HBO No Longer Airs The Minx Despite The Cancellation Of Season 2, Max Was Renewed For Season 3!

‘Minx’ Canceled at HBO Max Despite Season 2 Renewal

TV Land has decided not to air the comedy series about the founding of a women’s pornographic magazine in the 1970s, despite having previously renewed the show for a second season, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. HBO Max also has plans to pull the first season of the show from its library.

Producer Lionsgate Television has indicated it will look for a new home for the show after the cancellation came as Minx was reportedly nearing the end of production on its second season. As the company explained in a statement released on Monday, “we have enjoyed a good partnership with HBO Max and are working closely to find a new opportunity for Minx so current, and new viewers can continue this journey with us.”

Even the show’s creator, Ellen Rapoport, agreed, tweeting, “Naturally, I’m bummed that Minx (and presumably other shows that have yet to be announced) will no longer air on HBO Max. I think our audience will follow us to our new location and be impressed by the show we’ve put together. My sincere appreciation goes out to the industry’s finest actors and crew.”

The premiere of Minx occurred in March, and it starred Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce, an aspiring editor of a women’s lib magazine who is coerced into working for Doug (Jake Johnson) at Bottom Dollar Publishing. When Doug talks Joyce into turning her feminism into an erotica magazine for women, the two of them launch a business venture that challenges their fundamental assumptions about capitalism, sex, and desire.

Lovibond previously stated to EW, “It’s a period piece, not a historical piece.” “Even after half a century, the issues we’re discussing aren’t history. Those debates continue, and the fight for women’s reproductive autonomy continues to be waged. Feminism is not a generic ideology, as we are still learning.”

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Minx Is Another Victim Of Merger Fatigue

According to TVLine, production on Minx Season 2 was “nearing completion.” Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds) has been cast in a recurring role, so fans can look forward to seeing her more often if the show moves to a new network.

Minx Is Another Victim Of Merger Fatigue

This year has seen the successful completion of the WarnerMedia and Discovery merger. Together, they now offer Discovery+, CNN, HBO, Cartoon Network, HBO Max, and the premium channels from Warner Bros.

Entertainment and HBO. Minx, Raised by Wolves, Gordita Chronicles, and FBoy Island are just some of the shows that have been canceled after Warner Bros. Discovery promised investors they could save more than $3 billion.

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What the Minx gang gets into next could be seen by viewers if the show follows in the footsteps of TBS’ Chad, which was canceled after filming for its second season had wrapped but was then picked up by Roku.

Final Words

Prepare emoji facepalm here: After a successful first season, Deadline reports that Minx will return for a second on HBO Max. Woo! Showrunner Ellen Rappaport told Deadline that everyone at Minx was “blown away” by the enthusiastic response from viewers around the world. “They mashed up, TikTok-ed, and fanfic-ed us into a renewal,” Rappaport said.


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