Brown Friday: Learnings From The Busiest Day Of The Year For PlumbersBrown Friday!

What's Brown Friday

CA: SACRAMENTO — Around the world, plumbers are preparing for their busiest day of the year. It’s a day known as “Brown Friday.”

Plumbers coined the term after receiving an increase in calls about broken garbage disposals and clogged or leaking pipes the day after Thanksgiving.

Some people, particularly after a large meal, have a habit of discarding items carelessly down the sink. Some of that rubbish can stick together, wreak havoc on pipes, and even cause them to burst if they get too full.

The HVAC and plumbing service provider Bell Brothers has reported an increase in calls so far in 2019. This year’s holiday meals will be bigger than usual, and more trash will need to be collected because more people will feel comfortable gathering for the holidays.

“It can be sudden, or it can be the culmination of a gradual process that people have been aware of but have avoided confronting until now. Then it appears, and it’s our job to deal with it outside “Jody Tea, a senior technician has said.

Potato peels, carrot peels, and eggshells are the three most common causes of drain blockages, according to Tea. Most people are aware that grease should never be flushed down the toilet.

Even after being chewed up, “those are very slimy and sticky,” so they can still clump together and not flow as smoothly as they should.

Do-it-yourself solutions to plumbing problems, like unclogging a drain or fixing a garbage disposal that won’t work, aren’t always the best idea. If you need help, a plumber should be your first call.

What Is Brown Friday?

It’s not hard to see why it’s called “Brown Friday” and what problems it represents. Grease, giblets, stuffing, turkey slices, potato peels, cooking oils, green bean skins, poultry skins, and extra guests can clog up American households’ garbage disposals,

sink drains, and toilets. (Suggestions include using only toilet paper and not wet wipes, not pouring hot water down the drain, and composting potato peels.)

What Is Brown Friday

Turkeys, geese, and other poultry may find themselves on the menu this Thanksgiving.

Because of this, the notion emerged that Friday is the day when residents most often contact their local plumbing company to report a clogged pipe. Beyond the wattle, ServiceTitan decided to run an actual check using hard data.

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The research included information from more than 350 businesses that have used ServiceTitan as of at least January 2018. From January 2018 to December 2020, calls, new hires, and revenue were analyzed.

There was no way to distinguish between calls for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and any other services that might be offered by the various plumbing companies. The growth in plumbing-specific employment and income data was limited.

Black Friday Vs. Brown Friday

In what ways do you associate the term “Brown Friday” with anything specific? The annual UPS hiring event for the holiday season is also known as Brown Friday, which is a name that has stuck.

Black Friday Vs. Brown Friday

The obviousness of the name “Brown Friday” being given by plumbers on Friday after Thanksgiving is immediately apparent to anyone who hears about it. Those backed-up bathrooms must be what “Brown Friday” refers to.

In spite of the fact that plumbers say that’s not the case, the fact that they’re so busy right after the holiday shows how true it is. On the day after Thanksgiving, service calls to the North American-wide Mr. Rooter Plumbing company increased by 50 percent.

However, the vast majority of these are not meant to be used in bathrooms. Problems with clogged drains and broken garbage disposals are far more common on Black Friday.

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Doyle James, CEO of Mr. Rooter Plumbing, explains that Thanksgiving is “the one day that everybody gets together and makes a big family meal, brings everybody over, and of course, they make more food than anybody can eat and everybody eats more food than they probably should eat.”

“When they’re done for the day, they have to figure out what do they do with the leftovers, the grease, the potato peels, and everything else that goes along with all the things that they made that day.”

How To Prevent Plumbing Problems On “Brown Friday”

  • Do not throw bones, and fibrous foods (potato peels, cornhusks, carrots, onion skins) down the garbage disposal. They wrap around the blades and damage the motor. Toss them in compost instead.
  • Dispose of grease in a container instead of pouring it down the drain. Toss the container only after the grease has solidified.
  • Make sure the water is running when feeding food scraps into the disposal. Citrus peels are great for fixing a smelly garbage disposal.
  • Wipe off greasy pans before washing them.
  • If your garbage disposal is having issues, do not operate the dishwasher.
  • If you have multiple people showering, make sure to use a mesh strainer to catch hair
  • Avoid flushing wipes, feminine products, and other non-dissolvable products down the toilet. Here are 12 things you should never flush down the toilet.

Certain Liquids Shouldn’t Be Tossed Down The Drain

Oils and grease should never be flushed down the toilet. It’s a common misconception that flushing the drain with water after pouring grease and oil down will solve the problem, but experts say this is not the case.

Certain Liquids Shouldn’t Be Tossed Down The Drain

Duane Nielsen, of Any Hour Services in Utah, explains to Nexstar’s KTVX that while grease may seem harmless when poured down the drain, the substance quickly turns solid when exposed to cold water. “And that can occur anywhere in the pipeline.”

Final Words

Although Black Friday is a busy shopping day, it is also the busiest day of the year for plumbers, who are paid in brown because of the colour of their uniforms.


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