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Every year on December 11th, we celebrate International Mountain Day to call attention to the vital role that mountains play in our daily lives and in the health of our planet. Explore the background, significance, and celebrations of International Mountain Day here.

The 11th of December has been officially designated as International Mountain Day by the United Nations General Assembly. United Nations statistics state that “Mountain host about half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and 30% of all key Biodiversity Areas.”

Nearly half of all humans rely on mountain freshwater for their basic needs. Six of the twenty plant species that provide 80 percent of the world’s food—corn, potatoes, barley, sorghum, tomatoes, and apples—originated and diversified in the mountains.

Observing the dangers that mountains face, International Mountain Day was created. Goal 15 of the SDGs focuses on protecting these ecosystems as a crucial step toward achieving sustainable development. The mountains are in danger because of global warming and overexploitation. Protecting mountain areas is important.

Countless people in the lowlands depend on the mountains even more than the mountain people themselves. They play an important role in the water cycle and as the origins of the world’s major rivers.

The possibilities and growth of mountains are also highlighted on this day. As an added bonus, it helps people learn about the importance of mountains and how they affect the environment and humanity. It is an annual event that has a set theme.

Who Started International Mountain Day?

In 2002, the United Nations General Assembly officially declared June 18 as International Mountain Day. On December 11, 2003, the first annual celebration of the Day was held.

As a result, it has become an annual event that is celebrated in many countries. There is a new emphasis on some facet of mountain life or preservation each year.

International Mountain Day: History

Chapter 13 of Agenda 21 was adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992, and it was this chapter that laid the groundwork for what would later become International Mountain Day: “Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development.

International Mountain Day History

” As a matter of fact, it marked a turning point in the progress of mountain construction. In response to rising awareness of mountains’ significance,

the United Nations General Assembly declared 2002 the UN International Year of Mountains and established December 11 as International Mountain Day beginning in 2003. Consequently, we can confirm that the very first International Mountain Day was observed on December 11th, 2003. There is a new focus for the annual celebration.

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International Mountain Day Is Being Celebrated

Today is the celebration of International Mountain Day. The 11th of December is the annual date chosen for the event. The event is intended to promote mountain regions’ long-term viability.

International Mountain Day Is Being Celebrated

The United Nations recognized the growing significance of mountains by designating 2002 as the UN International Year of Mountains. In 2003, after its initial 2002 debut, International Day was officially observed for the first time.

We can use the occasion of International Mountain Day to raise awareness of the importance of preserving mountain biodiversity, which is threatened by climate change, overexploitation, and pollution.

This year’s International Mountain Day is focused on promoting “Sustainable mountain tourism.” Sustainable mountain tourism has the potential to help with issues like poverty reduction, social inclusion, and landscape and biodiversity conservation, among others.

Fifteen percent of the world’s population lives in mountains, and these areas also contain roughly half of the planet’s biodiversity hotspots. Half of all humans depend on their fresh water supply. Their protection is crucial to long-term progress toward a sustainable society.

Importance Of International Mountain Day

Not only do mountains provide some of the most stunning scenery on Earth, but they are also home to 15 percent of the global population. They’re home to almost half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. They are places with a high concentration of species of flora and fauna that are in danger of going extinct.

Importance Of International Mountain Day

As a result, mountain ecosystems are being overused and degraded. However, as the planet continues to warm, another major threat to its survival is climate change.

But there are other challenges that the people of the mountains must contend with as well. The thousand-year-old ice on the mountains’ glaciers has started to melt.

The impact on the freshwater supply for communities at the foot of mountains is devastating. And these are just the outward manifestations; eventually, the devastation will spread to areas outside of the mountains as well.

The purpose of International Mountain Day is to mitigate these unintended consequences. If we take one day a year to celebrate mountains, we can educate and inform the public about the plight of these ecosystems.

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Celebrating International Mountain Day brings people together so that for one day they can focus on doing something positive for the environment. In recent years, the number of participating nations and organizations has grown to over 78 and 130, respectively.


International Mountain Day is not only about mountains. Our mountains have a profound effect on everyone because of the love and respect we have for them. A mountain range’s rich biodiversity is a gift from nature that mountain people have protected for our benefit. Let’s keep up the good work of protecting our mountain ranges.


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