Proclamation Of A New Day | National Personal Space Day – November 30!

National Personal Space Day

On November 30th, we celebrate National Personal Space Day, an annual event that highlights the importance of respecting people’s boundaries when it comes to physical contact, with the goal of fostering an environment where people with sensory processing disorders can heal and feel safe.

Injuries from touch are real. There are a lot of harmful bacteria and viruses.

It’s a day to be sensitive to people’s unstated desires for solitude or a lighter touch. If you see someone wearing a peach symbol, instead of shaking their hand or giving them a hug, give them a smile and do something else to show them you care.

On National Personal Space Day, people are urged to use the sign as a subtle way of saying, “I need a little extra space today,” without risking any uncomfortable situations or hurt feelings.

If you wear a Peach, your voice will be amplified in a friendly way. The goal of the mission is to inspire a cultural shift in how people express their feelings.

Indeed, we face difficulties in this highly introspective era of the 21st century with regard to our individual privacy. We can also gain a better appreciation for the personal space of those around us at this time.

Whether they are grieving, undergoing chemotherapy, or simply needing more space to protect them from harmful bacteria, viruses, or other sensitivities, everyone has a story to tell about a time when well-intentioned but unwanted touch or closeness caused them harm.

History Of National Personal Space Day

Avoiding a kiss or a handshake is seen as rude in today’s society, where people are encouraged to show affection through physical contact. This ignores the fact that there are those who would rather not be touched.

National Personal Space Day is for you if you’ve always felt uncomfortable about saying no to unwanted hugs and taps on the shoulder.

History Of National Personal Space Day

A group called “For the Love of Peach” has organized National Personal Space Day. Public health expert Carol Winner founded the organization in 2015. Life experiences influenced Winner’s outlook, and this is what drove her to create a day that stresses the value of personal space.

Winner’s life was rocked in 1977 when she learned that her mother had cancer. Her life was already in danger due to the death of her father a few years earlier. Her mother relied on her, and she herself, for all of her care. The winner spent several weeks in and out of the hospital, gaining insight into the experiences of patients and the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Winner cared for her chronically ill mother for the next four decades, during which her mother was constantly at risk of contracting new infections because of her weakened immune system.

People would rush up to her mother and immediately leap into an embrace or kiss as they came to pay their respects. As a result, she felt extreme pain. It bothered Winner that her mother never said no to a physical advance, not even when they were in the trenches.

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Within a short time, Winner became her mother’s safe haven and took control of her loneliness. Because of what she went through, Winner decided to speak out about the importance of having space for oneself. The winner started For the Love of Peach in 2015 after leaving her job in corporate America. Educating the public about why we need more space is the mission of this organization.

The winner’s goal with the foundation is to reform our approach to showing affection. Its message is that separation can be beneficial and even lifesaving.

How To Observe Personal Space Day

How To Observe Personal Space Day
  • Do others intrude on your personal space?
  • Are you or someone you love immunocompromised?
  • Do you suffer from a chronic pain condition, anxiety, or another condition that makes touch painful?
  • Do you fear touch from exposure to harmful bacteria or viruses?
  • Are you a family bonding with your new wee one?
  • Does someone in your family need a safe space?
  • Are you a caregiver for someone who needs to avoid touch?
  • Are you looking for a way to explain personal space to children?

Feel free to tell your story on the Give Space Facebook page. Post an image on Twitter or Instagram as well! Please tell us how you and your family are doing.

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Last Words

The term “personal space” refers to the safe distance between you and the person you are interacting with, whether you are talking to them or standing next to them. If someone is invading your personal space, they are getting too close to you and making you feel uneasy.


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