Who Is Meghann Fahy Dating

Final credits have just rolled on the second season of the HBO smash hit The White Lotus, in which The Bold Type alum Meghann Fahy was a major breakout. Daphne, portrayed by Fahy, is a woman on vacation with her rich, unfaithful husband Cameron

(Theo James), who turns out to have more layers than they appear to have at first glance in the film The White Lotus. You may be wondering who Fahy is dating in real life because she has undeniable chemistry onscreen with James (and, honestly, every other character she encounters).

Formerly dating actor Billy Magnussen (from films like Game Night and Into the Woods), Fahy and Magnussen made their last red carpet appearance together at the 2019 Golden Globes after-party in January. It was widely assumed that they were married, but their status was never verified. They’re no longer in touch via social media after breaking up.

There have been rumours of a romance between Fahy and Leo Woodall, who plays Jack, the British “nephew” of Fahy’s character Quentin (Tom Hollander) on the hit show White Lotus. Fans with eagle eyes have noticed some flirtatious comments back and forth between the two celebrities on Instagram,

which may indicate more than just a platonic relationship. ‘I adore you! This is so fantastic! She told him, “I love you!,” in response to his compilation of backstage Polaroids from the show’s production (he responded by saying he loves her right back). One of the images also shows what appears to be Woodall’s finger in Fahy’s mouth.

Who Is Meghann Fahy Dating?

Fahy dated Billy Magnussen from 2017 to 2020, according to our informants. A red carpet appearance at the Golden Globes after-party in January of that year was their last public appearance as a couple.

Many people assumed they were married, but no one could ever prove it. In the wake of their breakup, they stopped following each other on social media.

The White Lotus Featured A Fictional Romance Starring Meghann Fahy

Daphne Sullivan, Meghann’s character in The White Lotus, is married to Cameron Sullivan (Theo James). Daphne and Cameron’s lovey-dovey public persona suggests they’re very close. Their friends and family all think they’re madly in love, but the couple is actually having some problems.

If you’ve been keeping up with Season 2 of The White Lotus, you’ve probably noticed some tension between Daphne and Cameron. As for the fans, they’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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Take A Look At What Else Meghann Fahy Is Up To Besides Writing ‘The White Lotus’

There are currently 670k people following Meghann on Instagram. Her most recent posts have mostly dealt with The White Lotus and the other shows and movies to which she is connected.

Meghann also shows her family-focused side by uploading photos of them together. As a way to show her appreciation for her mom and grandma on Mother’s Day 2022, she shared two heartwarming photos of them together.

The actress is not the type to pass up a good photo op in front of the camera, as evidenced by a quick perusal of her Instagram feed. Multiple photographs of the stunning actress can be found, all of which feature her wearing exquisite clothing. Meghann also appears to be the type of person who enjoys spending time in nature, as evidenced by her photographic portfolio.

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Meghann Fahy The Bold Type’ Connection

Fahy is well-known for her portrayal of Sutton Brady, a rising stylist at Scarlet Magazine who is close with the magazine’s boss, Richard Hunter.

Meghann Fahy The Bold Type' Connection

Playing her has been a great learning experience,” Fahy said to The Wrap (opens in new tab). “Funny thing is, I would say that my biggest fashion challenge is that I have no sense of style. Therefore, it has been incredible to play a character who is at home in that setting.”

Also, Fahy is just as close with her real-life Scarlet coworkers Kat Edison (played by Aisha Dee) and Jane Sloan as she is with her The White Lotus friends (played by Katie Stevens). Recently, Fahy spoke with Glamour and mentioned that Stevens had visited her on the set of The White Lotus and FaceTimed Dee (who is currently in Australia). Members of the Scarlet Sisterhood always support one another.

Last Words

Behind the scenes of season 2 of The White Lotus, amid the melodrama, money schemes, and yes, murder, a romance may have blossomed between two cast members, so the rumour goes.

It has been rumoured on the streets (and on DeuxMoi) that Fahy and Leo Woodall, who plays the dashing British character Jack, had a fling at the start of filming and even took a vacation together after the season wrapped. Neither actor has commented publicly on the dating rumours, but the playful messages they’ve been exchanging on Twitter and Instagram are undeniably cute.


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