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Cassiopeia, who makes her debut as a mystery character in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is notorious for hacking the players’ phones and forcing them to aid in her plans to destroy Team Star.

At the beginning of Mission Starfall, not much is known about her because she prefers to maintain her anonymity and she has only one objective, which is to defeat the five bosses of Team Star.

Playthroughs of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet eventually revealed Cassiopeia’s true identity. Some players may have already guessed her true identity, but others may be taken aback.

Players learn that Cassiopeia is actually Penny, the frightened girl they rescued from the Mesagoza steps earlier in the game. She is the head of Team Star, the rival team you and she have been working together to defeat. Read on for detailed instructions on how to defeat Cassiopeia, a Pokemon found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Cassiopeia’s Defeat In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: The Battle Steps

At the beginning of the game, you and your teammates will be bullied by members of Team Star, but it will turn out that the timid trainer with the large stuffed Eevee backpack is actually the mysterious hacker Cassiopeia, who also happens to be Team Star’s boss.

Her desire to be with the other Team Star leaders is what drives her to try to bring down Team Star. The reason the founder of Team Star went to such lengths was so that his/her fellow members wouldn’t risk their lives for the cause.

Cassiopeia's Defeat In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet The Battle Steps

Since one of Team Star’s rules states that any leader who is defeated in battle must resign from their position, she came up with a plan to defeat all of their leaders after her friends were nearly expelled for truancy at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet School.

Umbreon, being a Dark-type Pocket Monster, is vulnerable to attacks from Pokemon of the Bug, Fairy, and Fighting types. Her second Pokémon is Flareon, a Fire-type that can only be defeated with equally potent Ground, Rock, and Water attacks.


In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Penny’s third Pokemon is a Vaporeon, a Water-type. The Pocket Monster is vulnerable to Electric and Grass-type attacks, but her Vaporeon knows Aurora Beam, which deals significant damage to Grass-types. To combat this, a powerful Electric Pocket Monster would be useful.

How To Ride Koraidon And Miraidon In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

It’s likely that you’ve seen trainers traveling the world atop Koraidon and Miraidon in a trailer or game for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How To Ride Koraidon And Miraidon In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

This is due to the fact that, unlike previous games in the series, Scarlet and Violet’s box art features the Legendary Pokémon instead of the bicycle players have come to associate with the series.

The question is, how do you ride these majestic Pokémon to discover the open world that is available? We’re here to tell you that, in fact.


How Do You Ride Koraidon And Miraidon?

If you want to ride either of the two Pokémon, you’ll have to make some headway in the story first. Depending on how long the tutorial is, you could be looking

at a couple of hours before you finally see the pop-up message that informs you that you have unlocked the ability. This is pretty hard to miss, especially since an NPC in the game will tell you how the Legendary in your game acts like it wants you to ride on its back.

How Do You Ride Koraidon And Miraidon

Don’t freak out if you didn’t see the pop-up or read it in its entirety. Whether or not Miraidon or Koraidon appear in your party Pokémon menu at the bottom of the screen indicates whether or not they are currently rideable.

If they are, you can check by hovering over them to see if the “Press + to ride” option appears, which means you’re good to go.

To ride the Pokémon like a bicycle when you’re outside or in a location that permits it, simply press the + button on your controller, as instructed in the note.

Final words

A new mechanic in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet allows players to aim and throw their Poké Balls to initiate battles with Pokémon from a distance, making it possible for some Pokémon to spawn in trees. But not all of them can be challenged or knocked out of the tree in this way.

Slakoth seems to fit this description, as it is not only difficult to catch because it only appears in trees but also because it is difficult to hit with a Poké Ball once it has been released. Because it perches on treetops rather than scurries along the ground, it is similarly difficult to spot unless one is on the lookout.

South Province Areas One, Three, and Five are where you’ll find Slakoth, so that’s where you’ll want to go if you’re looking to capture one. The next step is to use either Koraidon or Miraidon to make a hasty approach to the tree in an effort to jar the Pokémon loose.

If you want to rush, you’ll have to clear at least one Titan Pokémon on the Path of Legends story branch, and based on the level spread, you probably already have a Vigoroth by then. This, however, is the path for those who seek to fill their Pokédex.


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