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Being a ninja requires a certain set of skills, some of which include sabotage, guerilla warfare, assassination, and infiltration. Espionage is another one of these skills. Ninjas are known for their all-black clothing, which they wear from head to toe. They emerge from the shadows of the night like a hawk with its wings clipped, attack their target, and then vanish without a trace.

It is said that Ninjas are the masters of Kuji-Kiri, an eastern magical discipline that enables them to combine their innate ability to move like ghosts with supernatural abilities. This talent is said to allow Ninjas to combine their inherent ability to move like ghosts with supernatural powers. This day, known as International Ninja Day, is intended to honour and remember the ancient Ninja warriors who lived in China and Japan. Prepare yourselves to celebrate and take pleasure in International Ninja Day!

International Ninja Day History

The Tom Cruise film “The Last Samurai,” which depicted a ninja-vs-samurai conflict, is said to be the reason why December 5 was selected as the first International Ninja Day. Since then, the celebration has grown and received media attention in phases, capitalising on the long-standing fascination Americans have had with the assassins in black, dating back to the first issues of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” through games that emphasise swordplay like the classic tabletop “Dungeons and Dragons,” as well as a number of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies from the 1960s and 1970s.

However, the aim is more important than the satirical website and its founders’ motivations: The only day of the year, December 5, when you won’t get weird glances for saying “Haiii-yah!” as you dash in and grab a donut from the box in the conference room. Throw paper clips like shuriken, engage in fictitious karate fights, and even get a cup of sake after work. You possess the secret to the mystical power on Day of the Ninja!

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Why International Ninja Day

Ninjas have gained more and more fans over the last few years. They are admired in numerous films and animated series. From the Sengoku era, ninjas originated in Japan’s Iga Province. The ninjas are adept in all forms of espionage, assassination, and guerilla warfare. According to Japanese tradition, ninjas descended from a demonic creature that was 50/50 a man and a crow. They are not to blame, after all.

The era of stability that began in 1603 lasted until 1868, when the ninjas’ services were no longer needed and they vanished into the darkness, leaving behind a legacy. When a ninja commits his life to a mission, there is no turning back until the mission is completed. Doing our best in everything and being willing to die for what we believe in is a theme that may also be a part of our own life.

International Ninja Day Craze

The phrase may be complimented.
You might overhear someone in a sales office refer to the top salesman as “our ninja” Or you might chuckle and say, “Ninja!” if a buddy of yours dropped something but caught it before it struck the ground. Such remarks are particularly relevant on December 5.

Ninjas are enigmatic.
Aside from the humour of the Ninja Burger parody, actual ninjas motivate us in the same way that the underdog or antihero always does in movies and stories. The picture of the lone person performing a life-or-death task just speaks to us. Think about the reasons for that today.

It feels good to relax your guard.
Maintaining your “game face” day in and day out can be quite taxing and anxious. That is why here at National Today, we discuss a holiday every single day. There is no better day to “let your hair down” than International Ninja Day, in our opinion.

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Interesting Fact About International Ninja Day

international ninja day facts

In honour of International Ninja Day, here is some information on ninjas that you might find fascinating.

  • The history of ninjas is murky at best due to the fact that they originated as stealthy agents tasked with completing missions.
  • Bandages could be made out of the antiseptic that was infused into the ninja masks so that they could be utilised in emergency situations.
  • -Kunoichi were female ninjas who served as spies and infiltrated enemy castles by disguising themselves as dancers, servants, and concubines.
  • -Shuriken, the name given to the throwing stars employed by ninjas, were not designed to be used as weapons but rather as a means of diversion.
  • A film featuring Tom Cruise called The Last Samurai was also released on the same day.

How you can Celebrate International Ninja Day

international ninja day celebration
  • Put on a ninja mask and demonstrate your ninja prowess by using plastic knives and swords at work, school, or home (not undermining your talent here, just to be humble about it)
  • You can strive to develop the dexterity and stealth of a ninja, which you can use to stealthily leave your house or sneak into your refrigerator when everyone is asleep.
  • Enlist in a martial arts class to bring out your inner ninja.
  • Go on a ninja movie marathon with your friends and family; if you start to get too giddy, keep a punching bag handy.
  • Be a good ninja and perform small deeds of charity for the less fortunate on the streets while hiding in the shadows of your black attire.
  • Hold a ninja-themed dinner featuring Chinese and Japanese food.
  • Use the hashtag #InternationalNinjaDay when posting images and videos to social media.

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