After A High School Fight, The Lockdown At High Point High School Has Been Lifted, Police Say!

High school fight put High Point school on lockdown

After a fight broke out between two students on Wednesday afternoon, High Point Central High School was placed on lockdown, according to the administration.

A fight broke out between a group of male students in a campus restroom, and the High Point police have confirmed this. Apparently, no weapons were used, according to the authorities.

Officers said they temporarily locked down the school as a precaution in an effort to “restore order.”Everyone involved in the fight is a minor, and whether or not criminal charges are filed depends on the results of the investigation.

Despite the arrival of emergency medical services, no one was seriously hurt and required hospitalization.No injuries were reported from this incident.

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Six Students Were Suspended After A Fight At Istrouma High School

LOUISIANA (BRPROUD) – BATON ROUGE There was a “physical altercation” on November 1 at lunchtime at Istrouma High School.

Six students got into it between 12:30 and 1, and it ended with a fight.

According to East Baton Rouge Parish School System, “SRO on duty immediately call for backup and broke up the altercation.”

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System stated, “At this time, the students involved have been removed from campus and are approved for suspension and may be subjected to further disciplinary action per our policies and procedures.”

After A Lockdown At Phoenix’s Central High School, Police Are Looking Into The Actions Of Three Students

After a fight broke out and reports of a possible shooting put several high schools in Phoenix on lockdown Friday afternoon, police are investigating three male students.

Phoenix schools, including Central High School, were placed on lockdown, but when police arrived on the scene they discovered there was no sign of gunfire.

After A Lockdown At Phoenix's Central High School, Police Are Looking Into The Actions Of Three Students

At approximately 12:40 p.m., Phoenix police tweeted that they had received multiple calls about “a fight and possible popping sounds,” prompting the lockdown.

At least three other schools in the area, including Xavier College Preparatory, Brophy College, and the Phoenix Coding Academy, were placed on lockdown as a safety measure, according to police.

Police reported that all classes had been evacuated by 2:20 p.m. and that their charges were being led to a nearby park to meet their parents.

A firearm or evidence of shooting has not been located by campus police at this time. Police in Phoenix tweeted that they were still looking into the incident despite releasing students. Bower said that beginning at 12:15 p.m., the police received multiple 911 calls reporting gunfire on campus.

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To paraphrase what he said: “It’s just the reports that we’re going off of, and because of those reports and it being a high school… we’re going to use as much caution as possible.”

Students are safe, according to the Phoenix Union High School District. Students were told to meet their parents at Steele Indian School Park on Central and Glenrosa avenues, as the school was closed for reunifications.

One person with heat exhaustion was transferred by first responders, according to the school system.

Between Indian School and Camelback roads, at 4525 N. Central Ave, is where you’ll find Central High School.

During the investigation, police blocked off all access roads to the school, and Valley Metro diverted light rail riders on the Campbell/Central line to other stations using buses.

Last Words

Earlier today, a fight broke out between a group of students, prompting administrators to temporarily lock down High Point Central High School. Law enforcement officers checked, and there were no weapons present during the incident, so there were no reports of injuries, and everyone involved in the fight was accounted for. Thank you to our friends at the High Point Police Department for your prompt response and assistance.

We ask that students and their families only pass on information that they have independently confirmed in order to help prevent the spread of rumors. Tell a school administrator or the police about anything suspicious you’ve noticed, and they’ll look into it thoroughly. Maintaining the security of our faculty and staff is always a top concern.

This year, we are employing a number of measures to increase safety in our classrooms. Ensuring the safety of our educational institutions, however, will require the combined efforts of everyone.


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