is 1899 (for a review without any spoilers, click here).

Friese assured Deadline that she and Odar’s new Netflix series, “1899,” would be “something weird and wild and crazy” because of their previous work on “Dark.”

The writers and directors have promised that the new eight-part period drama will not be a rehash, but that it will instead provide viewers with a fun puzzle that hearkens back to the duo’s mystery roots.

Successful completion of the task at hand. Watching 1899 is like playing an exciting game. It begins as a multilingual upstairs-downstairs story about class and secrets aboard a steamship traveling from England to America

at the turn of the 20th century but very quickly evolves into Something Else. You may recognize many of the actors from Dark, the Danish dystopian series The Rain, and many others who appear in this film’s massive ensemble cast.

A Look At The 1899 Cast List On Netflix Revealed Some Interesting Names

Emily Beecham As Maura Franklin/Singleton

Emily Beecham, a singer, and actress from the United Kingdom plays the series’ central lead role, a neurologist named Maura Franklin/Singleton.

The actress is famous for her roles as Daphne in the film Daphne, Caro Allingham in the film The Village, and The Widow in the film Into the Badlands.

Emily Beecham has appeared in a number of other notable films and TV shows, such as The Pursuit of Love, Silent Witness, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Afterlife, Cruella, Outside the Wire, Rise of the Footsoldier, The Calling, and Agatha Christie’s Marple.

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Andreas Pietschmann As Eyk Larsen

The riveting Netflix series stars German actor Andreas Pietschmann as one of the show’s most important characters, the ship’s captain Eyk Larsen.

The roles of The Stranger / Jonas Kahnwald in the 2017 hit series Dark, Mattress in the 2015 series Vier gegen Z, and Konny von Brendorp in the 2007 series GSG 9 – Ihr Einsatz ist ihr Leben are among Pietschmann’s most recognizable works in the acting world.

In addition to his roles in Die Chefin, The Team, Cologne P.D., Edel & Starck, Mary of Nazareth, Beloved Sisters, Sonnenallee, Regular Guys, and many others, the actor has appeared in a wide variety of other notable films and television shows.

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Aneurin Barnard As Daniel Solace

The 35-year-old Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard plays one of the main characters, Daniel Solace, in the upcoming Netflix original film, 1899. The actor plays a man of intrigue in the film Kerberos.

The actor is well-known for his roles as Gibson in Dunkirk, Mozart in Interlude in Prague, Darnley in Mary Queen of Scots, Claude in Elfie Hopkins, and Mozart in The Truth About Emanuel.

The actor has appeared in a wide variety of films and television shows, some of which are listed below. These include Ironclad, The Facility, Hunky Dory, Citadel, We’ll Take Manhattan, Trap for Cinderella, Under Milk Wood, Midsomer Murders, The Pact, Peaky Blinders, Moonfleet, and many more.

Miguel Bernardeau As Ángel

In 1899, the pivotal role of ngel will be played by the Spanish actor Miguel Bernardeau, then 25 years old and already a seasoned pro.

Miguel Bernardeau is best known for his roles as Guzmán Nunier Osuna on Elite (2018), Javier Sáez Fragua in Caronte (2020), and Julen in Crime Wave (2018).

In addition to his work on such films as “It’s for Your Own Good,” “Josephine,” “Todo lo otro,” “The Last One,” “Sabuesos,” “Playa Negra,” “Cuéntame cómo pasó,” and “and others,” the actor has played pivotal roles in a number of other critically acclaimed works.

Cast members including Yann Gael as Jérôme, Isabella Wei as Ling Yi, Gabby Wong as Yuk Je, Rosalie Craig as Virginia Wilson, Mathilde Ollivier as Clémence, and many more can be seen in 1899.

Last words

The Brazilian comic book writer Mary Cagnin came forward shortly after the premiere of the new Netflix series “1899,” claiming that the show had plagiarised substantial portions of her work.

Cagnin expressed his shock over the similarities between his 2016 comic book Black Silence and the Netflix series 1899 in a Twitter post.


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