5 HBO Max Series Releasing Fall 2022

Yes, we know that streaming services have pretty much taken over the idea of how we watch our favorite content; after all, we can all watch something whenever we have free time. Streaming platforms have become our go-to stop for unwinding, whether for enjoyment and the desire to relax after a long day or to temporarily divert our attention from something hectic happening around us.

HBO Max is one of the most well-known streaming services, and for good reason. It earns its spot with an extensive catalog of HBO original content (including cult favorites F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Game of Thrones). However, its content is constantly being expanded.

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This fall HBO Max has many exciting shows to offer. The streaming service is young compared to others in the market but has quickly made a name for itself. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the top five HBO Max releases due out this fall that you should watch!

  • Los Espookys (Season 2)

The highly anticipated comedy series Los Espooky is back after three years. The season follows an odd group of friends who want to turn their mutual love of horror into a profitable business. The ghost of a murdered beauty contest queen haunts Renaldo, a gore-obsessed group leader, at night. With Velasco, Julio Torres, and Cassandra Ciangherotti entertaining you in Season 2, you can count on some jump scares as well as lots of fun with the rest of the crew.  

  •   The Hype (Season 2)

Another amazing season of the reality show provides a platform for up-and-coming fashion designers to display their collections before a panel of distinguished judges. Offset, Bephie, and Marni Senofonte will also be on the panel.  

Designing ready-to-wear pieces that are both artful and commercially viable will be a challenge for up-and-coming visionary designers. The designers will have to complete timed tasks in order to win a Co-Sign worth $150,000 cash and a lifetime of opportunity. Three episodes of the streetwear competition will be released on Thursday, September 22, followed by three more episodes on September 29. Two final episodes will air on October 6.  

  •  Pennyworth (Season 3)

You must know Pennyworth if you are a fan of DC Comics. Many seasons based on DC Comics have found a new place on the streaming service, which makes sense given that Time Warner owns both DC Comics and HBO MAX.

Bob Kane and Bill Finger created the series based on DC characters starring young Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bann), who becomes Bruce Wayne’s legendary butler. Alfie, a former SAS soldier from the United Kingdom, maintains a security firm and collaborates with Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge). This was in 1960s London.  

The third season will premiere on HBO Max on October 6, 2022. It continues to follow Thomas Wayne’s exploits (Ben Aldridge) and his security detail/butler Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon) and then meets the two, five more years into the future, where a new era has begun of villains and heroes. 

  •  House of Ho (Season 2) 

The Ho family is back with a brand-new season after almost two long years. At the end of 2020, we last saw the Hos of Houston; Nate had proposed to Judy Ho, the oldest daughter of Binh and Hue Ho, after moving to Houston from Vietnam in the 1970s to establish a family empire. Things have changed a lot since then, not all of them for the better.

In this season, more of the family drama will unwind, continuing the struggle for power between Binh and Hue. On the other hand, children feel immense pressure to live up to their parents’ never-fulfilling expectations. The house of the Hos is filled with love and laughter.

  • Selena + Chef (Season 4)  

In the fall, HBO Max broadcasted four episodes of an amazing cooking show hosted by Selena Gomez. Among the most well-known chefs are Adrienne Cheatham and Devonn Francis, Gordon Ramsay, Kristen Kish, Ludo Lefebvre, Matty Matheson, Nick DiGiovanni, Paola Velez, Priya Krishna, and Rachael Ray. 

The new season will be at a beach home where Selena will continue to learn from top chefs. Each episode will feature a different charity, just like the first three seasons. The series has raised over $400,000 so far for 26 non-profit organizations.  


This concludes our list of the top series that you can watch on HBO Max. The season of spooky films, cozy weather, and pumpkin-flavored everything is upon us. In preparation for the season, the list above covers almost every genre, allowing you to choose your flavor of the week based on your mood.


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