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Gunna, a rapper from Atlanta, was granted his release from a correctional facility in Georgia on Wednesday after pleading guilty to one charge of conspiring to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of the state. A defendant may enter into a negotiated agreement known as an Alford plea in which they maintain their innocence but accept that the evidence presented by the prosecution would most likely result in a guilty finding.

According to the charge documents, YSL is a street gang that originated in late 2012 in Atlanta and “claims membership with the national Bloods gang.” YSL was named after the Young Soldiers League. Continue reading farther down in the post.

I have chosen to end my own RICO- Gunna

gunna end rico

“I have chosen to end my own RICO case with an Alford plea and end my personal ordeal by publicly acknowledging my association with YSL,” the rapper said in a written statement that was provided to ABC News on Wednesday by his attorney Steve Sadow. “I have chosen to end my own RICO case with an Alford plea and end my personal ordeal by publicly acknowledging my association with YSL.”

“An Alford plea in my situation is the entry of a guilty plea to the one charge against me, which is in my best interest, while at the same time maintaining my innocence toward the same accusation,” the attorney explained. “An Alford plea is in my best interest.” According to the indictment, one of the goals of the alleged RICO conspiracy was “preserving, protecting, and enhancing the reputation, power, and territory of the enterprise through acts of racketeering activity including murder, assault, and threats of violence.”

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Looking Forward to give back to the Community

On Wednesday, the rapper who was nominated for a Grammy accepted a pre-negotiated plea known as an Alford plea and was sentenced to five years in prison, with one year of his sentence being reduced for the time he has already served. The remaining four will have their licences suspended pending completion of community service and possibly other unique restrictions.

In a statement, Gunna claims that he did not consider YSL to be a gang during the time that his rap career started to take off in 2016. Instead, he says that he was only concerned with the entertainment aspects of the group, even if this meant exaggerating the “Black urban” way of life.

He also emphasised that his guilty plea did not indicate that he would cooperate with any investigations into other members of the YSL… as well as the fact that his Alford plea admits to his personal affiliation with YSL. Gunna says that he is looking forward to giving back to his community and that he wants the young people in his town to be aware that gangs and violence are the gateways to their demise.

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Gunna, Young Thug & 26 Other Were Arrested

gunna thug arrested

In May, authorities arrested Gunna, Young Thug, and a total of 26 other people in connection with an expansive gang indictment. The indictment alleged that YSL is a vicious criminal street gang that has been responsible for several homicides, shootings, and carjackings over the course of a decade. According to the prosecution, the rappers supported the operations of the gang both in their songs and on social media.

The rapper declared under oath that he has personal knowledge that members or affiliates of YSL have committed crimes in furtherance of the gang; nonetheless, it appeared as though he was trying to disassociate himself from “YSL the gang” as opposed to “YSL the label.”

Gunna’s Plea & Other

In the plea agreement, Gunna also testified that Young Thug, real name Jeffrey Williams, was in the car with him when it was stopped by the police, who discovered hydrocodone, methamphetamine, and a gun inside. Gunn said the pistol and drugs weren’t his, per the plea bargain. It’s not known if there was anyone else in the car at the time.

The rapper must complete 500 hours of community service in accordance with the plea agreement, a large chunk of which will involve talking to young people about the dangers and immorality of gangs and gang violence. Additionally, he is not permitted to possess a firearm while serving his sentence. The district attorney has the authority to remove his suspended sentence if he disobeys the conditions of the plea deal.

According to his attorney, Jacoby Hudson, the alleged co-founder of YSL, Walter Murphy, also reached a plea agreement in the indictment on Tuesday. Murphy has already been released, according to Hudson, and he will not testify regarding the actions of any other specific defendants. Hudson claimed that a key element in the agreement was the manner in which Murphy has altered his life after being released from prison. Young Thug is still incarcerated. In January, his trial is scheduled to begin. Check latest update at- TrendingWork


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