2 police officers shot and killed in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Early on Wednesday morning, authorities in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, confirmed that two police officers had been shot and killed at Motel 6. According to reports, the officers were dispatched to the motel after a request for a welfare check was made to the Bay St. Louis Police Department from the motel, which is located on a section of Interstate 90 that passes through the Gulf Coast city.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety released a statement confirming that Branden Estorffe, 23, and Steven Robin, 34, were the two dead officers.

According to the police department, the officers checked into Motel 6 before 4:30 am on Wednesday local time. Officers then came across Amy Anderson, 43, who they later learned was sitting in a parked car with a young girl.

According to the DPS statement, Anderson was spoken to by the officers for close to 30 minutes before the state’s child protection services were contacted. The police say that Anderson shot both officers from the car before turning the gun on herself. The authorities confirmed that Robin passed away at the scene while Estorffe passed away from her injuries later that morning.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety said that the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation “is currently assessing this critical incident and gathering evidence,” and that more information will be released after the investigation is finished.

Upon completion of their probe, state bureau agents will submit their findings to the state attorney general’s office, the department said.


Tate Reeves, Governor Of Mississippi, Tweeted His Thoughts On The Tragedy

“He said, in part, “I am heartbroken by this terrible loss of two brave law enforcement officers. Early this morning, two Bay St. Louis Police officers were tragically shot and killed in the line of duty.

” I am saying prayers for the people of Bay St. Louis and the police department that lost loved ones in this tragedy. Daily, law enforcement officers in Mississippi risk their lives in countless acts of bravery and dedication to protecting the public.”

2 Officers Were Killed After A 30-Minute Talk With A Woman

After talking to a woman for nearly 30 minutes in a motel parking lot early on Wednesday morning, she allegedly opened fire, killing both officers. The female companion also perished.

Officers were dispatched to the Motel 6 parking lot in Bay St. Louis at 4:30 a.m. for a welfare check and found Amy Anderson, 43, sitting in a parked SUV with a female child, according to a statement released by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

2 Officers Were Killed After A 30-Minute Talk With A Woman

Anderson allegedly shot at Sgt. Steven Robin and Officer Branden Estorffe of the Bay St. Louis Police Department after they had spoken to her for nearly half an hour while she sat in the car. According to the police report, during the course of the conversation, the officers initiated contact with Child Protection Services.

In the parking lot, Robin, age 34, passed away. According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, 23-year-old Estorffe passed away shortly after being taken to the hospital.


When additional officers arrived, they discovered Anderson dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. Previous reports indicated that the woman had committed suicide by gunshot. Whatever happened to the girl in the SUV was a mystery.

An additional press conference will be held by the police on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, police cordoned off a large section of the motel parking lot with crime scene tape. Near the scene where blood was spilled and medical supplies were discarded, an officer was photographed photographing the driver’s seat of an SUV. Officers were also searching the interior of a police car.

Final Words

About 25 miles (40 kilometers) to the west of Biloxi is the city of Bay St. Louis, with a population of around 10,000.

A message of condolence was posted on social media by the governor of Mississippi.

On Twitter, Governor Tate Reeves expressed his “heartbreak” over the deaths of two police officers. Everyone in the Bay St. Louis area has my prayers, especially their loved ones and the police officers who lost their lives.


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