2022 NFL Thanksgiving Games: Groups, Air Times, And Plots!

NFL Thanksgiving Games 2022

Due to the NFL’s annual tradition of holding games on Thanksgiving, this holiday is one of the most exciting of the year for football fans. It all started back in 1934, and with the exception of a five-year hiatus during World War II, it has taken place every year since.

The Lions and the Cowboys have both played on Thanksgiving Day for the past 17 seasons, but the NFL has also regularly scheduled a third prime-time game. In 2022, the league has signed the Patriots and the Vikings to play a showcase game at 8:20 p.m. ET.

Although the Cowboys are more widely known for their role in Thanksgiving football, the Lions should really be given the credit for starting the tradition. The game was created by the owner, George A. Richards, in 1934 with the intention of increasing attendance, and it did just that. The Cowboys first played on Thanksgiving in 1966. With the exception of a forced hiatus caused by the NFL, they have kept going.

This custom will be carried on into the year 2022. Do the Lions have what it takes to beat the Bills, and do the Cowboys have what it takes to beat the Giants and end their losing streaks over the holidays? Absolutely, that could happen.

This article has all the information you need about the Thanksgiving games, including which teams will be participating, which channels will be airing the games, and more.

Who Is Playing On Thanksgiving?

  • The Buffalo Bills (7-3) play at the Detroit Lions (4-6).
  • The New York Giants (7-3) play at the Dallas Cowboys (7-3).
  • The New England Patriots (6-4) play at the Minnesota Vikings (8-2).

What Teams Are Playing On Thanksgiving 2022?

GameKickoff timeTV channel
Bills at Lions12:30 p.m. ETCBS, fuboTV
Giants at Cowboys4:30 p.m. ETFox, fuboTV
Patriots at Vikings8:20 p.m. ETNBC, fuboTV

When the 2022 NFL season rolls around, the Lions will have played host to the 83rd Thanksgiving Day game in franchise history. As is customary, their game will kick off the Thanksgiving holiday, and the Lions will be looking to win their first Thanksgiving game since 2016. However, that won’t be easy, as Josh Allen and the rest of the Bills’ explosive offence are on the way.

What Teams Are Playing On Thanksgiving 2022

Despite recent setbacks, such as losses to the Jets and Vikings in Weeks 9 and 10, the Bills remain one of the NFL’s most talented teams. In other words, unless Jared Goff struggles mightily against the Lions’ formidable pass rush, this should be a high-scoring game as the Lions’ defence will have a hard time stopping Allen and company.

The NFC East matchup between the Giants and Cowboys is scheduled for midday. In its 53rd Thanksgiving game, Dallas will play for the second-most all-time and will be looking for its first victory since 2018.

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Dallas shouldn’t expect an easy game against the Giants. The Cowboys are favoured to win this game with Dak Prescott back under centre after defeating their division rival 23-16 on “Monday Night Football” earlier this season with Cooper Rush at quarterback.

Finally, 2022’s night game should be quite interesting. The Patriots hope to pull off an upset against the unbeaten Vikings. While New England’s defence is top-notch, Minnesota’s offence is rock-solid. Therefore, a battle of equal strength should be entertaining to watch.

Buffalo Bills Vs. Detroit Lions

The first Thanksgiving Day game is, to put it mildly, intriguing. Super Bowl favourites Buffalo Bills take on Detroit Lions, who may be vying for the top overall pick in the NFL Draft of 2023.

Buffalo Bills Vs. Detroit Lions

Are there any other contenders for this? Doubtful. At the outset, the Bills are favoured by 10 points in this game.

When facing Josh Allen and his arsenal of weapons, the Lions’ porous defence will be put to the test. Stefon Diggs is having another stellar season, and Gabriel Davis has established himself as a reliable No. 2 wide receiver. If Allen stays healthy and throws like he has all season, the Bills won’t have to rely on the ground game despite the sputtering performance of the running game.

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New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys

This game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants is the most anticipated of the NFL games on Thanksgiving Day. There will be a Thanksgiving game

New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys

between the Cowboys and the Giants again this year, and it could be the most pivotal in recent memory. All four teams in the division still have a shot at winning it or at least making the playoffs, which is unprecedented.

Even though the Cowboys’ defence has been top-notch all year, it has shown signs of weakness in the last few games. Have the Giants and Daniel Jones hit rock bottom yet? The opening betting lines at the sportsbooks do not agree, with the Cowboys laying a touchdown at home.

New England Patriots Vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are shockingly dominating the NFC North. Despite the team’s impressive record, sportsbooks are still not putting much faith in Kirk Cousins. Even though they’re playing the Patriots, the spread is only 3.5 at home.

The Patriots’ great defence and rushing attack have kept them competitive despite Mac Jones’s lacklustre performance this season. But this New England defence will have its hands full with Justin Jefferson, who is on another level this season.

Last words

In 1966, the team saw an opportunity to play on Thanksgiving and use the spotlight to gain more fans. Tex Schramm, the general manager of the Cowboys, saw this as a fantastic opportunity to publicise the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on a national scale.


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