Tinder launches ‘Relationship Goals’ to follow in Hinge’s footsteps

It may come as a surprise to learn that some of the most popular dating apps have seen an increase in paying subscribers at a time when the cost of dating has increased along with the cost of almost everything else due to inflation.

Match Group, the owner of Tinder and Hinge, reported healthy earnings for the third quarter thanks in part to a 2% rise in paid subscribers across all of its brands. On its own, Tinder drove a 7 percent increase in paid subscribers.

While an increase in paid subscribers is great for the app’s business model, it’s unclear whether or not it’s worth it for singles to shell out cash for a dating app.

Although Money Can’t Buy You Happiness, It Can Help You Find A Partner

Your ideal match will not appear just because you paid for a dating app. There are many other variables that may affect your dating life, such as your personality, relationship goals, and even your geographical location. However, those other areas may benefit from financial support for your dating strategy.

Relationship expert and Seattle resident Cora Boyd says that many people have bad experiences with dating apps because they aren’t fully committed to the process. Clients who pay for dating apps report better outcomes, or at least a more enjoyable experience, according to Boyd’s observation, and this is reflected in the educational content she creates for her work with clients.

Although Money Can't Buy You Happiness, It Can Help You Find A Partner

Clients “or anyone who’s paying [for apps] is serious, and they wanting to find a connection where there’s a mutual investment, they’re looking for more of a committed relationship,” explains Boyd. “Those who are just playing around, who aren’t serious, or who aren’t going to follow up, aren’t going to be paying for the platform.”

Online daters concur with this statement. To maintain anonymity, Laura has said that she is happy she paid for an eHarmony membership a few years ago. Over the course of six months, she forked over about $115.

As Laura explains to CNBC Make It, “I thought that the idea of it was stupid at first, but my parents talked me into it and told me that it was worth it,” and she came to agree with them after using the app for a week or so.


Unlike on apps like Tinder and Bumble, where users don’t have to pay to talk to potential matches, Laura says that on eHarmony it’s much more common to find other people looking for a long-term relationship. She now has a new perspective on the dating scene thanks to the app.

Not Perfect Dates, But Intentional Ones

According to Boyd’s observations, people who pay for dating services tend to go on better dates, so the investment in time spent using dating apps may be worth it.

When there are fewer people and less noise, “I think that creates a space where people aren’t as overwhelmed,” says Boyd.

Not Perfect Dates, But Intentional Ones

It’s important to remember that different services have different pricing options; some may require a fee to gain access, while others may offer premium upgrades to basic features.

Hinge is a paid service that offers features like unlimited “likes” and the ability to search for potential matches based on characteristics such as height and political leaning. You can also make one-time purchases within the app, such as a “boost” that will increase your profile’s visibility for an hour.

By investing money in an app, users are more likely to carefully consider each potential match. According to Boyd, “I do see them going on more intentionally selected dates and being more excited about those dates because there feels more like promise and potential in it.”


Of course, if you decide to adopt a more deliberate approach to dating, you can find a fulfilling relationship even if you don’t use an app. What works for your relationship and your wallet is a personal decision.

Relationship Goals Arrive On Tinder

In a Tinder Newsroom post dated 14 December 2022, the company revealed that the much-anticipated Relationship Goals feature would finally be released that day. Hinge’s Dating Intentions feature served as inspiration for the new profile fields, which allow you to specify whether you’re looking for a serious commitment, casual hookups, or just new pals on the app.

Relationship Goals Arrive On Tinder

If the dating app’s creators are to be believed, this will facilitate more meaningful connections between users. In addition, once a week, you’ll get a reminder to make sure your Relationship Goal selections are still accurate.

The launch of the feature is scheduled for 14 December 2022, and it will be accessible to all users by 5 January 2023. The feature may not yet be available to you if you aren’t using the most recent version of the app. Then, access Tinder’s Profile Settings page and make the necessary changes.

Tinder has traditionally been seen as a hookup app, but the new feature makes it simple to state your intentions without having to initiate small talk. Not only does Hinge have the friendship intention, but so does its competitor app Bumble, which has a feature called BFF (Bumble for Friends).


Tinder users can select from the following six profiles: Short-term fun; New friends; Long-term partner; Short-term, Open to long; Short-term, Open to short; Long-term, Open to short; Still figuring it out.

Select a target in your profile settings; you’re limited to just one at a time but free to switch it out whenever you like. Keeping tabs on whether or not your Relationship Goals are still relevant after a week is helpful because priorities can change rapidly.

It’s designed to help you find people with similar interests as you swipe through profiles.


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