What Happens To Matt And The Farm At The End Of “Christmas On Mistletoe Farm?”

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm Ending Explained

Debbie Isitt’s “Christmas on Mistletoe Farm” is a film about love, family, and the importance of leaving a lasting legacy.

The Cunningham family is at the center of this story as they attempt to adapt to a new way of life on a farm. Leading roles in this heartwarming holiday film are played by Scott Garnham, Scott Paige,

Ashley Jensen, Celia Imrie, Kathryn Drysdale, and Carolyn Pickles. As the kids come up with ingenious ways to stay on the farm, and as Matt struggles to find his footing in this unfamiliar environment,

the story takes many unexpected turns. The audience member will probably get confused and have to learn the story as they go. Never fear, we’ve got your back. What happened at the conclusion of “Christmas on Mistletoe Farm” is as follows.

Christmas On Mistletoe Farm Plot Synopsis

Matt and his five children have lost their mother and primary caregiver. After they’ve finally found their groove as a couple and things were looking up in terms of regular life, Matt receives a formal letter informing him of his inherited gift,

Christmas On Mistletoe Farm Plot Synopsis

which completely changes their dynamic. Matt, on the other hand, is worried about his office work, where he has to make a convincing pitch in order to acquire a new client. Mo, Matt’s coworker, and friend, suggests he take his work to the farm where he can get some peace and quiet.

His offspring share his enthusiasm for a farm vacation, so the Cunninghams pack up and head to Cobbledon, where they will be spending the night at Mistletoe Farm.

There is a warm reception for them because his father is revered there. Beano, a member of the farm staff, is seen briefing the Cunninghams on the day’s activities and duties. The farm and its inhabitants win the hearts of Rosie, Violet, Buster, Charlie, and Lily, five city kids. They also have a strong feeling of community and affinity for the locals.

They refuse to go to the local school when Matt suggests it. Different factors that can cause a child to dislike school are also discussed. Similar to how Violet often feels scared and gets wobbles while at school,

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Rosie’s friends started calling her boring after her mother died, and Buster hates it when people make fun of him for liking sparkly things. Ultimately, this is a matter of great importance to the future of our children. They learn to embrace their unique identities and acquire a wealth of other skills through novel approaches to education.

Will Matt Finally Get To Meet His Dad On Christmas At Mistletoe Farm? Just Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

When Matt is young, he and his mother are abandoned by Matt’s father. In the narrative, Matt announces that he has secured employment in the United States and promptly leaves, never to return.

Will Matt Finally Get To Meet His Dad On Christmas At Mistletoe Farm Just Who Is This Guy, Anyway

Matt has always pondered, post-incident, whether or not his father will return to him and whether or not he misses him. His father’s abandonment limits some of his emotional capacity. After that, he stops allowing himself to feel anything and shuts down emotionally.

Every single person in town comes out to say hello to Matt, the kids, and the shop owner when they walk in. The town’s few hundred residents have become a tight-knit group that watches out for one another.

They meet the locals and find out what each person in town does for a living. Because he anticipates leaving soon, Matt avoids developing relationships with the residents of the town. In spite of this, the youngsters develop a deep attachment to their new home and its inhabitants.

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Do Matt And Ashley End Up Together?

The Cunninghams are driving into Cobbledon when they almost hit a horse and rider. She tells Matt that cars in the country have to make way for horses.

This exemplifies the divide between city dwellers and rural residents, who tend to have very different lifestyles, income levels, and access to resources. Ashley, the local veterinarian, is the mystery rider.

Do Matt And Ashley End Up Together

Because of the interference from the children, Matt and Ashley are forced to work together on a number of occasions. They go as far as planting mistletoes around the property specifically for the purpose of the couple kissing under it.

Throughout the movie, they continue to build on their rapport with witty banter and playful fights. When weighing his options, Matt considers his growing relationship with Ashley as he decides whether to remain on the farm or move to the city.

Matt opens up to Beano about how he feels after learning that Beano has sold the farm to developers and his dreams seem to be fading away. Ashley is a major factor in his decision to remain and start a new life with his kids.

What Happened To Beano?

It was all Beano’s fault, Matt said after he was let go from his job. Beano, plagued by guilt over Matt’s lost job, packed his bags and headed to London to try and retrieve it. The pitch that Matt had written down was among the things he brought with him.

Beano arranged a meeting with Matt’s superior and delivered the speech word for word. After hearing this, Matt’s boss abruptly reversed her decision and reinstated him.

On his way out, Beano stopped to talk to the developers on the street and ultimately persuaded them to purchase the farm. All three of them make the trip back to the farm.

Last words

Beano arrived at the farm to find everyone looking for him, including Matt. Matt was offered his old job back by his boss, according to Beano, but he turned it down in favor of staying on the farm with his family. When the developers sign the contract to sell the farm, however, another issue arises.

When Matt’s father’s appointed attorney shows up, he breaks the news that, per the will, Matt is not allowed to sell the farm. When the farm was saved, everyone was overjoyed, and Matt settled down in the nearby town.

Santa Claus later makes an appearance, claims to be Matt’s father, and begs for forgiveness. Everyone in the family is back together again, and there is much rejoicing and dancing.


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