‘Los Espookys’ Canceled After Two Seasons at HBO 2

After two seasons, HBO has decided to cancel the comedy series, as reported by EW. The show, which was developed by Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen, followed a group of eccentric pals who turned their love of horror into a wacky enterprise. Cassandra Ciangherotti and Bernardo Velasco also star.

More than three years after the series premiere due to pandemic delays, HBO is “thrilled” to finally deliver Season 2 of Los Espookys to viewers. “We appreciate the fantastical and wonderfully offbeat world that Julio, Ana, and Fred have built for us. Although a third season isn’t in the works right now, we’d love to collaborate with this talented group again in the future.”

Torres has two comedy series in development for HBO, Little Films and Lucky, despite the cancellation of Los Espookys, and he still has an overall first-look deal with HBO and HBO Max.

Once upon a time in 2019, there was a show called Los Espookys that became an instant cult classic before being put on hold due to the pandemic. The second season of this show started airing earlier this year.

‘Los Espookys’ Canceled After Two Seasons At HBO

HBO’s Spanish-language comedy series “Los Espookys” has been canceled after two seasons, as reported by IndieWire.

Los Espookys was an animated series created by Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen about a group of aimless friends who turn their love of the horror genre into a business by convincing others that the supernatural is real.

‘Los Espookys’ Canceled After Two Seasons At HBO

All three creators, along with Bernardo Velasco and Cassandra Ciangherotti, played key roles in the success of the series as the Espookys. The first season debuted in 2019, and after a three-year hiatus due to a pandemic, the show returned in September of this year with its second season.

The second season of HBO’s “Los Espookys” premiered more than three years after the series premiere due to delays caused by a global pandemic, and the network is “thrilled” to have finally been able to deliver it to viewers. “We appreciate the fantastical and wonderfully weird world that Julio, Ana, and Fred have built for us. We have no plans to produce a third season at this time, but we would love the chance to collaborate with this talented group of individuals again.

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Currently, Torres has a first-look deal with HBO and HBO Max, which is where he is most well-known for his work as a writer on “Saturday Night Live” from 2016 to 2019.

‘Los Espookys’ Canceled After Two Seasons At HBO 1

The HBO series “Little Films,” in which the comedian will star, and “Lucky,” a comedy series created by the comedians Adam McKay and Spike Einbinder, about a trans-non-binary Brooklyn misfit, are both in development.

Critics have praised the writing and original voice of “Los Espookys” since the show’s debut. In his review for IndieWire, TV critic Ben Travers said,

“Los Espookys’ worships at the altar of artistic ambition, and it more than earns our baffled appreciation of the very same.”

Season 2 also featured guest stars like Einbinder, José Pablo Minor, River L. Ramirez, Giannina Fruttero, Carmen Gloria Bresky, Eudora Peterson,

Greta Titelman, Sam Taggart, Kim Petras, Isabella Rosellini, Yalitza Aparicio in addition to the regular cast. Along with Alice Mathias, Lorne Michaels, and Andrew Singer of Broadway Video,

Armisen, Fabrega, and Torres served as executive producers for the series. Sharon Lopez and Andy Garland served as producers, while Nate Young served as co-executive producers. Besides Broadway Video, Antigravico and Fabula also contributed to the series production.

Planning On Seeing The Performance?

All the fun that can still be had on the platform was described by HBO Max “Season two finds Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco), the charismatic leader of LOS ESPOOKYS and a gore enthusiast, haunted by the ghost of a beauty pageant queen, while rsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti) recruits an old acquaintance to challenge the political status quo.

Planning On Seeing The Performance

Tati (Ana Fabrega), rsula’s well-intentioned sister, is juggling a new job and married life, and Andrés (Julio Torres), Renaldo’s ominous best friend, is trying to figure out his place in the world now that he has calmed his inner demons (literally). In the meantime, Uncle Tico (Fred Armisen) is looking for a new direction in life after being laid off from his valet job.”

Invented by Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega, and Julio Torres, Los Espookys is executive produced by Lorne Michaels, Armisen, Fabrega, Torres, and Broadway Video’s Andrew Singer and Alice Mathias, co-executive produced by Nate Young, and produced by Sharon Lopez and Andy Garland.

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Co-produced by Oscar®-winning Chilean studio Fabula and Tony Award-winning production companies Broadway Video and Antigravico. The authors are Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, Bernardo Britto, and Mara Vargas Jackson. In charge of direction were Sebastian Silva and Ana Fabrega.

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Jose Pablo Minor Carol Kane, Spoke Einbender, River L. Ramirez, Greta Titelman, and Carmen Gloria Bresky also starred in Los Espookys, which follows a group of friends who “turn their love for horror right into a peculiar enterprise, offering horror to those who want it.” Season 2 added Martine Gutierrez and Yalitza Aparicio to the cast of presenters.

As well as writing and directing the series, Fabrega, Torres, and Armisen served as executive producers on the show alongside Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, and Alice Mathias. Nate Young executive produced alongside Sharon Lopez and Andy Garland.


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