Herschel Walker plays up folksy charm ahead of Georgia Senate runoff

In the city of WARNER ROBINS, Georgia — Faye Lacey’s neck injury wasn’t going to prevent her from going to Warner Robins, Georgia, on Friday to support Herschel Walker at a campaign event.

When asked by the Washington Examiner why she was wearing a red shirt with Walker’s face on it and a neck brace with a “Run Herschel Run” sticker slapped in the middle, Lacey said that if the Republican Senate candidate could show up for voters, then so could she.

She referred to him as a “Georgia boy” in passing. “He’ll defend us in court! Check it out!”

In the parking lot of Galleria Square, where Lacey was present, a crowd of 150 Georgians had gathered to hear the football star-turned-political candidate make his case to voters.

Walker’s runoff against Senator Raphael Warnock is extremely close. A runoff election was held on December 6 because neither candidate received a majority of the popular vote in the initial round of voting. The early voting period for the election ended on Friday. There have been a record number of voters, 1,4 million, and wait times of over two hours in some major cities.

Among likely voters, Warnock leads Walker, 52% to 48% (within the poll’s margin of error of 3%), according to a CNN/SSRS poll that was released on Friday.

If Warnock were to be elected, it would mean that the number of Senate seats held by Democrats would increase to 51. The last two years of President Joe Biden’s first term would be much more difficult if Walker were elected. This is especially true for the confirmation of judicial nominees.

Ultimately, Lacey Doesn’t Have Much Of A Choice

Despite allegations that Walker claimed a Texas tax credit intended for residents of that state while running for office in Georgia, she said, “I love Herschel Walker, and Georgia is his home.”

68-year-old Lucretia Mosley also attended the Walker event, and she wore a purple wig to stand out.

Ultimately, Lacey Doesn't Have Much Of A Choice

She told the Washington Examiner, “I wanted to wear red for Herschel, but this was the closest I could get.” I want him to know that he has our full support in Georgia and that his opponents, Raphael Warnock and Joe Biden, are not welcome here.

Mosley had started to defend her “crazy for loving Herschel” reputation to her grandchildren when she saw Walker’s red and black bus pull into the parking lot.

Two dogs wearing “Run Herschel Run” sweaters started barking and jumping around at the same time.

In the midst of George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone,” the colossal football star stepped off the bus, and the crowd went absolutely wild.

Walker spoke about his experiences in football, his mother’s description of him as “big-boned” as a child, his participation in the Olympic bobsled team, and his belief that God had chosen him specifically to depose Warnock. He brought up an old joke about St. Peter riding an elevator to hell again, and he compared Warnock’s debate performance in Savannah to that of Scooby-Doo.

The fact that he despises pronouns was a target for Walker’s jab. He added that he had been called a c***, a derogatory term for a black person, but then changed his tune mid-sentence to say that he didn’t mind because he thought c***s were clever. He then accused Warnock of using racism as a weapon and finally told the predominantly white crowd that racism did not exist.


Lacey thinks It Adds To Walker’s Endearing, Country-Bumpkin Persona

A believer herself, she explained, “I know he was a fallen away Christian like me and he got redeemed.” As painful as it is to admit, “I know he had many faults, but he asked for forgiveness and wrote a book about it.”

As for Warnock, she said, “he’s for abortion, and up until the last moment.” I don’t know how you can be a man of God and be for abortion,” she continued.

Lacey thinks It Adds To Walker's Endearing, Country-Bumpkin Persona

Clarence Edwin, a Walker supporter, told the Washington Examiner that Edwin appreciated Walker’s honesty about being a “flawed human” who “deserves forgiveness because he sought salvation.”

Similarly, Edwin, a retired educator, has referred to Warnock, the senior pastor of Atlanta’s renowned Ebenezer Baptist Church, as “an agent of Satan.”

I’ve seen what Warnock’s been up to the past couple of years, and it’s not good,” she said. Unfortunately, he keeps voting the same way as Joe Biden.

During the time that Walker was meeting with voters in Warner Robins, Warnock was in Savannah organizing a march of about a hundred of his supporters from the Deliverance Prayer Tower to an early voting center.


Warnock, who grew up in Savannah’s ghettos, encouraged voters to spend the weekend calling those they knew didn’t vote or weren’t sure had voted. It is your responsibility to contact them.

Turnout In The Early Voting Period Increases As Outside Support Grows

An unsuccessful court challenge by Republicans arguing that the polls should be closed because it followed a holiday resulted in more than 150,000 people voting over the weekend, including more than 70,000 on Saturday. Second-in-command election official in Georgia, Gabriel Sterling, tweeted late Monday that more than 300,000 people voted early in the state on that day, setting a new record.

Turnout In The Early Voting Period Increases As Outside Support Grows

According to numbers provided by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, over 500,000 votes have been cast ahead of next week’s runoff election. Early voting in person has accounted for about 470,000 of those votes.

Counties that held early voting last week or over the weekend are not exempt from holding early voting this week from Monday through Friday. Due to the shortened time period before the runoff, fewer early voting days are available than in the general election.

While the polls are open, campaigning for the election continues in full swing for both candidates. For Warnock, this means that on Thursday, former President Barack Obama will once again pay a visit to the Atlanta area. Senator Booker of New Jersey campaigned with him over the weekend, and on Monday night, he invited musician Dave Matthews to speak at a rally.

To help their respective parties gain any advantage — or, in the cases of President Joe Biden and former President Trump, to be careful to do no harm — even the most powerful figures in the parties are making difficult decisions.

Neither Trump nor Biden have campaigned in Georgia because they are unpopular among the state’s crucial swing voters. Someone close to Walker confirmed to CNN that Trump, who recruited Walker to run and has been a consistent supporter, will not appear in the state before the election on December 6.

Final words

Democrats as a whole have invested $14.4 million, led by Georgia Honor, which is funded by the Democratic Senate Majority PAC, even though the official Democratic Senate campaign arm has only spent about $40,000 on television and digital ads ahead of the runoff. (After the confirmation of the runoff earlier this month, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced a $7 million investment in field operations.)

On the Republican side, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has spent slightly more than $500,000, which is significantly less than the roughly $11.5 million spent by the GOP’s Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC closely tied to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

If SLF goes over its previously announced plans to spend more than $14 million on the race, that number could increase in the coming days.

Furthermore, two new ads released this week in Georgia reflect the increasingly negative tone of runoff, with each campaign seizing on personal attacks to make their case to voters in the final week.


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