Ads For Children’s Clothing By Balenciaga And H&M Have Sparked Debate Even Among Celebrities!

balenciaga child ad controversy

Balenciaga’s bondage-themed childrenswear ad campaign has been met with massive backlash. stars like Kim K. and Bella Hadid are feeling pressure because of their association with the brand.

The shocking advertisements for the spring 2023 collection were released by the high-end fashion label. Kids holding teddy bears dressed in S&M gear became an instant internet sensation, and the photos quickly went viral. Almost immediately, people took to social media to express their outrage and call for a boycott of the firm in question.

Immediately upon learning of the controversy, Balenciaga executives pulled the ads and issued an apology on Tuesday. In a statement, the company said, “We sincerely apologize for any offense our holiday campaign may have caused. Our plush bear bags should not have been featured with children in this campaign.”

The executives went on to say that they would be taking legal action against the makers of the ads because they were “unapproved,” and that they “strongly condemn the abuse of children in any form.”

Kim, as you know, is the founder of SKIMS, which has long worked with Balenciaga, and Bella is one of Balenciaga’s supermodels; however, people were still angry and took their anger out on Kim K and Bella Hadid for their association with the company on social media.

Another added, “Celebrities like Bella Hadid are quick to jump on the BLM and misgendering bandwagon, but happy to promote Balenciaga’s child porn campaign. These individuals have been corrupted by the devil, and as a result, they are satanic and support his evil agenda. This thing is pure evil.

Why Is Balenciaga’s Stuffed Bear Bag Holiday Ad Campaign Getting So Much Backlash, Exactly?

Images shot by National Geographic photographer Gabriele Galimberti and featured on Balenciaga’s website as part of the brand’s ‘Toy Stories’ campaign depicts children carrying plush bear bags from the label’s SS/23 Paris Fashion Week collection.

Why Is Balenciaga's Stuffed Bear Bag Holiday Ad Campaign Getting So Much Backlash, Exactly

These bears are outfitted from head to toe in leather harnesses, locked collars, and fishnet tops. People are now searching for things like this

“Balenciaga plush bear bag holiday campaign” and “Balenciaga children” to learn more about the brand, which has made it a trending topic on Google.3

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In The Balenciaga 2022 Holiday Ad, What Legal Briefs Do The Brand Refer To As “The Supreme Court?”

One of the photos, which Galimberti claims he did not take, also includes documents from the Supreme Court’s 2008 United States v Williams case, which criminalized the pandering of child pornography and cites the 2002 Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition case,

In The Balenciaga 2022 Holiday Ad, What Legal Briefs Do The Brand Refer To As The Supreme Court

which ruled that virtual child pornography is protected by the First Amendment guarantee of free speech. In the latter case, it was determined that the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 (CPPA) violated the right to freedom of expression because it had previously prohibited

the distribution and possession of pornography in digital images and films in which adults were portrayed as minors. There has been, as one might expect, a lot of pushback against the initiative on the internet.

Now, Balenciaga has issued a second apology for the campaign’s inclusion of the court documents. We regret any distress caused by the inclusion of these documents in our campaign,

the company said. We are taking legal action against those responsible for building the set and including unapproved props in our Spring ’23 ad campaign shoot because we take this matter extremely seriously. Any form of child abuse is totally unacceptable to us. We are a voice for the protection of children.

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As for the photo with the Supreme Court documents, Galimberti has since posted on Instagram to set the record straight, saying that he did not take it and that he had no creative control over the products or the models.

Last words

Balenciaga issued an apology on Tuesday for the backlash it received over an ad campaign that showed children holding teddy bears in bondage garb. A swift and vicious backlash ensued after the images were released last week as part of a Balenciaga Gift Shop campaign.

Photos taken by Gabriele Galimberti show kids holding teddy bears that look like they’re wearing BDSM garb. In one image, a young woman is shown holding a number of wine glasses. Because of the backlash, it encountered on social media, the campaign was discontinued.

Balenciaga issued a public statement of regret on Tuesday via Instagram Stories. The high-end clothing brand issued an apology to anyone who felt offended by its holiday advertising campaign, as reported by CNN.

“Our stuffed bear tote bags shouldn’t have been used in such a juvenile advertisement. All references to the campaign have been immediately taken down.”

Balenciaga’s “shameful” and “dangerous” ad campaign was widely criticized online, and the brand’s subsequent apology did little to appease those people.

“The Balenciaga brand’s explanation is not sufficient. British social media star Oli London captioned a photo of him burning his Balenciaga T-shirts, “They actively tried to push child exploitation, child abuse, and sexualization and try to normalize it and make it trendy.”


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